Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Perfect Autumnal Lip | NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick & Primark Lipliner

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I've been keeping a little beauty secret from you guys for a little while and I thought it was about time I revealed all and shared with you the answer to all your questions. Now don't get too excited its nothing major, but I know you love a good lip combo as much as I do so you'll be wanting to add this into your baskets next time you go shopping. If you've seen any of my Instagram pictures recently (follow me @sunshinesprkle) then I've been wearing this lip combo and I'm obsessed.

I've been on the nude train for a few years ago, its funny how things turn around with your tastes and what you like; when I first started blogging all I wore was bright pink lipstick and I haven't worn one of those kind of shades in years! Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I love nude lipstick so much, I can't get enough of them. Usually I love a classic pinky nude shade or one that warms up my complexion. But since the weathers gotten colder, I've been reaching for those nudes that have a brown or red tone to them. The nude lipstick that I've been wearing non stop recently is my NYX Liquid Suede lipstick in the shade 'Soft Spoken' is so beautiful and like nothing I've ever worn before.

Lipstick, Nude Lip, NYX Cosmetics, NYX Liquid Suede, NYX Nude Lip, Primar Lip Liner, Beauty
 Lipstick, Nude Lip, NYX Cosmetics, NYX Liquid Suede, NYX Nude Lip, Primar Lip Liner, Beauty

This lipstick is a really wearable red/brown toned nude, a shade that I thought I would never be able to pull off, but it actually works so well for everyday and I love it. It's funny because I'm looking at the pictures I've taken and it looks like a really pinky nude and even swatches quite pinky, but on it's completely deifferent. I also love the creamy formulation of this lipstick. It glides on so easily and it has an almost matte finish; as the name suggests it has more of a suede look to it which is just beautiful. I find it doesn't dry my lip out either which is essential, especially with it being as cold as it is right now.

I would love to find an exact matching lip liner for this lipstick, I have no idea if NYX do one, to be honest I've not checked. However I have had a good rummage in my lipstick draw and have been pairing it with a nice cheap and cheerful lip liner that I picked up in Primark. I've mentioned Primark's lip liners before on my blog (here) and they are so impressive and the only cost a pound, YES a pound, which is just bloody amazing. I don't think they have names, well none that I can see, but the one I've been reaching for and paring with 'Soft Spoken' is in the shade 10 and its the perfect combo.

Lipstick, Nude Lip, NYX Cosmetics, NYX Liquid Suede, NYX Nude Lip, Primar Lip Liner, Beauty

When it comes to lip liner, I like to go for something a little bit darker to the lip colour I'm wearing as I find it just makes my lips look a little fuller. I'm not blessed with a great pout, so I have to do everything I can to make it look a little bit decent. This lipliner is definitly brown toned with a hint of red in it. It's a little bit darker than my NYX Liquid Suede, but once worked in, the two compliment each other perfectly. This lip liner actually makes 'soft spoken' look a little bit darker and I actually prefer it this way. It's just such a beautiful combination. So they're we have it, my favourite lip combo right now. I really want to try some more of the NYX Liquid Swede Lipsticks as this one is so lovely, so let me know your suggestions?

What lip colour are you loving right now? 



  1. Wow ! You look stunning with that lip color! I tried the NYX Liquid Suede but it didn't work for me. Great finds x


  2. Oh my gosh! Lip liners for a pound! I'll have to pop in to primark this week! x


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