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Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lacquers || New Shades

The Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquers have been around for a little while now, so some of you are probably familiar with its rich intense and ultra glossy formula. If you've had some of these lip lacquers in your collection, you'll be pleased to know that Makeup Revolution have added four new shades to the line and they are quite simply gorgeous. 

First of all what I really love about these lip lacquers has to be that they feel so lovely on your lips. Often a worry with having a lip product so glossy and shiny is that it can be sometimes sticky. However as shiny as these are, they're not really sticky and make such a comfortable wear. The only time I notice any stickiness is when I get that dreaded bit of long hair which has landed onto my lips because of the wind - Haven't we all been there? For more of a lip gloss product, they actually keep my lips pretty hydrated and its really nice wearing them this time of year, especially when my lips are prone to getting dry.

I absolutely love the smell of these lip lacquers, whilst they're not overpowering in scent, you do get a lovely warm vanilla smell coming though which is always great when applying them. The best thing about them though has to be the colour payout - Oh my gosh guys, the colour you get when using these is just amazing. Whilst they are not totally opaque like the Lip Lava's that I reviewed the other week (here) they are not as sheer as a gloss, which is great if you're not completely great with wearing super bright colours. You can definitely build up the intensity of these lip lacquers which is great.

As for lasting time, the gloss won't last hours on end, which is to be expected for such a glossy formula. Even though the gloss fades, the colour definitely doesn't and as wear time goes on you're still left with a lovely stain that has faded evenly. 

Left to Right - Depravity, Rebel, Barley There & Paparazzi  

Depravity is probably the most daring shade out of the new releases in this collection just because it's such a bold bright lilac shade. It's definitely one of those perfect colours if you're looking to make a statement lip. I find that this lilac has a slight grey undertone to it though, which my camera doesn't pick up - So if you love wearing cool toned eye shadows, especially silvers or greys this lip lacquer will work amazingly with it.

Out of all the shades, Rebel has to be my favourite and probably the lip lacquer I'm getting the most wear out of. Whilst it's still winter I'm still making the most out of the berry red lip and Rebel really is the perfect shade. I would describe it as a cool toned berry shade that has pink tones to it. It actually reminds me a little bit if MAC's Rebel just a lot more glossier.

Barley There is the nude of the group and I love it. I'm a little obsessed with nude shades at the moment, which is quite unlike me as I'm normally one to choose bright colours all the time. Barley There is the perfect brown toned nude that really gives you that 'your lips, but better' look. It's great for everyday and really wearable. If you're looking for something subtle in terms of colour, but something with great shine, Barley There will be perfect for you.

Paparazzi is that stunningly bright hot pink shade that just screams out summer and I know it's one of those shades I'll reaching for non stop when that time of year comes around. I love how this bright barbie pink lip lacquer has blue undertones to it, so it does that little trick of making your teeth look a lot whiter too. Combined that and a tan and oh my gosh, you will look amazing!

So there you have it, the new Salvation Intense Lacquer shades! Beautiful don't you think? If your planning on adding any of these to your collection, let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. Stunning photos! <3 I must say i am strangely drawn in by that purple, though i would never wear it! lovely wearable pinks!

  2. Stunning photos! <3 I must say i am strangely drawn in by that purple, though i would never wear it! lovely wearable pinks!

  3. These look great, love how much of a bargain they are! I love the nude one, will have to try and hunt one down x

    Always, Alice x

  4. These look amazing, I love Barely There. I really want to try the Makeup Revolution dupe of the pro palette, may have to make a cheeky purchase at the weekend!


  5. These look lovely and such a pretty shades. I love the hot pink and how glossy and pretty it is!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. These all look gorgeous, especially the bright berry/pink shade!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. Ok, it's official, I need some Makeup Revolution makeup in my life! Barely there looks stunning, such a great nude :)


  8. These are amazing colours! I wish I could pull off that lilac shade as it's gorgeous!




  9. I absolutely love makeup revolution. In fact I plan to make a second order, I'll definitely be picking up some of their lip products. Great post x

  10. Love the nude and bright pink! The lavender would probably be a bit much for me, but the pigmentation is STUNNING :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  11. These look amazing that peach color is very pretty, great color for spring time !

  12. I like Rebel the most as well and it's great that they're not sticky, I can't stand sticky lip products! x


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