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How To Get Bright Photos || Backgrounds

There's no doubt about it, when it comes to blogging photos really do play a huge part and everyone wants their pictures to look bright, beautiful and most importantly to show case off whatever the focus of the photograph is to its very best. This however can be a lot easier said than done, and after two and half years of blogging I've had my fair share of photo mishaps (if you ever take a look back to my very first posts they are completely cringe worthy). Now whilst I am no photography expert, I have picked up a few things a long my blogging journey that have worked for me and sharing is caring as they say! A few months ago I did a little post on what website I use to edit my photos, in-case you missed it you can find it by clicking this link here. Today I wanted to share with you another little trick that I use to get my photos looking bright and as you guessed from the title of this post its about backgrounds.

When I say backgrounds, I'm talking about where we decided to take our photos and what on. I don't know about anyone else, but I have probably tried and tested just about every surface, counter and bit of furniture in my house to take my blogging pictures on. Whilst I found the dresser in my bedroom made a pretty setting for my blogging pictures, there was still a huge part of me that was never really satisfied. One reason being that my dresser was in a bit of an awkward position and I only had a few hours of good daylight there in a day; And we all know the importance of taking your pictures in the correct lighting. Let's face it we can't move our furniture around every time we need to take pictures for our blog. 

Another thing that made me feel disheartened about my blogging photos was the colours of my furniture (don't get me wrong I picked it all out and love how pretty it makes my room look, but beige's and browns didn't make my photos look bright). If I'm honest, I always envied those bloggers that had white furniture or those studio boxes. I know it can be a little cliche with beauty bloggers taking pictures on white backgrounds these days; But I honestly feel that there is good reason for this -Having a white background can make your pictures appear a lot brighter. Having a white background also makes editing your pictures a whole lot easier as your not altering the balance of too many colours, just the products in the photos. Not only does having a white background make for brighter and crispier photographs, I also think that it makes any beauty product really stand out and make it the main focus of your photographs, but that's my personal opinion. 

I thought long and hard about what I could use or change in my home that would create a fabulous white background for my pictures. Buying new furniture was out of the question as that was just way too drastic and I'm terrible at saving, so a lightening studio box seamed out of the question too. However my prayers where soon answered on a trip to B&Q. James and I ended up in the tile section and there I picked up a white and pretty large glossy sample tile that would be perfect for taking blog pictures on. 

Picking up this tile was seriously one of the best blogging decisions that I've ever made, it makes a great surface to take all my blogging pictures on and it only cost me £3.99! The shine on the tile gives all my products a lovely little reflection in pictures. Any of my reviews that use a white background in their photos have been taken on this tile, I absolutely love it! Not only does it make a great little blogging background, but its portable too and I can take this into any room that has the best light for that time of day. 

If your really struggling with your blog pictures right now and feel that something is not quite right, I can't recommend enough picking up a sample floor or wall tile for your pictures. B&Q had a sample tile for every tile they sold in store, so there are so many different ones you could choose for your pictures ad it really does make a big difference. 

I know that this is a pretty random alternative to achieving bright blog pictures, but its something that has really worked for me and I thought it would be mean to keep it all to myself. Who would have thought tiles where just for walls and floors? Ha.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on my wall tile and if your planning on getting a tile for your blog pictures too?

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  1. This is such a good idea, great post! :) getting good pictures is a pain when you don't have all the fancy lighting so I'll def be trying this out.

  2. This is seriously brilliant! Will definitely be picking up a white tile, thanks for sharing :)


  3. This is such a funny tip but it obviously works! Thankyou for sharing! x
    My Lush & Body Shop Haul! | Freya's Fashion Chapter

  4. Great idea indeed. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!!

  5. Such a great idea! Thank you for this post! :)

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