Sunday, 28 February 2016


When it comes to looking after my hair, I'm a big fan of Matrix haircare products. I love everything about the brand, from their sleek designs, professional packagings and most importantly I'm yet to try a product that doesn't work. If you've been a regular reader of mine then you might know by now that I have really thin hair. There may be a lot of it, but it's really fine in texture and I'm forever using products that help to create thickness and body. Recently I was introduced to the Matrix Biolage Advance Full Density range which has been designed for those of us who do have thinner hair.

I've been using the shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair now for the last month or so and I can report back that I've seen a major difference in the way that my hair looks and feels. Even though my hair is ridiculously long, it feels noticeably thicker and has a lot more body and texture to it, which is so unlike the hair I've been used to. I can only put it down to this shampoo and conditioner.

The Biologe Full Density duo help to reduce any breakage which is a key factor in making your hair look and feel thicker. I find the shampoo feels really thick and luxurious when I apply it and it has this gorgeous peppermint smell which I think it's a lovely change for a shampoo. One thing that I notice when I use the shampoo is that my hair feels really clean without it feeling too dry. I can't stand that squeaky feel that you sometimes get with other shampoos. The conditioner compliments the shampoo perfectly, again it has that refreshing peppermint scent to it which I personally love. As my hair is so long, usually I have to use a lot of conditioner to get my hair feeling anywhere remotely soft, although I only need to use a small amount of the Biolage to get my hair feeling really sleek and smooth.

The other product in the Matrix Biolage Advanced range is a styling one and its Full Density Densifying Spray Treatment. This is what I think is the magic product in this range as it really makes a huge difference when it comes to thickening up my hair. I just spray a bit of this on damp or dry hair and work the product in using my fingertips. Without my hair feeling sticky, wet or coated it makes my hair feel so much thicker and it has a lot more body to it which is just amazing. I love using this on those days where I'm wanting take a little more time and effort with my hair. If I'm curling it, or putting it up in a fancy up do this spay not only makes my hairstyle last longer, but also makes styling a lot easier; and of course not to mention the thickness that is added to my hair is just beautiful.

This is honestly such a great three step system, one which has been really working for me and has made me feel a lot more confident about my hair. You can pick up all three of these products* from Matrix UK here

Have you tried any hair products from Matrix? Let me know what your favourite hair products are for thickening up your hair are?

Lots of Love



  1. You have such gorgeous hair, sounds like a great 3 step system!

    Sophie x

  2. sounds like something I should try for sure!

  3. I have really thin hair and all other products are the market don't seem to do anything, I'll definitely give this a try x


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