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Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter | Lime Coolada

Hi gorgeous girls. Firstly I would like to appologise for my lack of blogging over the last week, I found myself super stressed, super busy and to top it all off came down with this awful cold that seams to be going around. I still have a few sniffles, but I am feeling loads better - Onwards and upwards as they say.

So yesterday after feeling exhausted from my previous week, I found myself having a serious case of Monday blues! So what better way to combat that mundane Monday feeling than popping into Boots on my lunch break to cheer myself up - Anyone else with me there? Other than picking up some sun care products for my holiday, there wasn't anything I was in desperate need to pick up, so I headed right to the sun section where all the sun-creams and lotions where. When it comes to picking up essential sun care products for you holidays, Hawaiian Tropic are always on the top of my list and a firm favourite. So I was completley overjoyed when I saw that Boots were having a half price sale on all their Hawaiian Tropic products and in the offer I spotted the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter in Lime Coolada and I just had to have it. I bought this last year for my holiday and I fell in love with it so much so that I needed to take one away with me for this year. 

I thought I would give it a little review on my blog today because as a lot of you are all aware by now I love my body butters. And although this claims to be an after sun product, it works fabulously as an everyday body butter for an extra indulgent treat.  I had to pick up two little pots, as I simply can't wait for my holiday to start using this. First of all let me start with the smell of this body butter - I cannot tell you how much I am in love with the scent of it, it's just divine and as soon as you open the lid, you are whisked away to a sunny place and every memory you've had from previous holidays comes flooding back to you. As you guessed by the name 'Lime Coolada' this moisturiser has a delicious lime scent running though it. However its such a cocktail of scents as you can also smell mango and coconut which creates that perfect holiday smell. The lime makes this smell so refreshing and just heavenly and do I dare say good enough to eat? For those of you who love Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush scent products, will love this - For me I think it smells nothing like the Sugar Crush, but if you like that lime smell in your body butters then this one from Hawaiian Tropic will be definitely winner for you - In my opinion I think its one of the nicest smelling body butters you can get your beauty mitts on. 

As for a moisturiser, Hawaiian Tropic have got it spot on. This body butter has been enriched with shea and cocoa butter, with a bit of avocado oil thrown in there too - All these things work amazingly and nourishing and hydrating your skin. The formula of this body butter has a really thick consistency, but it massages into your skin like a dream. I find that it sinks pretty quickly into your skin too, which makes this perfect for using in the morning, as you don't have to wait too long for drying time. As it is an after sun, it has that cooling effect on your skin also, which I love and is one of the reasons which makes this a perfect after sun body butter too. That cooling feeling is just what you need for a long hard day sunbathing by the pool or in your back garden! I love how you can pop this on your skin in the morning and your skin is left feeling hydrated thoughout the whole day - Not to mention that your skin also smells like you've just come back from holiday hours after it's application. When I used this on my holiday last year, it worked amazingly as an after sun, and if you are travelling to warmer climates this year, then I can't recommend enough that you pick up some Hawaiian Tropic After Sun body butter. Even their bottles of regular After Sun work amazingly at hydrating your skin after a long hard day sunbathing. I also find that using Hawaiian Tropic products has always helped to prolong my tan whenever I've been away, which is another reason why I always use these on my travels. If your going to put all that time and effort into getting the perfect tan whilst away, you want to invest in some good sun care products that are going to keep your tan looking flawless and Hawaiian Tropic products do just that - Plus they make your skin smell dreamy and leave it feeling silky soft.

Hawaiian Tropic have also ticked all my boxes when it comes to packaging too. I love this bright neon little tub as it's so eye catching and perfect for the summer. If anything is going to help get you excited about the summer approaching then this body butter will sure pop a smile on your face every time you see it there on your dresser.

Normally this body butter retails at £10.49 for 200ml from Boots, which is a little on the pricey side, but they do have it on offer for half price right now along with all the other sun care products from Hawaiian Tropic - Which is a complete bargain for a little pot of yummyness. If your going away this year, I would really suggest that you take a look at the Hawaiian Tropic section in Boots, just have a whiff of all the products and I'm sure you'll be just like me and sold just from their gorgeous holiday scents. And if your not going away, then I would really recommend treating yourself to one of their body butters, especially while they are on offer, I promise you, you wont be disappointed ;)

Have you tried any Hawaiian Tropic products yet? What's your favourite sun care product. As always I would love to know your thoughts.

Lot's of Love



  1. I had a look at this in Boots a while back and instantly fell in love because of the smell!! So it's great to hear that it's such a good product, think I may need to pick this up for when I go on holiday.

    Hannah x


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  3. i used to use the lotion of this! had no idea they made it into a body butter!!! I'm definitely going to go get some before I go on vacation :)


  4. I have this for my holiday, it smells sooooo good!

  5. I bought this for my holiday last year - absolutely loved it! Applied it every evening after sunbathing and I deff think it helped prolong my tan and stop me from peeling! And the smell is amaaazing!



  6. I've got super pale skin so I tend to stick to high factor lotions and I can never find any HT ones, but I always use aftersun if I've caught any sun and this one looks and sounds lovely. I will definitely be picking up if I see it :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  7. The green tub would attract me alone! xxx

  8. Hawaiian Tropic products really are amazing :)

  9. I have never seen this before, definitely looking out for it as I'm a huge lover of body butters! I have 4 back ups already as I can never be without them haha! Lovely review :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  10. Woohoo! I was your 1000th GFC follower :)

    This stuff looks AMAZING, yum.

    Lyndsay xx

  11. This looks so good! I haven't seen it yet here in Canada but hopefully soon!

  12. i bought this last year from home bargains- was around £3! i love it!

  13. Ooh, lime, coconut and mango are probably my favourite ever scents, I'll definitely look out for this xx

  14. My all time favorite after sun product is Jergens self tanning body moisturizer. I look darker after I go to the pool, but the chlorine or even salt can sometimes make my skin feel itchy scratchy. No matter how hard I scrub with a loofah to get off all that dead skin, nothing beats a good solid double duty moisturizer like Jergens!

    In terms of after sun burning, I try the Aloe Vera gel -- its green and soothing, by Banana Boat!

  15. Love everything hawaiian tropic! They smell soo good. I had the pink one last year and the year before and everyone always commented on how nice I smelt when I wore it!



  16. Wow this locks gorgeous! This products are really amazing. Thanks for your help.

  17. I use the Hawaiian Tanning Oil, it's really amazing. Love it!

    And I nominated you for the versatile blogger award because I love your blog! xo



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