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No7 Beautiful Skin - Hot Cloth Cleanser || Review

The other month I took to Twitter and asked my fellow beauty bloggers to recommned me a really good night moisturier as my skin had been feeling a little dry as of late. After putting that Tweet out there, so many of you got back to me saying that No7 do an amazing night time moistursier. I'm sure it goes without saying that when it comes to trying out new makeup or skincare us beauty bloggers tend to go on one anothers recomnedations, so I found myself in the No7 isle at Boots the next day - and of course I picked up my new moisturiser (but more about that one another day). Whilst I was in the No7 Skincare section I decided to have a good look around  and came across the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. When it comes to skincare and washing my face I am a huge fan of hot cloth cleansers (Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I'm looking at you!). When it comes to cleanising, using a hot cloth cleanser is definitly a favourite way for me to get my skin all clean and looking beautiful again, but I had no idea that No7 had their own hot cloth cleanser - So I just had to pick one up.

I've been using the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser for just over a month now and I thought it dessesrved a little spot on my blog as I've really been enjoying using it and its been leaving my skin looking radiant - which is something that I think all of us want and need. This cleanser from No7 is really reasonbly priced at £9.99 which makes it cheaper than the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and contains one muslin cloth, which is hidden away in the box. 

What I really love about this hot cloth cleanser from No7 is so easy to use and the cleanser itself has a really rich and thick texture to it, which feels lovely on your skin. You only need to use one pump of the cleanser for one application and as you get 200ml of the cleanser in each bottle I can see this lasting me for some time. The lotion, as thick as it is covers your face easily and it feels quite luxurious once on your skin - as it has that spa sort of smell to it, I think it makes it feel as though this skincare product is a lot more indlugent. 

When it comes to cleansing, I really want a product that is going to get rid of all traces of my makeup and clean my skin at the same time; I just love how this cleanser does the job so well. When it comes to washing the cleanser off with the muslin cloth, it feels as though the cleanser is lifting off all the dirt from your skin, whilst gently exfoliating it at the same time. I have oily to combination skin and I find this hot cloth cleanser is not too heavy on my skin, doesn't break me out or cause my skin to become any oilier, which is always a worry for me when trying out new skin care products. It does say on the bottle that this cleanser is suitable for all skin types, so it should work perfectly for those of you who have dry skin too. When it comes to removing my makeup, I find that this cleanser does a really good job, even with stubborn mascara. However with any cleanser that I use, I'll always try and take the majority of my makeup off using a micellar solution first just so it makes cleansing all that more easier - especially when it comes to taking off eye makeup. What I really love about this hot cloth cleanser is that it is so gentle on your eyes and there is no irritation for me at all when I use this. 

Once I've finished using this hot cloth cleanser and all the lotion has been steamed and polished away from my face, I always find that my skin feels really smooth and soft. Every time I use this I feel that I've given my skin a right old pamper. As I've been a fan of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for sometime, I would say that the Liz Earle one slightly tops this one from No7 as I find that it just gets rid of my makeup that little bit better and easier. However I do love using this one from No7 as it feels so good on my skin and the fact that its cheaper than Liz Earle is a bonus - Not to mention that Boots always have £5.00 off No7 vouchers floating around. 

I would love to know if you've tried this Hot Cloth Cleanser from No7 and how you think it compares to the infamous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - I have a feeling that I'm going to be sticking with my No7 one for a little while longer.

Lots of Love



  1. I really love creamy cleansers! this cleanser looks and sounds lovely! ive never tried a hot cloth before!

    Berrie-Blogs | Beauty Blog x

  2. I've never tried the Liz Earle one, but I do love the No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser :) I go between that one and the Soap and Glory version. My skin always feels amazing afterwards xx

    D Is For...

  3. Amazing review babes! I love the packaging, and it sounds amazing. I've never tried the C&P before as I love my Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean so much. Next time I have a No7 voucher, I reckon I'l give this one a try instead! xxxxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I've never tried this but I love the Liz Earle one! I'll definitely have to give this a go - especially since my skin's oily and acne-prone and sensitive.

    Look, That's Me!

  5. This looks amazing, I've never tried a hot cloth cleaners but love the sounds of it xx


  6. I have been using this recently, and more than anything I've noticed how hydrated and soft my skin feels afterwards - using the night cream as well. I've just had a breakout of spots so I hope this will help clear them up quicker!

  7. I've always used liz earl and the soap and glory ultimate. However I was in boots and saw this and thought I'd give it a try. I personally prefer this one as it's so creamy and indulgent. I have dry skin and it feels better than the other two brands. I've never used Boots no 7 but may look at some of the other products in their range now.

  8. I've always used liz earl and the soap and glory ultimate. However I was in boots and saw this and thought I'd give it a try. I personally prefer this one as it's so creamy and indulgent. I have dry skin and it feels better than the other two brands. I've never used Boots no 7 but may look at some of the other products in their range now.

  9. I have tried both, yes No7 makes your skin soft and gentle, but Liz Earl cleans as good just doesn't leave the skin feeling soft. The only feedback on the liz earl cleanser is that it made my eye lids dry and flaky after using it for long time. I apply little make up to the eyes, so definitely it's not the make up that's dried the skin, although it could have contributed.
    I am considering going back to No7

  10. I was given the no7 hot cloth cleanser for Christmas. I have just run out and went straight to boots today to buy more. I was pleasantly suprised to see when buying it not in a pre boxed gift set it is a larger quantity and for the price it really is amazing value. The way it leaves my skin feeling so soft and velvety. It also feels so relaxing to use. Like I am in a spa! So I would highly recommend it. I love this product! I also use their day and night cream and airbrush foundation and really think I will be a No7 fan for a very long time.

  11. I have been using this product for two weeks now and I absolutely love it. I also tried out their advanced SPF BB tinted cream - it is fantastic! It is the best thing when you are on holiday or in the summer months when painting our faces with foundation is not the one! The Lip and Eye shimmer SPF 30 is fab too!

  12. I usually use Liz Earle, but recently came across this and thought I'd give it a go. I like it too: nice creamy texture and leaves skin feeling smooth and clean. I think Liz Earle has the edge with its botanical ingredients, which smell amazing, but for the price the No7 cleanser is a great buy!


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