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TAG | My Nail Polish Obsession

So I know I just posted my last post literally 10 minutes ago, but I am on a roll today I tell you! And yes as you guessed by the title it's another nail polish related post. I have nail polish fever today and I have been itching to write this post since I woke up this morning! 

This post is the nail polish tag, I've seen this going around Youtube and watched loads of them last night. This was not necessarily a good thing for me as now the list I have on what polishes I need to get this year has laterally doubled. But then a girl can never have too many nail polishes, right? Now this tag has been made for video form, but seeing as I haven't ventured out into the world of videos yet, I thought that this tag would be equally good in blog form and I tag all of you to do it!

Question 1: What is your favourite nail polish company? 

My favourite would have to be O.P.I. I am very new to the world of O.P.I but my little small pots that I was sent this Christmas have gotten me hooked. The quality is amazing, it can be a tad on the expensive side for nail polish. But I personally feel that O.P.I makes your nails look and feel expensive and is worth every penny. I  do have another favourite though which is a lot more affordable and accessible which is Models Own polish. Models Own have a great range in colours and apply really well.

Question 2: Glitter or no glitter?

Generally I prefer no glitter. Glitter is something I have to be in the mood for. I think that it looks great around Christmas season and great for a night out or special occasion. However sometimes I do love to wear a bright glitter polish in the summer as the sun will reflect it and it will look beautiful on your nails. 

Models Own Pink Fizz is my favourite sparkle for the summer

Question 3: O.P.I, China Glaze or Essie?

Defiantly O.P.I but that’s only because I've never tried China Glaze and I've only owned one Essie polish which I lost :(

Question 4: When do you change your nail polish?

I used to be terrible for leaving my polish on and letting it stay on all chipped and scruffy. I am so happy that I have broken out of this habit and I would say I re-do my nails about two to three times a week.

Question 5: What's your favourite colour on your nails?

I have two and one is a recent favourite which is O.P.I's Designer De Better as I love the silver with the added warm pinkie tones to it. It will go perfectly with anything you wear and its a very noticeable shade which I was commented on loads. However the polish which has been a long time favourite has to be Models Own in Golden Peach, it’s a gorgeous peach shade with golden glitter undertones, looks fabulous with a tan. 

Models Own Golden Peach

Question 6: Dark or Bright?

I wear dark polish in the winter and bright polish in the summer. I don't really like wearing bright shades when the weather is not nice so I really try to fir my polish in with the change of seasons.

Question 7: What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?

Well, a lot of you will already know this as it was posted up earlier today. It’s Revlon's Facet's of Fuchsia 

Question 8: Matte nails - In or out?

I am in between when it comes to matte nails. In general I do love the look of a very glossy polish and will always use a top coat to give it that extra shine. But I will get an urge every now and again to use a matte polish and I do love experimenting with my matte top coat.

Question 9: French Manicure?

I do love a French Manicure. I think it looks so clean on your nails and is very elegant. However I rarely have a French on my nails just because I am so obsessed with polish and colours. If I go on holiday I will always go and get a French manicure done just because my nails can then look after themselves while I'm away. 

Question 10: Favourite Winter colour?

This has to be Designer De Better from O.P.I. The colour goes with everything festive for that time of year it’s a nice change from the classic red. 

O.P.I Designer de Better 

So these are the 10 questions. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to see you do this tag as I am truly nail polish obsessed! If you do decide to do it please leave a comment below so I can check your blog out. 

Take care beauties 



  1. This is a really good tag, I will definitely be posting this on my blog soon :)
    I really want to try Model's Own Pink Fizz, it looks so pretty, and I have never tried an O.P.I polish :( I think I need to go out and make a purchase!

    Frances x (Giveaway now on!)
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I love this tag! lovely post :) did you get it from Alison on youtube? :) btw where do you get OPI in Britian? :)x

  3. @Frances: I know it was really fun to do, look forward to seeing it on your blog. I love pink fizz I think you will like it too. You will fall in love when you try an O.P.I polish I wish we had it in stores all over though, that would be amazing x

    @Beauty: Thanks hun, yeah i saw hers first then a load of others, but i watched hers and thought that would be great to do for a blog post. I am not sure where you can by it in stores as ive never seen it, ive heard some nail bars sell them, or you can order them online at x

  4. Really interesting tag. I am addicted to nail polish but unbelievably I don't think I have any Model's Own ones! The Golden Peach looks gorgeous for Spring.

    1. Thanks my lovely. Golden Peach is lovely, I've never been dissaponted with any of the Models Own polishes that I've bought x

  5. Love this tag, might do it on my blog :) That models own golden peach looks gorgeous!

    1. thanks hun, you should deff do the tag. Let me know if you do x

  6. Nice colours!

  7. Great colours! I really like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  8. Fab post xx I'm addicted to nail polish xx love your blog - maybe we could follow each other ? Xx

  9. I really love Pink Fizz! I really want to add it to my collection! The only Models Own colour I have is Juicy Jules, and I love it!

    1. Pink Fizz is amazing hun, its a must have polish. Juicy Jules is fab also, I've seen it on but its one i really need in my collection x

  10. great post! following :)
    laur x

  11. I love this kinda post.. Love the OPI polish.. x

    1. I had a lot of fun doing it. I am new to O.P.I there are so many that i want to get x

  12. the golden peach looks amazing!

  13. Wow you have such a beautiful collection, I love MO too!!


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