Sunday, 16 September 2012

Curly Wavy Hair Tutorial featuring Halo Hair Extensions

(Image I posted of Instagram)

Hi Beauties! In the week I posted a few pictures on Insagram of my hair when I had styled it curly and wavy and I recieved a lot of compliments and asks on how I achieved this style as well as a few requests to do a tutorial on it. Now the best way for me to show you would be to film a video, probably much easier and quicker... However I'm not brave enough to pop myself on film yet, so thought I would try my best to show you girls how I did it though a step by step guide and lots of pictures. Hopefully it will help you create a similar look, or give you a little inspiration for your own hair... Hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any more questions on hair please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Step 1

Start by pinning a large section of your hair up around the crown of your head. It doesn't have to be neat, it's just so you can easily work with the bottom layers of your hair. Once pinned into place with a hair grip or hair bobble, you will want to tease and backcomb these bottom layers to add some volume. This is the section of hair where I find you can really add some volume and you can get away with it looking slightly messy as the top layers of your hair will cover it up. Once you have backcombed this section of your hair, take your hair straighteners or curling wand and curl the ends of your hair; running your fingers lightly though your hair once curled will help to loosen and separate the curls. Once you are happy set your hair in place with your favourite hairspray

Step 2

This step is completely optional, but here I have added my 'Halo Hair' extensions to add length and much needed volume. If you have thin hair, then hair extensions would be perfect for you as they really create the illusion of much thicker and fuller hair. If your wanting to find out more about hair extensions or Halo Hair you can check my review post on them here.

Step 3

Next you will want to curl the hair extensions that you have applied. If your not adding hair extensions, try bringing down the next section/second layer of your hair and repeat step one; teasing and curling this section of hair to add more volume.

Step 4

Here you will want to let the remainder of your hair down so you can curl the rest of it. Take smaller sections of hair for tighter smaller curls and larger sections for a loose wave;  Alternating between the two will create different textures in your hair making it look thicker and fuller.

Step 5

Lastly you will want to take your brush that you used for backcombing your hair, lift up the top layers of your hair and lightly tease underneath the hair to add a little more volume. This is also a great time to tease any of the underneath sections of your hair for extra volume or to touch up on any areas that you may have missed. Once you are happy with how your hair looks apply as much hairspray that is needed to hold your hair into place, and there you have it.. A curly, wavy hairstyle that has some volume and texture. 

Top Tips

Always use a heat protector spay before using any heat on your hair.

Even with hair extensions, my hair is still pretty thin and this means the curls and waves are likely to drop out as the day goes on. I carry a sea salt spay with me and give my hair a spritz and scrunch by spraying the procut into the ends of my hair which can create more of a messy beach wave look.

This look will look different each time I do it, if your curls are not going how you want them too; make them effortlessly messy by teasing your hair a little more.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial girls and if there are any questions you have or any other looks you would like me to try, then please let me know.



  1. You should try curling the extensions with your natural hair! Along with tighter curls then just brush them out they then fall into the loose beach wave look! The extensions look very un even try straightening them at the roots I've wOrn extensions for years you discover new tricks as you go along nice post! You look great :) xxxx

    1. Thanks for the tip hun, will have to give this a try next time x

  2. Your hair looks so gorgeous :-)

    1. Thanks beaut, you hair is always gorgeous xx

  3. actually this is amazing, thank you for doing it, I have a serious case of hair envy now! Gorgeous extensions as well!


    1. You are welcome lovely. Hope it helped. xx

  4. Your hair looks amazing!! I can never get mine to look perfectly curled at the back like that - might have to try some of the Halo extentions - never heard of them until i read your post about them a while back.. Do they get matted quickly or have they stayed in good condition? love your hair tutorials hun you should do a few more ! :D xx

    1. Thanks sweetie, I love the Halo Hair Extensions hunni would deff give them ago as they are so easy to use. I'm pretty sure Halo Hair are still taking applications for project Halo on Twitter :) Mine have stayed in really good condition and hardly matte at all. xxx

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous! I reeeally want to try the halo hair extensions, they look like they make your hair so thick & lovely :)



    1. Thanks lovely. They really do wonders at thickening my hair up, that's why I love them so much xx

  6. Wowww your hair looks amaze & so do you !

    Lots of love xxx

    1. Thanks Beautiful. Your hair always looks beautiful xx

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