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This Girls Gotta Have Em | Lipsy

Hello beauties. First of all I would like to apologize that 'This Girls Gotta Have Em' post is a day late. Without going into too much detail I've not been feeling my best this week and I didn't think it would be fair to write up a post when my heart and soul wasn't projected into it.

 However onto better news... I can't tell you how excited I am about this weeks post, I can honestly say I am in love with every single item and you have no idea how much I am wanting each and everything shown in the pictures. I know I will be speaking for many here when I say 'I wish money were no object'.  Today's post will be looking at Lipsy, a fashion store which I adore, for me it optimises everything girlie and feminine and you will see in this post there is a lot of pink. So if dainty dresses, dusty pink and gorgeous detail is your thing, please do read on. 

From Left to Right

Lipsy V.I.P Rouched Bust Dip Dye Prom Dress £120.00

This beautiful prom style dress was the first thing that I noticed on the Lipsy website, and OMGosh I fell in love with it in an instant and it inspired the rest of this post. The dress has a lovely sweetheart shape around the bust detailed with gorgeous jewels and embroidery. This of course is not your everyday dress (although I would prance around with it on in the house just for fun), but for my younger readers who are going to a prom this year, this dress would be perfect OR if you had a very special occasion coming up and wanted to go all out you would certainly have all eyes on you!

Lipsy Fluffy Sequin Batwing Jumper £35.00

I am a fan of the batwing style jumper and I like the fact that this one has a snug fit style which creates body shape. This jumper would look perfect for afternoon tea with the girls. I love the sequined and pearl bow at the top as it just makes the whole look very feminine 

Lipsy Pretty Trio Ring £8.00

Like most of us beauties, I love rings and I saw this and thought it was very dainty. All of the clothing picked out in today's post are true statement pieces, but still need some sort of jewelry paired with them and I thought that this ring would be perfect. 

Lipsy V.I.P Flower Bust Maxi Dress £130.00

I love the look of this maxi dress (unfortunately not the price) and it just looks so summery and very easy to wear with its floral bust line. This dress calls for so many occasions and would be fabulous to wear on a summers eve.

 Lipsy Flower Beaded Mesh Top £38.00

I just adore the amount of detail that is packed into one top, and the design of this sheer fabric top is gorgeous! There are so many sequins and beads which details around the centre and bottom hem of the top. If you love anything that sparkles you will love this. Paired with a nude vest underneath and some skinny jeans would create the perfect look.

Lipsy Peep Toe Wedge £85.00

These wedge shoes really gets me excited. I am in love with them!! I think most of us girlies will agree that the wedge is the most easiest type of heel to wear and these ones are beautiful. Nude is the new black and I've not seen a wedge shoe that is a lovely as this and in the colour nude. If you had a wedding to go to this year these are the shoes you are wanting to be wearing. They also come in black and super sparkly gold.

Lipsy Embroidered Tutu Skirt £50.00

This skirt is such a girlie skirt. It's pink, has stunning embroidery, a ribboned waistband and is in the style of a tutu. What more can I say? 

Lipsy Glitter Box Bag £30.00

The perfect clutch for an evening party and would match perfectly with all the lovely things picked out into today's post. It has a oyster metallic shine and the opening features as diamante design.. Beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed today's post girlie's, I know that there was a lot of pink and very dainty things, but I really love this style of clothing and thought it would be great to share. Lipsy have so many gorgeous things on their website that will suit all different tastes which you can see at 

Like always I would love to know your thoughts beauties.

Please note all images have been taken from the Lipsy website and all links have been attached.


  1. Oh my gosh, that prom dress is absolutely gorgeous! Kind of makes me wish it was my prom coming up again haha! I love the tutu skirt aswell, it's so dainty :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

    1. I never had a prom but if i did this would be the dress i choose, its fab. its lovely isn't hun, wish i had the money to get it all lol xx

  2. that prom dress is amazing! wish i could have worn something like that to my prom! anything would have been better than the pink monstrosity I wore!

    1. its so pretty, i bet you looked lovely in your pink dress :)

  3. OHhh goodness i wish i had some sort of occasion coming up to wear that amazing! Loving the maxi dress and the skirt :) Im off to have a look at their website now :) xx

    1. Me too, I would wear this at every opportunity lol x

  4. Beautiful things!
    Love the shoes :)

  5. Replies
    1. i know so pretty, i love girly colours like these x

  6. Gorgeous dress (Lipsy V.I.P Rouched Bust Dip Dye Prom Dress)!
    have you seen the other dresses in the range??? im in love with the Lipsy VIP Applique Contrast Trim Prom dress <3!

    and the maxi dress :O (Lipsy V.I.P Flower Bust Maxi Dress) perfect for a wedding, you can easily be mistaken for the bride :p

    visit my blog just put up a post of the lipsy VIP range recently (:

  7. I love the dress, it's perfect for a prom.


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