Monday, 19 December 2011

Something Kinda Oooh

I've always been a fan of Girls Aloud and a fan of fake lashes so it was only right that I should try the Girls Aloud Fakes Lashes from Eylure. 

I know that this is nothing new to the market and most of you will know that there is a different style lash for each of the five band members (although Cheryl has just released a new variation of her lash which I'm wanting to try out). I had never tired the Sarah Harding Lashes and a few good friends of mine always say that hers are the best from the bunch. The only ones I had tried before where the Cheryl Cole ones (old style) and I always found that they were a bit on the big side for my eyes making them look a bit droopy. However the Sarah Harding ones look as though they would fit and they did. In fact I thought they were super which is why I am recommending them to you wonderful lot. They were easy to apply and lasted all night long. 

Top Before | Bottom After 

Top Before | Bottom After 

I found that these falsies elongated my lashes and made them look very full without changing the natural shape of my eyes. You can by any of the Girls Aloud lashes from most drugstores such as Boot and Superdrug. I bought mine from River Island for £4.99. 

What do you think? I would love to know what your favorite false lashes are. 



  1. These look lovely on your lashes :) I've never tried the Girls Aloud eyelashes, I'll have to take a closer look at them.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I've got these in my 'draw of things to try' and haven't got around to trying them out yet. You have inspired me to give them a whirl this week as they look great on you!

  3. I also tried the Cheryl lashes once and was put off by how heavy they looked, so ended up chopping them up and only using part of them. These look a lot better though, I might just give the other band members' lashes a go, seeing as they're quite good quality for the price.

  4. never tried out these type of lashes before, but might give these a try soon ;)xx


  5. They look so much nicer on than in the packet! I may give them a try now, had only tried Cheryl's before. I'm keen to try the Peaches and Cream lashes from Topshop... they look like they'll give a really natural daytime look.
    Love, Rosie x

  6. @Frances: Thanks hun, you should deff give them ago as they went on so easy and I bet they would look lovely on you x

    @Victoria: That is lovely, did you try them out in the end x

    @Chrissy: I yhad the same problem with the Cheryl Cole ones which is such a shame x

    @Ellie: Giving them ago is a must, let me know how you got one x

    @Rosie: Thank you, I've not tried any of the topshop ones but want to give them ago x

  7. These lashes really suit you! I like Nicola's ones :)


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