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Ascel Inverse Youth Recall Serum | Review

Having a good skincare routine for anyone is so important and I am always on the hunt for new skincare products that I can work into my daily skincare routine. I think with products making so many claims of what they 'can do' these days, it can be hard to find the right products that actually do what it says on the box and work with your skin. Since using my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum (review here) I've fallen in love with face serums and completely see their benefits, so when the lovely people at Tanning and Beauty World contacted me and asked if I would like to try the award winning Inverse Youth Recall Serum from Ascel, I was over the moon, especially seeing as my beloved (and pricey) AVN is on its lasts legs. 

As with any skincare product, they all claim to have different benefits and the Youth Recall Serum from Ascel claims sound very exciting to anyone who is wanting to improve the appearance of their skin and reverse any ageing. Here's what is says on the box -

'Reverse the skin ageing by stimulating natural cell renewal, collagen production, while improving firmness and elasticity. The result is a reduction in wrinkles, smoother, firmer, radiant, and youthful looking skin within weeks.' 

A few of you maybe shaking your heads right now and maybe thinking 'Danielle I'm only young, why do I need an anti-wrinkle serum?', but I am a firm believer that prevention is key ladies and that its well and truly okay to start using products that help to maintain youthful healthy looking skin at any age (well from 20 onwards I think is a good way to judge it). Although my skin is nowhere near the wrinkly stage yet, I am at an age where I'm starting to get those fine laughter lines under my eyes and finding a product that would make these disappear would be a dream. Of course no product on the market is going to completely banish any lines you may have, but if you can help reduce them and make your overall appearance better, then that's okay with me. What really gets me excited about this Youth Recall Serum is the fact that the serum helps combat any redness and reduces the size of your pores and after using this serum religiously morning and night for two weeks I can honestly say I've noticed a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin. My pores are a lot less noticeable, especially when I'm having a makeup free day which gives me more confidence to embrace a no makeup look (even if I am only in my own home). For years I have always seamed to have a bit of redness around my cheek area, which is always noticeable after washing my face- But since using the Ascel Serum, I've noticed that my skin tone is now much more even and appears a lot brighter - Which I love. 

I don't think I've been using the Ascel Youth Recall Serum long enough to say to you all that my little laughter lines have completely gone (in truth they are still there), but I have noticed that my eyes seam a lot less puffy, and this serum does an amazing job at making your under eye dark circles so much lighter, which is fabulous if your like me and are a terrible sleeper. Ascel recommend that you apply three to four pumps of this serum every morning and night, to achieve the best results. I've found that two pumps is more than enough to coat my entire face and neck and there is even enough left over to rub on the back of my hands (this is also a place that shows signs of ageing early) and I find it's best if you apply this just before your moisturiser. I will be honest and say I was a little worried about applying this in the morning  as I have oily to combination skin and adding another layer onto my skin as well as moisturiser and followed by a full face of makeup could lead to everything sliding off my face. But I can happily report, that this has made no difference as to how my makeup stays on during the day - In fact I find it makes an excellent primer as my makeup seams to stay on a lot longer, and there has been a lot less touch ups of the powder. Could this be due to the fact my pores are minimising from using the serum? I don't know, but either way I think that this is a fantastic little extra perk from using this serum.

What I really love about the Ascel Youth Recall Serum is the way it applies and feels on my skin. The actual serum is very lightweight and when initially applied it feels a little wet on your skin, but after a few seconds it dries and makes your skin feel ever so soft and hydrated. It's one of those products that makes you feel as though your doing your skin the world of good when applying it. Not to mention the smell of this serum is just amazing. The best way I can describe the scent, is that it smells like a less heavily scented version of the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume, which might I add is my favourite perfume EVER! The scent hangs around long enough for you to enjoy it, but once you've had the serum on for around five minutes you can no longer smell it. 

As for the packaging, I think Ascel have done a wonderful job, as this serum looks a lot more expensive than it's £26.95 price tag. The serum comes in a generous 50ml tube and a little of this stuff goes a long way, so this will last for ages. The silver mirrored effect bottle makes this really stand out on your dresser and the pump at the top makes dispensing the serum easy without creating any mess (other than a few fingerprint marks on the bottle). I also love that down the side of the bottle is a clear line which shows the product inside, so you can judge just how much product your using and how much you have left. It's packaging is just one of those types, that get you excited about using a product and without fail the beauty geek within me gets ever so excited about using this every morning and night.

Overall I think this is a fantastic serum and if your looking to try a face serum, to help reduce fine lines, give you the appearance of brighter and healthier skin then I would definitely recommend you try giving this ago. Although I can't comment on how well it works on any major lines on your face, this serum is packed with collagen which is known to help to give the skin a tightening and lifting effect. You can buy the Ascel Youth Recall Serum from Tanning and Beauty World where they sell other products from Ascel and other amazing goodies such as your tanning products, makeup and other things beauty related.

If there is anything you would like to know more about this Youth Recall Face Serum ladies, then just leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I suffer from really bad redness on my face. I might have to give this a go!


  2. I'm using this at the moment too and really like it.i agree 2 pumps is more than enough but I've still been using 3 to be lavish and make sure I'm getting the full results.......plus I'm a little bit older LOL

  3. we've always been reluctant to try face serums but this particular one sounds promising. Great review hun


  4. I love your review, not really a skincare person but this definitely helps!:)
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  5. Great review, Danielle :) I totally agree that prevention is the key!
    Have you tried Ole Henriksen's Truth serum? It's the best serum I've ever used! I did a review on it on my blog which you can read here :)


  6. Beautiful review about this beautiful product. Maybe i've to try, i'm always very curious about new cosmetics.


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  7. Inspiring story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

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