Friday, 10 January 2014

Ted Baker Makeup Bag

Over the last year I've seen these beautiful Ted Baker makeup bags become quite the hit with us beauty bloggers and for the longest of time I've wanted pretty shiny patent makeup bag to store my favourite items of makeup in. I've always been lusting after one of these famous makeup bags, but as they are a bit on the expensive side (mine are usually all from Primark) I've never gotten around to treating myself to one. Luckily for me my mum knew that one of these Ted Baker makeup bags had been on my wishlist for some time and decided to treat me one for Christmas, so I thought I would share it with you all today because it's just so beautiful - I love it.

Over the last few months, since starting a job at Moss Bros, Ted Baker is a brand that I've become very fond of and my friend at work and I love pointing our customers in the direction of a Ted Baker suit and matching shoes. Seriously ladies if your man is ever after a suit you need to get him kitted out in a Ted Baker one, not only will he look sharp but the lining and detailing of each Ted Baker garment are amazing. Because Ted Baker is a brand that I now work with, I've grown to love it even more so I was extra thrilled when I opened this present on Christmas morning. I knew straight away when I saw the bright neon green box that this was a Ted Baker item as all the Ted Baker shoes that I sell come in the exact same packaging. 

I absolutely love the colour of this makeup bag that my mum picked out for me, as you can see form the pictures its a gorgeous hot pink shade that has a bright orange bow placed right in the middle of the bag. I love how girly this makeup bag is and the plastic material will make this easy to clean so it will always look pristine (hopefully) - We all know that makeup can sometimes be messy business! One thing that I've learnt from all my Ted Baker training is that the brand really do care about the customer and will always make that extra effort to make each item that extra bit special; and I've noticed that Ted Baker really go all out when it comes to the little details. For instance, I love the detailing of the zipper on this makeup bag - It has the Ted Baker signature engraved on the zipper and I love that the clasp has been designed to look like a ribbon - Its so adorable. 

I know it is a little on the expensive side for a makeup bag, but it really is gorgeous and I know I'm just going to love taking this out of my handbag every time that I need to reapply my makeup. If your looking to treat yourself to a beauty item that is a little different this year, I really would recommend in picking one of these up - I love the colours of this one, but there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

There's not much more I can say about this makeup bag other than I love it, and a big thank you to my mum for treating me to one. Just a little fact for you all though ladies... Did you know that the guy behind Ted Baker is not called Ted Baker? The man behind Ted Baker is actually a man named Ray Kelvin and the idea came to him whilst fishing, which is why you see a lot of fish incorporated into some of his designs (take a peek on the website). 

I would love to know if you've got one of the Ted Baker makeup bags and what shade you picked - I'm now thinking about treating myself to one of the bigger bags for when I go travelling. 

Lots of Love



  1. Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! I love the colour :) x


  2. That's gorgeous, I love Ted Baker!

  3. Such a great little make up bag! Lovely colours too! :D
    Elephant stories and more

  4. I think Ted Baker takes the cake for make up bags and this one is gorgeous!! Not only are they pretty they sound so practical too!

    Rosie xo

  5. Im so tempted to invest in one of these, i just don;t know whether I can justify it but it's sooo gorgeous! xxx
    Made In The 1990's.

  6. This is so lovely Danielle :) I've wanted one for ages, I think I would pick the black one with the pink bow.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  7. I luh-luh-love the Ted Baker bags, Danielle! They are so pretty and classy! I currently own one of his iPhone cases and his iPad cases! I'm hoping to get my hands on one of his makeup bags soon.

    Beautiful bag tho!


  8. i've always wanted a ted baker makeup bag, they're so stunning xx

  9. That looks lovely and such a pretty color! I've seem so many light pink ones but this one is more me! I want one even more now.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  10. Amazing!!!!!! Love the Ted Baker bags!! XoX

  11. That make up bag is gorgeous!! I've wanted one for a while now!
    My Ted Baker bag came in that same green box which was exciting!! X

  12. So jealous! I love Ted Baker makeup bags, especially the signature bows on them! That box is amazing too :)

    Sophie x

  13. Such a lovely bag I actually picked up one just like this but in black with the cream bow :) its more of a boxy shape though and fits all my make-up perfectly! the bags are excellent quality I however got mine on discount and love it! however it can be easily marked due to the outer material but as you said this is easy to clean and wipe away :) lovely post xx

  14. This is sooooo pretty! I've wanted one of these for ages too. They are just so beautiful.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  15. perfect!

  16. This is so cute, and I just love the Ted Baker packaging!


  17. I've got the same green box packaging for a set of Ted Baker cufflinks. It's got a bright purple lining and is a thing of beauty!


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