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Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick - Sweet Tart || Review

Hi ladies! I hope your all having a fabulous weekend and enjoying your Saturday evening. It feels a little bit weird for me to be blogging on a Saturday night, but I'm working all weekend so it doesn't really feel like the weekend at all - Anyone else with me there? On the plus side I do have Monday off, so no Monday blues for me. I really wanted to get a post up for you all this evening and I'm really in the mood to talk to you all about a pink/coral lipstick that I have been loving recently, it even made it to my monthly favourites post so its definitely a winner. 

The lipstick that is taking the spotlight in today's post is the Collection Lasting Colour lipstick in Shade 8 Sweet Tart. Now before I go into detail and rave about this lipstick I just want to point out that this is the first ever lipstick that I've tried from Collection and for its £2.99 price tag I am so impressed. I've always been a huge fan of the infamous Collection lasting perfection concealer, but have always overlooked their other products. I only stumbled across this lipstick because my mum gave me one as she accidentally bought two in the same shade (now I know why I've done this so many times). 

On first impressions I absolutely love the shade of this lipstick, Sweet Tart is a pretty pink that is fairly bright, but in no way neon. I find that the pink shade has a light coral undertone to it which I think softens the shade, and I would definitely describe this as a pinky red. As most of you will know by now, I love pink lipsticks (often its a case of the brighter the better) and I was so drawn to the shade of this lipstick. What really impressed me though is the pigmentation of this lipstick as it really does give a great colour payout. As this Collection lipstick is on the cheaper side, I was in no way expecting for the colour to be as bright and bold as to what it looks on first appearances which is a huge plus.

The Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick has a really creamy formula and I love that it has a nice glossy shine to its finish once its been applied. However with it having such a creamy formula you would expect this lipstick to be fairly hydrating. Unfortunately I find that this lipstick doesn't do much in terms of popping some much needed moisture back into my lips - although for its price I can't complain. Although this lipstick feels really creamy and soft on, it has a bit of a waxy feel to it, which when I think about it does bug me, but then again I put this down to the price and something you would definitely expect when paying more for a lip product. 

One thing I really do love about this lipstick other than the fabulous colour pay off, is that its really long lasting - which again is something that I did not expect at all. I love the fact that when it starts to fade it leaves more of a stain look on your lips rather than rubbing off completely.

The only other thing I can say about this lipstick, is its packaging. If I'm honest I don't think that its that great, but its certainly not bad. The plastic does feel a little cheap, but it is sturdy and the lid holds on firmly in place - even when its being thrown around in my handbag. But then again, when I think about the price of this lipstick, I know I can'r be fussy about the packaging, especially not when the colour is so gorgeous and it looks fabulous when on.

Overall I really love this lipstick, I find it really easy for on the go and I absolutely love the shade. Whilst it's not my favourite lipstick in terms of formula, I love the colour payout and the pigmentation of it is just fabulous. I think it's such good value for money and is perfect if your thinking about experimenting with new and different lip colours.

I would love to know your thoughts on this lipstick and if you love Sweet Tart just as much as I do. Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. That is a beautiful shade!!

  2. Its a very pretty colour :) looks really nice on aswell x

  3. i absolutely love the color. it is very springy.

  4. The shade is super pretty for dpring (:

  5. Collection lipsticks are great quality for the price! And they have lot's of different shades xx

  6. Such a gorgeous shade and what a bargain too!

  7. Oh wow! Such a beautiful pretty spring colour! Love it! :D
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  8. Wow, what a gorgeous shade, and so cheap too! Perfect for spring :)

    Laura x


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