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10 Things Every Beauty Girl Needs To Know

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Loving makeup, looking good and feeling your best are some of the things that just come with being a girl. Thinking about this gave me a little inspiration for todays post and got me thinking that there are some golden rules that us beauty girls need to live by and I came up with a list of things that every beauty girl out there needs to know. Have a little read though it, see if you agree and let me know if there are any points on the list that you fail on - Being a beauty girl is not easy and there are loads of things that I could improve on, I would love to know what your thoughts are on this.

You can take on the world one lipstick at a time!

Lipstick is so important, actually whatever you decide to pop on your lips is important weather it be tinted balm, gloss or a the perfect lippie. Lipstick can make or break your outfit, give you confidence and set your whole makeup off. Choosing the right one is important, so be sure to pick the right one every morning, it really can make a difference.

Throw out your old mascara!

How many mascaras have you got in your beauty stash that are old, dried out and way too clumpy and clumsy to use. I tend to have a few mascaras on the go, and I'm probably the worst person for throwing out old mascara. I know that my mascara is coming to an end, but I'm pretty lazy when it comes to repurchasing a new one. I'm one of these girls who try and scrape every last bit of mascara out of the tube, even when it's gone dry and crusty. Mascara only has a self life of 3 months, so be sure to use, chuck and repurchase. Don't get lazy like me

Your eyebrows are sisters not twins!

I never thought eyebrows would become so important to me, but now every morning I probably spend way too much time trying to make my brows look perfect and it's no easy task. I swear my eyebrows are my beauty nemeses, I don't find it easy at all. Although I probably spend way too much time trying to get them to match and look as perfect as they can be, I need to remember that they are never going to look the same and thats ok - As long as you know the importance of doing your eyebrows that's all that matters.

Blend Blend Blend!

I know early mornings can prove difficult, especially now that its cold and dark outside, but it's the time of morning that we all sit in front of the mirror for our usual beauty routine. I'm more than likely half asleep when I apply my makeup, but it's so important to stay focused and make sure that you apply your makeup correctly and blend it all out. Getting to work and seeing that you haven't blended your foundation properly into your hairline is NOT a good look - trust me I've been there, totally awkward. Whether it be your foundation, eye shadow or blush, make sure you take the time to blend it all in. 

Say good bye to chipped nails!

Nothing looks as pretty as just painting your nails, but there comes those few days after doing your manicure where your nails start to flake and chip which is not a good look. I know I pay a lot of attention to hands, particularly my own, so that means other people do too! Don't leave your chipped polish on for too long, take it all off and paint your nails with another pretty polish that is hiding away in your collection

How to apply falsies!

Applying false lashes is by no means an everyday makeup task, but there is always going to be an occasion where its necessary pop these whispy lashes onto your peepers. Whilst these tricky little black things can be a right pain in the bum to apply, they do make you lashes and overall makeup look amazing and practice really does make perfect. There is definitely an art in applying them and using the right glue can make the whole process a lot easier. If your in need of some extra practice, wear your lashes on a Friday and use the excuse it's 'False Lash Friday' thats what I do.

It's ok to be naked!

Okay, well it's ok to be naked whist your in the bath, but it's also good to give your skin a break and sometimes wear no makeup whatsoever. Yes that's right I'm talking about those makeup free days. I find this one very tricky as there is rarely I day where I don't leave the house, and if I am going out you can bet that I will always put my bet face forward. Letting my skin be completely natural is something that I'm starting to do lot more though and my skin does thank me for it. Go on I dare you not to wear any makeup at all one day this week!

Don't be dirty!

Yes that's right I'm talking about the one big beauty chore that all of us hate doing, and that is cleaning your makeup brushes. I am so guilty of doing this and tend to put it off for as long as I possibly can, which I know is totally gross, but washing them is a makeup necessity. Just think you'll makeup brushes will look and feel all brand new and your skin will thank you for it I promise.

Sharing is caring!

I know that the majority of you reading this will be my beauty blogger friends, but how many of us share our top beauty tips on our blogs. I know sometimes that I get wrapped up in reviews and excited about the launch of new products that I very rarely get a post up sharing my top beauty tips and I know we all have them. Just think we are always looking for better ways to do our hair, apply our makeup etc. One small thing that you do in your every day routine could be the answer to someone else's beauty dilemmas. Sharing is definitely caring, even if it's amongst your nearest or dearest - Spread a little bit of beauty love.

Take the perfect selfie!

What's the point in making yourself look beautiful every morning and not sharing your gorgeous face with the rest of the world. Every beauty girl needs to know how to take the perfect selfie, I think it's a must these days. If you've still not mastered the perfect selfie (I know I haven't) then practice makes perfect, even if it does mean you take 20 pictures and work your way though them choosing the best one haha. 

So that's my ten points that is a must for every beauty girl. I would love to know your thoughts on this girlies, let me know if you agree and if you've got any more to add to the list please share in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. Great tips! You are spot on about everything, especially about the lipstick. I could live without my lippies!

    1. Thank you, I couldn't live without mine either they are my weakness haha xx

  2. Lovely read. I am soooo guilty of not washing my make up brushes enough. ><

    1. Thanks, Me too its the one thing I really fail on, i just keep putting it off all the time it's such a tedious task :( x


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