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Perfect Pamper Nights with Yves Rocher

Happy New Year everyone, I hope its been a good one for you. I can't quite believe we are in January and as much as I am ready to take this new year on, I must admit I am a little sad that all the festivity and party season is officially over. With all that celebrating, busy days and long nights, January for me all about pampering myself and getting my body beautiful for the new year. During Christmas I received the perfect pamper pack from Yves Rocher, so if your looking forward to some warm cosy nights in with a bath and a good book then keep on reading to find out more about these gorgeous pamper essentials.

First of all how beautifully presented is this body lotion? I know packaging is not everything, but just looking at this gets me in the mood for a good pamper. If you've read my blog for sometime you will know that when it comes to skincare, moisturisers are my favourite thing - Without a doubt, I'll find the time to coat my body in beautiful scented products twice a day which is a little obsessive I know! I have to say I was a little intrigued by this moisturiser as I've never used a skincare product that contains oats before. Yves Rocher sate that the natural oats are very soothing for you skin and help to protect it, which is exactly what my skin needed after all the partying. 

This lotion feels and smells just as good as it looks and I've enjoyed using it immensely; It's new home takes pride of place on the beauty self in my bathroom, so its there ready for me to apply straight out of the shower or bath.  For such an intense and creamy lotion, its so lightweight and works into your skin with ease, it also leaves no horrible sticky sensation behind which is always a huge plus for me. My skin has never felt so soft! What I really love about this lotion is that it smells gorgeous, and it has a really natural sweet smell that is not overpowering and really lingers on your skin hours after application. I think this would be perfect if you suffer with sensitive skin too as all Yves Rocher products contain  natural ingredients.

Hard working hands definitely need a rich and intense hand lotion and this one has made it into my bag over the last few weeks. No matter what I do to try to look after my hands they are always left feeling dry and never as soft as what they should be, the cold weather really doesn't help them at all. However this hand lotion has been a great helping hand at making my little mitts a little more smoother and softer again and it's one of those lotions that provides an instant hit of moisture when you first use it. I love the way my hands feel after using this - Non sticky, super hydrated and beautifully scented. I don't think any products will ever get my hands baby soft again, but I'm hoping if I continue to use this hand lotion up I will start to see more of a permanent change. 

Out of all the pamper products featured in this post, this gel has to be that product that gives me the most satisfaction when using it and makes me have one of those 'ahhh' moments. If you're on your feet all day the Beaute Pieds Foot Beauty Care is worth investing in, especially if you don't have anyone around to give you a foot massage. This lavender scented gel provides an instant cooling effect once applied on your feet and it makes you feet feel a million times lighter. Standing up all day wearing heels really does take its toll on my tootsies and I just love the tingly smooth feeling that this gels provides. This works great on your legs too.

 For me no pamper night is complete without a bath and if your like me and enjoy a luxurious bath and the smell of coconuts then you will adore this little coconut scented bath cube. I just popped this little bath fizz into the running water and it bubbles, fizzes and melts away leaving and its coconut scent behind, whisking me away to sunnier and more tropical climates. I had one of the loveliest baths ever using this, it was just so relaxing and the bath fizz left my skin feeling ever so soft and smelling of coconuts, it was lovely.

If January is all about the pampering for you then I can't recommend these products enough, be sure to take a look at the Yves Rocher website as they have loads of pamper treats; I have my eye on a few more of the products in the Organic Oats range that I'm going to be treating myself too. I would love to know what makes your pamper night perfect? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. I've never tried this brand before but it all sounds so lovely! Perfect for pampering :) x

    1. Yves Rocher are perfect for pampering, a lovely change from Lush xx

  2. They all sound so lovely, I need a paper evening desperately! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. They really are, you should treat yourself to one, I have to have one at least twice a week ha xx

  3. Gorgeous review and lovely to discover your blog!

  4. That lavender foot cooling thing sounds lovely :)

    Sophie x

  5. Ohh you just can't go wrong with lavender. Plus I do neglect my feet!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. The coconut bath cube looks so clean and seems interesting to use. :) loving the layout of your blog pretty. :)

    instagram: @raysofraya

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  8. I love the sound of all these products! I used to love Yves Rocher when I lived in Belgium and actually had no idea you could get the products in the UK! Definitely have to treat myself now! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. I love a good pamper night! Yves Rocher has some great products and they're all so affordable. Love the packaging for that lotion!

    xo, alison*elle


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