Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

I absolutely love body butters and nothing beats the feeling of getting out of the shower, feeling squeaky clean, then smothering a load of scrumptious body butter onto your skin, letting it work its magic so your skin feels soft soft soft.  Besides washing my hair, it has to be the favourite part of my whole shower routine. What really gets me excited with a body butter, is when you get one that works like a dream and smells absolutely scrumptious, you can guarantee that I am one of these girls that will stand there in Boots  and do the all important 'sniff' test, before purchasing the perfect body butter for me.

For Christmas I received a little Soap & Glory moisturiser gift set which contained this small travel size of the famous S&G Righteous Butter. I cannot believe I have left this famous body butter left on the shelves for so long and have never thought to pick it up before. I am just completely in love with this body butter and it is by far one of the best ones I have ever tried, it's simply divine. For me the S&G Righteous Butter completely ticks all the boxes - it has a really rich and thick formula which feels heavenly when you apply it to your skin, I find its one of those body butters that you feel really works into your skin, long after is application. I love that it doesn't feel to greasy and gives you that horrible sticky feeling afterwards, especially when you pop your clothes on after. And... did I mention that  the smell of this is just luscious, heavenly and oh so yummm!! - It has the recognisable signature S&G smell to it and if you love that smell as much as I do, you will be most pleased to hear that the smell stays put on your body for hours and hours afterwards - Hallelujah!! 

Although I've only used a small amount of this dreamy body butter, I feel that the Righteous Butter and I have become the best of friends and would suggest that anyone who is suffering from dry skin will love this - the application of this moisturiser distributes very evenly over the skin and works amazingly on all those dry areas such as elbows and knees and everywhere else in between. As soon as my little pot runs out, I know I will be getting myself down to Boots and be purchasing the full size 300ml tub which retails for £10.50 which you can find here. I've seen online and from other reviews people saying that the S&G Righteous Butter will last you for the longest of time; but I honestly don't see it lasting long at all - only because I am one of these people that feels the need to cake body butter on me; I don't like to use them sparingly at all. But if you wanted to a little pot of this could go along way, it just depends on your personal style of body butter application. Either way though I think this is a fantastic product and one I have fallen in love with right away. If you love this as much as I do, I would love to know your thoughts beauties. 

Lots of Love



  1. Hello gorgeous lady! :D

    I'm still yet to try this :O Shock!! I need to soon because all of the fab reviews haha.

    Great post hun

    IndiaJewel Beauty Blog - Beauty, lifestyle & fashion too!

  2. I have this and its lovely, Soap and Glory Products really are fab! x

  3. Love smearing myself in body butter! My boyfriend always asks why my skin issoft! I havent tried Soap and Glory as I dont live in the UK but I want to.xx


  4. I got this for my birthday and now I can't wait to get to use it x


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  6. I love this so much, actually I love the whole range of Soap & Glory but this is just so luxurious and delicious isn't it? Great review lovely!!! xxx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. I love this stuff it is amazing! You should try Flake away it has a lovely soft buttery exfoliation mmmm soap and glory!


  8. I get terribly dry skin on my legs and haven't found anything good enough yet! Must give it a go

  9. love this product;}x



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