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Dirty Looks HK Hair Extensions || Review

Dirty Looks HK Hair Extensions* 20/22" - £99.99 (on offer) 

When it comes to hair, in my opinion the longer the hair the better. I'm a right girly girl at heart and whilst some chicks can totally rock a short hair do, I am the biggest fan of long luscious locks. Although my hair is at a pretty long length, I am and have been for quite some time a huge fan of hair extensions and over the years have tried my fair share of them. I love how hair extensions not only give you long luscious locks, but I love how they thicken up your hair and create plenty of volume and drama - And as I am someone who has naturally thin hair this is a Godsend! So when Dirty Looks got in touch with me asking if I would like to review a full set of their HK Hair Extensions I actually squealed with joy as I've heard that HK Hair Extensions are some of the best out there and everyone who wears them has gorgeous looking hair. 

When it came to choosing the length and colour of the HK Hair Extensions, Dirty Looks pointed me in the direction of their website and asked me to choose from a huge selection of colours. There are 21 in total so there is a shade to suit every hair colour. As my hair is really dark I opted for the shade 'Organic' and I was so pleased to discover that its the perfect colour match for me. I would never consider my hair colour to be black, but its a really dark rich chocolate brown which is a few shades lighter than black - The shade 'Organic' will be perfect for those of you who have really dark brown hair which can look black in certain lights. What really impressed me though, is that Dirty Looks have packaged the HK Hair Extensions in such a way that allows you to see if you have that perfect colour match. On the right hand side of packaging there is a separate compartment which has one weft of hair placed in it - You can then take this weft out so your able to match it up to your own hair. If your feel that the shade is not suitable you are then able to return the extensions which is such a fabulous idea. There have been so many times in the past where I've been stuck with the wrong shade of hair extensions and this completely eliminates this problem. 

As for the length of the hair, the HK Hair Extensions have four different lengths for you to choose from. I decided to opt for the 20-22" as my own hair is around 18 Inches and I thought that this would be perfect just to add a little bit of length to my natural hair. Because the extensions are only a little bit longer than my natural hair, blending them in is really easy and there is no nasty cut off point from your own hair to the extensions. One thing that I have noticed about the HK Hair Extensions which sets them apart from other brands, is that the hair is so thick, especially towards the ends of the extensions. I've found that in the past that other hair extensions can thin out towards the ends making them look really straggly and in need of a good cut. However the HK Hair Extensions are so glossy and thick from the top of the weft right down to the very tips which makes them look very natural once gripped in to your hair. I absolutely love this about these extensions. 

Which brings me onto the wefts of these hair extensions. The full head of hair extensions comes with a total of ten wefts which includes the quad weft. For me the quad weft really makes this set of hair extensions special as its having four wefts sewn together, making it incredibly thick as its incorporated into one weft; It adds a lot of hair without having the need to add so many clips into your hair which saves time and is just a genius idea. Once you have secured the quad weft in your hair you really feel and notice a difference as to how thick it makes your hair. Alongside the quad weft you get a mixture of 3, 2 and 1 clips which creates the set. I was really impressed with just how sturdy each clip is as there's always that fear of your extensions moving around or budging during the day. I've been wearing these extensions non stop since receiving them and am happy to report back that the clips do not budge at all. Dirty Looks also include a little box of spare clips with your set of hair extensions which is a really nice added touch, just incase you need them. 

Overall I love the HK Hair Extensions from Dirty looks and the quality of the actual hair is amazing. All the hair has been made with human remy hair which means all the cuticles in the hair run in the same direction which makes this just like your own hair. I just find these extensions incredibly soft, glossy and really manageable. The price does vary depending on what length of hair extensions you want to go for, but I honestly think they are worth every penny and if your looking to treat yourselves to some new extensions these are the ones to invest in.

I think I'm going to be getting a lot of use out of these hair extensions, as you can see from the pictures they look gorgeous in, completely natural and make my hair look luscious. I'm thinking of doing some posts featuring them, showing some hair styles and looks that I've created when wearing them - If this is something you would like to see then please let me know. 

If your thinking about getting some HK Hair Extensions from Dirty Looks then be sure to have a look at their website here. Not only do Dirty Looks sell the hair extensions featured in this post, but they also sell loads of other fabulous hair treats. 

Lots of Love



  1. Oh Danielle you look gorgeous! I know its not all yours but it looks so real and I'm super jealous!
    Love From Sammie xx

  2. Just wow! You look amazing, these are such stunning extensions and they look so natural. I can't wait to see how your style them xxxxxxx

  3. Do you still wear the Halo extensions? I was wondering how you liked them after using them for a while.


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