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Lush Goodies | Snow Fairy

It's the last weekend before Christmas and although I'm pretty much working the entire holiday (yep that's right I only get to enjoy Christmas day off) I am still feeling ever so festive and am not going to let a lot of shifts at work dampen my Christmas mood. One thing that I love about Christmas is all the gift sets and limited edition products that come out. As much as it's nice to receive these gifts it's always a nice treat to be able to treat yourself to one too - Hello Boots 3 for 2 right? One gift set that seams to work its way into my beauty stash each year is the Lush Snow Fairy gift box. My little sister always treats me to one every year for my birthday and its become a little tradition for us to swap lush goodies around this time of year as an extra little treat. The Snow Fairy gift set is a fabulous goodie box which is sure to get you in the festive mood and prep and prime you for any festive parties that you may have lined up. I thought I would get this post up for you all so you can take a sneak peek as to whats contained in this pretty pink lush box.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel 

Snow Fairy has to be one of those Christmas products that lush fans and beauty bloggers need to have during this time of year, as it's a limited edition Christmas product of theirs so many people seam to stock up and I can see why. I am amongst those fans who adore the Snow Fairy Range and this shower gel in particular is a favourite of mine. The Snow Fairy scent is just deliciously sweet and has that yummy candy smell to it, if it wasn't a soap then I would say it smells good enough to eat. I love showering with this stuff and the pretty pink glitter which is packed inside the shower gel makes using this a treat. Not only is it a pink product, smells like candy and is full of glitter (three things which I love) this shower gel always leaves my skin feeling silky soft and smooth and lathers up nicely, which makes it the perfect shower gel... I love it!

Angels Delight Soap

The perfect soap to go with snow Fairy is the Lush Angels Delight Soap, and I love how Lush have molded the soap into this pretty star shape for the Snow Fairy gift Box. Angels Delight soap has a pretty similar smell to snow fairy, expect to my nose it has a few more fruity scents to it along side that sweetie smell. Once again this soap is packed with finely milled glitter which gives it a sparkly look and up close you can see little snowflakes that are in the soap which makes this the perfect Christmas pamper treat. I love using this whilst I'm in the bath, not only does it make my skin feel lush but it also smells up the whole bathroom with its sweet fruity scent.

Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar

Out of all three products contained in this gift box, the Lush Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar has to be my favourite! Why? Because its packed with so much glitter that your skin looks like you are part of the Edward Cullen family. This is the perfect product for this time of year as it just makes your skin glow and the sparkle left on your skin from using this, is perfect for those festive days and party nights. Although this is packed with glitter, its not too over the top and your not going to leave your house looking like a disco ball, but there is enough glitter there which adds a nice lift to the skin and makes it look like you've made that extra effort for Christmas. I love the way that the glitter reflects in certain lights, and although I say the glitter is not too over the top, there is enough there that people will take notice and be dying to know how you've got your skin looking so sparkly. The Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar is one of Lush's massage bars, so its packed with cocoa and shea butter, so the bar starts to melt pretty quickly as soon as it's in your fingers. This bar not only gives your skin a sparkle glow, but it feels so nourishing and hydrating on your skin making it the perfect product to use this time of year - Goodbye dry skin! I really recommend that everyone who loves glitter to get treat yourself to this product so you can sparkle on Christmas day, trust me you wont regret it.

So that's everything contained in my Snow Fairy gift box, I think the treats are fabulous and would make the perfect little stocking filler for anyone who loves beauty products, Lush or Snow Fairy. I would love to know what your favourite products from Lush are and if your as much of a Snow Fairy fan as I am.

Lots of Love



  1. A lovely haul, I love Lush christmas collections too xx

  2. Ive heard some great things about snow fairy. I'm hoping to get some for xmas
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. I know I am not very original here, but I just adore Snow Fairy, best scent ever. Even if I can't quite figure out what the scent is!

    Belle xxx
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I just love snow fairy it smells delicious :D waiting for the sales to get a load of lush goodies :D lovely post! have a lovely Christmas! x ♥

  5. I'm so excited for Christmas Day as I have won one of these in a recent give away, I refuse to open it though until Christmas morning :) I've never tried Snow Fairy but have heard how amazing it is.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  6. ooh i must try this! xx

  7. My recent mini Lush haul was justified in that the bath bombs purchased would be for Christmas Eve, the bag is sitting in my bedroom smelling amazing, can't wait to use my Golden Wonder bomb tomorrow night.
    Great post.



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