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Hask Hair Goodies

Good evening lovely ladies, I hope your all well and enjoying your week. I was super excited over the weekend as the postman delivered a very special delivery, which was this cute little treasure chest filled to the brim with some goodies from Hask Hair. If your a big fan of hair oils then you will know that the little tube of Hask Hair's Argan Oil has made it way onto the market here in the UK, which has been much raved about in the beauty community - And I for one am a huge fan, one it works amazingly on your hair and two, it has to be easily one of the most affordable hair oils you can get your hands on, retialling only for £2.50 at Primark. I picked one of these little pots of the Argan Oil a little while ago and have been using it religiously ever since, if you would like to read a full review on just how amazing this hair oil is, you can find it here

Round about the same time as my review went up on my little blog, and with a little bit of  help from my beautiful friend and fellow beauty blogger, Gemma (Miss Makeup Magpie) , Hask Hair got in touch with me, told me how much they appreciated my review and wanted to thank me by sending out this amazing goodie box - WOW is all I can say and a huge thank you to the people over at Hask Hair, as this is a truly amazing gift and it goes without saying I'm now officially in hair oil heaven- You beauties know just how much I adore my hair products and anything hair related! So to show my appreciation to Hask Hair I thought I would do a little post on this treasure box filled with some Hask Hair goodies, and seeing as a lot of you beauties are big fans of the Argan Oil, I thought it would be a fab chance to show you what other products Hask have to offer.

First up in the goodie box was these three different sachets of deep hair treatments. The green one on the left is the Hask Natural Essentials Complete Conditioning Treatment, which contains ingreedients such as olive oil, bamboo, avocado and grapeseed, which aims to help revatalise and repair your hair. The sachet in the middle is Hask's Macadamia Oil Hydrating Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - This sachet is filled with keratin which will help to moisturise and help to repair dry and damaged hair. This treatment is also formulated to bring life back into your hair, which my hair desperatley needs, so I am most excited to try this. And finally the treatment to the right is the Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment which will help to strengthen, restore and smooth dry and damaged hair. 

Hask were also kindly enough to include some of their vials filled with goodness for your hair, two of them being hair oils and the other an instant leave in conditioning treatment. One the left is the my much loved Hask Argan Oil, this is the one that you can currently pick up at Primark and I absolutely love this stuff. I'm ever so pleased that I was lucky enough to receive three vials of the Argan Oil as it really feels so dreamy when applied to your locks, not to mention the stuff lasts for ages and I'm only half way though my first bottle - So I have enough of this stuff to last me for ages. 

In the middle is the Instant Leave In Conditioning Treatment from Hask, the tube says it will help to strengthen, repair and add body to your locks. Being a fan of hair treatments, this one for me looks really interesting and I can't wait to try it out. Each vial of this green pearly liquid provides your hair with one treatment and is supposed to work in an instant. The directions on this vial state that you should apply this to clean towel dried hair and once the treatment has been added, you are good to style your hair as normal. I have never used a hair treatment like this, one which sounds easy enough to incorporate into your usual routine of getting reading in the morning. I can't wait to give this ago and to see if it really does add some body to your hair, as my locks are always in need of more volume. 

Lastly, on the right is the Macadamia Oil from Hask - This hair oil is to help smooth, revatalise and help heal your locks whist adding brilliant shine to your hair at the same time. I've only ever tried Argan Oils and have never dipped my toes into Macadamia oils, so I'm pretty excited to see how well this one works and to see how well it compares to the Argan Oil from Hask. I have to say I've flipped the lid open of this oil and the smell is just divine. 

The last treatment that was included in my Hask goodie box was this Macadamia Hot Oil Treatment. This oil is rich in Omega 7, Vitamin E and filled with anti oxidants all which will help to rebuild and heal your hair. I've never used a hot oil hair treatment before and I have to say I'm pretty excited to try this one out. The tube states its for all hair types which is great news for anyone who has medium to fine hair like myself, as heavy oils can tend to make our hair feel a little on the greasy side and weigh it down - So I shall have to let you all know I how get on with this hot oil treatment.

That's everything that was in my little Hask treasure chest and it goes without saying that my hair is hopefully going to be in tip top condition with trying out all these treatments - I love the look of them all and can't wait to give them ago. At the moment I believe that you can only buy the Argan Oil from Hask, which is only stocked at Primark as far as I'm aware, although I have heard whispers that Superdrug are also stocking it. As for the other Hask products, I can imagine they can be a bit difficult for us UK beauties to get hold of - However I do follow Hask on Twitter @HaskHair and it does sound as though they are trying their very best to get there other products, such as the ones you see in the pictures released in the UK and I really hope they do as they look amazing, affordable and I believe that every beauty could use a bit of Hask in their lives. 

However while we are waiting for the launch of other Hask products to hit our shelves, I would love to know if any of the products I've shown you in this post, tickle your pickle - If you would love to see an individual review on anything then please let me know and I'll be sure to get one up :)

As always I would love to know your thoughts beauties! Have you tried the Hask Argain Oil yet? What do you think?

Lot's of Love



  1. Those are a lot of hair goodies and you do such an amazing job at reviews! You make me want to buy my own! Thanks for the lovely review :)

    xo Jessika

  2. Great Review, I need to try this stuff out!



  3. Goodness, now your hair simply has to look gorgeous & ready for the spring time ;) Xoxo

  4. Aw that's so nice of them to send you a goody box!i haven't tried it but it sounds lovely and for only £2.50 it would be rude not to haha xx

  5. Wow, one great basket of lovely goodies! Great blog btw...would you be interested in following each other? Let me know!

  6. I love your blog , im defo your newest follower!

    Such a great post!


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