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Bronze Me Beautiful || Rimmel Instant Tan

Hi ladies today I wanted to bring you the second post in my little 'Bronze Me Beautiful' series. For those of you who are new here to Miss Sunshine & Sparkle... I am a little obsessed when it comes to self tanners and having been a huge addict for many years. So much so that I thought it was only fair I share with you lovely lot, what I think is the best of the bunch. Last time I spoke about my trusty and most favourite gradual tanning moisturisers and if you would like to have a little look at that post you can find the link right here. But today I want to share my thoughts on Rimmel's Instant Tan Sun Shimmer Tan...

Now I will be honest when it comes to tanning I'm pretty good and make sure that prepare well in advance to be beautifully bronzed for any occasion (who am I kidding, I apply fake tan once or twice a week, told you I was obsessed  either way I'm not really an instant put on your tan and wash off later kinda girl. But you can guarantee there will always be a moment in your life where you need a quick tanning fix - I'm sure we have all been there and have been asked to go party all night spare of the moment kind of thing which and these occasions are always impossible to prepare for. It's times like these where I reach for and say hello to my little bottle of Rimmel's Instant Tan. It gives you a gorgeous glow within minutes and can be washed off easily the next day. 

The Rimmel Sun Shimmer Tan comes in a few different shades to suit everyone's tanning needs, but usually I opt for the dark shimmer one. For those of you who don't want a deep dark tan Rimmel also offer medium and lighter shades. As you would guess by the name of my blog, I love products that offer a touch of sparkle and the instant tan that I'm reviewing today has loads of shimmer packed into it - again Rimmel also offer a matte finish instant tan for those of you who are wanting something a little more toned down. 

As far as tan goes, the Rimmel Instant tan does look really dark and can be a little frightening when you initially squeeze it out of the bottle, but I have to say it blends beautifully into your skin and gives you a lovely natural bronze finish - minus the shimmer! You only need a little bit of product for each section of your body and as long as you use a trusty tanning mitt to buff it into your skin then you shall be left with a gorgeous summer glow. I think with this tan it's really important to start off with a little bit of product at a time. When I used this for the first time I popped a little too much product onto my skin and buffing it was a bit of a nightmare and the end result looked a little streaky. However if you start off small and build your tan up the coverage and finish is lovely and natural looking - It also does a fabulous job at hiding any imperfections or redness on areas that you may have on your skin. I also find applying this tan in small circular motions gives you the most even looking tan when using this product - When ever I apply this I always hear my cheer coaches voice in my head 'pretend your waxing a car Dannie' because like I said I had a bit of a tanning disaster when first applying this product, but now I know the correct way to apply it I absolutely love this product as a quick fix tan. 

Another thing about this instant tanner is that the product dries really quickly, which is great as you don't have to wait around ages for it to dry - but it does mean you need to work quickly. You can apply this, get dressed and be out the front door in an instant. When it comes to tanning I do like to be quite dark, but not orange and this tan has a lot of green undertones to it which prevents you from looking like an ompalumpa and gives you a pretty natural looking glow. The dark version of this tan is quite dark so if you do have fair skin or are new to tanning I would definitely suggest you try one of Rimmel's lighter shades. As for the shimmer in this product, it's pretty subtle and not too over the top. I find it's more of a shimmer that reflects when your in direct sunlight, but as soon as your out of the light I find that the bits of shimmer just make your skin look really healthy which is another reason why I love using the shimmer version.

The only downside I have with this product, which is to be completely expected as its a wash off tan, is that it's not waterproof. If your planning on wearing this on a night out and you may well be around people who are prone to spilling their drinks on your legs then you will want to do your best to stay clear because as soon as any considerable amount liquid comes into contact with your skin you will find it will make your tan run. If it happens to be raining this instant tan is definitely a NO GO! And if you do have white bed sheets then you may also want to wash this off before returning to your bed as the colour will most likely transfer, especially if your quite hot. But apart from this I find that this tan is pretty stubborn, wont budge and will stay on all night long. Rimmel do offer a water resistant version of this tan though, which I've not yet tried but I'm really curious as to how well it works - I think that will be next on my list of tans to try and test!

Another little perk about this tan has to be that it is not way drying on your skin, infact I find it to be quite moisturising, however I always like to make sure that my skin is moisturised before applying this instant tanner just so the application goes on smoothly. The smell of this tan is also amazing as it smells like a perfume - I'm terrible at describing scents, but I find this one to be really pleasant and it reminds of summer. In no way at all does it smell like your usual fake tan. 

Overall I really love this instant fake tan, applying it (once you get the hang of it) is so easy, iy takes minutes to apply and the finish is just gorgeous. This is perfect for a quick fix or if your just wanting to be tanned for a day. As soon as your in the shower, it's all washed away and your left with no evidence that you had previously tanned. I also love the price of this tan, it retails at Boots for £5.99 but you can pick this up in so many places like Tesco and Asda, and I'm forever seeing it on offer. I don't use this all the time as I do prefer having a more permanent tan, but it's great to have it there sat on my beauty shelves in case I ever need it. It's definitely a party girls essential beauty item.

Have you tried this tan before? What are your thoughts?



  1. This sounds so good and really good price too! I'll have to try silt at some point!:)

  2. I never tested anything like this.
    Please take care, have a nice day!

  3. Oh this looks perfect for the nights out you don't have time to get your tan on for - or last minute nights out! It looked so dark at first, but fine when you'd blended it xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie


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