Sunday, 26 January 2014

What's In My Bag

This morning I woke up bright and breezy and was really in the mood to get some blogging done, however the weather really wasn't on my side as its been dark, miserable, grey and full of downpour all day. It's really typical that the one day off I get in the week where I have time to take pictures and I have no natural light to take them in. As you know it can just be very demotivating when a pretty lipstick wont transfer on to camera because of the lighting. I was thinking about alternatives as what I could blog about today and it occurred to me that I've never done the classic blogger 'What's in my bag' post. So I decided to make the best out of what lighting I did have and got snapping away at the contents of my bag.

I have no idea why its taken me this long to get this post up as I love having a good old nosy at what other people carry around with them in their handbags. I suppose I just always thought that the contents of mine where never that exciting, so apologies now if this post does not live up to your expectations as my bag doesn't really contain anything too juicy.

The bag that I'm currently using and am still in love with has to be my super glittery gold sparkly Next bag that I received for Christmas the other year. Throughout the year I'm like most girls and will change up my bag depending on the seasons and outfits. However I always find myself going back to this bag as its perfect. Its just the right size so I don't end up carrying too much stuff around with me and I love how it glitters and it really jazzes things up a little, especially with the weather being so dreary and dull.

I thought I would start with beauty essentials, no matter what handbag I'm carrying around with me I will always pop in my makeup bag for those much needed top ups during the day. I wont go into the details of whats in my makeup bag as this post will go on forever so I'll save that for another day. But at the moment I'm currently using my new Ted Baker makeup bag, its just the perfect size to fit into my bag and I love the style of it, it's so pretty. As well as carrying a makeup bag around with me I'm very guilty of just chucking in endless lip products into my bag for on the go or when I'm leaving the house in a hurry. Currently I have two Revlon Lip Butters floating around in there (Raspberry Pie and Wild Watermelon), along with the infamous Rimmel 107 Lipstick by Kate Moss, its a fave! As well as carrying around lipsticks no handbag would be complete with out a trusty lip balm and I'm loving this strawberry flavoured one from Rose & Co.

Following on from makeup essentials, I also carry around some much needed hair accessories to keep my hair well under control. The weather is always so unpredictable and my hair never will never look as good as what it did first thing in the morning when I leave the house. I love my purple zebra Denman Brush as it does a great job at brushing out any tangles with ease. Alongside my hairbrush I will always find a few kirby grips, hair bobbles and clips floating around at the bottom of my bag too.

These next items are pretty standard and will be in everyone's handbag, but you can't leave the house without your purse, keys and mobile! I'm currently using this leopard print purse which is also from Next - it's getting a little old now and could do with an upgrade (I'm thinking about treating myself to a Ted Baker one). I also have my keys with my cute little Me To You Bear attached to it. My phone is a little bit on the boring side as I have no fancy phone case on it at all as the last one I had broke and I'm not one of these people that purchase endless amount of cases - I really want to have cute and cool phone cases but they are always on the bottom of my to buy list and I'm forever forgetting to get a new ones. If any of you know good places to buy phone cases please let me know.

Next in my bag are those products I'm forever grateful that I've popped in there because they are great for those little emergency moments. I hate having dry skin and although I moisturise every morning without fail, I can find sometimes that my skin becomes dry during the day. I love this Strawberry Body Butter from the Body Shop as it smells so dreamy and does an amazing job at hydrating and nourishing my skin - I love that it's the small travel size pot too which makes it perfect for on the go. 

I also have to carry a hand sanitser around with me as you never know when your going to need to clean your hands on the go, especially when your out and about. I'm not really fussy when it comes to choosing a hand sanitser as long as it smells nice and does the job - Currently I'm using this thyme and tea tree oil one from Radox which smells rather pleasant.

I'm also like every other typical girl and will carry a nail fail around with me. Currently I'm using this little baby pink one that came in a Ted Baker grooming kit and I love how it says 'Single File Please' written on it - I love simple touches like these and it definitely handbag worthy.

And last but not least I have those little miscellaneous items that get thrown into my bag. For some reason I will always have a little bit of emergency chocolate in my bag - Does anyone else do this? I'm always on the go and sometimes I don't have time for lunch or breakfast and need a little sugary snack as a pick me up during the day. I'm really fortunate as my dad works for Cadbury so there is always an endless supply of chocolate in my house and currently I have a whole box filled with these miniature dairy milks which make a great emergency chocolate.

I also have a padlock in the bottom of my bag, which may seam so random but I have to use one for the lockers at my Gym and for some reason it's made its way out of my gym back and into my regular bag.

As well as emergency chocolate and a padlock I also carry around with me my locker key and card for work which is an item I cannot leave the house without (on work days of course).

So there we have it, the full contents of my bag - I told you that it wasn't that exciting so I really hope that this post has not been too boring but like I said its always good to have a little peek at what others carry around with them. I would love to know if any of them items in my bag match yours? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. what iPhone do you have? and what kind of cases do you like for it? :) I love reading these posts :') xx

  2. I love these What's in my bag? posts! We actually have quite similar contents (I guess it's a beauty blogger thing, huh?). I'm jealous of the TBS butter, I know they're amazing, but we still don't have their products in my country... And the lipbalm looks soo cute ♥
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  3. Love reading these posts and most of these things I carry around as well :) And I'm drooling over your handbag :)

  4. I LOVE that Next is gorgeous! I have the Body Shop body butter in my bag too x x

  5. Great post - that bag is gorgeous! And how can anyone keep emergency chocolate in their bag without eating it in the first hour it is placed there?! Haha :)

  6. I love that just because you didn't have the best lighting you still made due with what you had and presented us with another post. That's good thinking! When the lighting is bad for me I'm like, welp! No new post today OR I'll make a post with a collage like "Winter Wants" or something like simple like that where I don't have to actually take my own pictures.

    I love your Ted Baker wash bag-been wanting one for ages!

    Also, Etsy has some pretty cute handmade iPhone cases! I also really like the ones you find at the mall kiosks. I don't know about over there but over here in LA there's always cute ones there!



  7. For some reason I really miss England's dreary weather :( Its so hot where i live and i wwould love some rain! Great post :)

    Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

  8. Aw that bag is so, so nice! I love how you always have "emergency chocolate" in your bag. Chocolate never lasts me. It's get eaten straight away so every chocolate bar would be an emergency for me haha.
    Nice post!

    Love Daniela (New Fan) -

  9. your blog is gorgeous, i love reading the "what's in my bag" blogs.
    I never carry a nail file with me, cause i don't pay enough attention to my nails, which yes i know is kind of bad ha ha, your bag is beautiful, Can you still buy them in the shops?

    Emily-jane x x


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