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Maggie Hunt Makeup Brushes || The Collection

Every beauty girl needs a good set of makeup brushes FACT. I think its very true what the makeup experts say and that you can have the best makeup in the world, but if you don't use the right tools you're never going to get the best out of your makeup. Over the years, especially since I started blogging I've built up quite the makeup collection, but it's only in the last year or so that I've really started to build up on my collection of makeup brushes. Let's be honest, it can be hard to find the perfect brush, and they're not exactly on the cheap side of the scale - So for me building up my brush collection has been a slow process. However in January I discovered some amazing brushes that I've fallen in love with, are well worth the money and fully recommend to anyone who's looking to build up their brush collection.

At the start of January celebrity makeup artist and aunt to the famous Pixiwoo sisters, Maggie Hunt, held a competition via Facebook to win a set of her brushes. To my amazement I was one of the lucky winners and have been using the Maggie Hunt brushes daily, I love them. 

This small pointed tip brush works amazingly for getting into those really small spaces like the inner corner of your eyes. I've also been loving this brush to touch up concealer or foundation around my lip line after applying lipstick to give the appearance of a fuller lip. The brush is pretty compact so it creates those soft lines beautifully.

Out of all the brushes in the collection, this is the one that feels the softest on my face and I always enjoy using it. The bristles on this brush are dense and pick up just the right amount of powder to gently sweep across your face. I always feel like I get the perfect amount go coverage of powder when using this brush.

This rather large flat eyeshadow brush is super soft and very compact making it perfect for applying a base shadow all over the lid. The brush picks up the product beautifully making for a flawless application. I've not tried this brush with cream shadows yet, but for powder shadows it works brilliantly. This also works great at highlighting under the brow bone. 

I've been loving this small slightly domed contour brush, it makes applying bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks really precise and the softness of the brush also allows your bronzer to be blended out beautifully. Out of all the brushes in the Maggie Hunt collection I would have to say that this is my favourite and would be a great edition to any makeup brush collection.

This medium sized fluffy contour brush makes blending out your eyeshadow a dream. The brush is a little on the flat side which makes a really easy and precise to get into your crease. The brush fluffs out a little towards the end which then makes it great for blending. I love the way that this brush picks up the eyeshadow and you can create a dramatic smokey eye with this brush very quickly. 

This is the smallest eyeshadow brush in the collection and its perfect for layering eyeshadow on the outer or inner corners of the eyes. It's very dense and compacts a lot of product in just a few sweeps across the product. I love using this to add definition to my eye makeup look. Again like the other eyeshadow brushes its extremely soft, which makes it perfect for blending.

I've been loving using this angled eyebrow brush to create a really neutral and full looking brow. All the other eyebrow brushes in my collection tend to be a little more on the stiffer side, so I must admit it did take a little to get used to this one as it is very soft. However the softness of the brush makes you use it with a very light hand and the result is gorgeous natural looking brows. 

This thin and pointed eyeliner brush is extremely dense and is perfect for applying gel liner. The tip gives you really great precision, especially to achieve that all important flick. Although this is such a thin brush, it feels very sturdy in your hands, and I feel like a have a lot of control over the brush, which is so important for doing detailed work. 

This brush pretty much is what it is, it's one of those brushes that I seem to have quite a few of but never really use - Only when my brows are looking horrendous after a fidgety nights sleep. What I do like about this comb is that the actual comb is pretty long so you're able to comb your brows in one clean sweep.

This blush brush is another one of my favourites from the collection. The bristles are nicely compact and the brush feels very fluffy and is so soft on your face. I love the way this brush picks up your blusher and the domed shape makes for a flawless application. Not only is this brush great for packing on the blusher but its also works great at blending it out.

This little brush has really come in handy, especially for applying those bold red lipsticks that I've been loving. The pointed shape of this brush really allows you to get a precise line when lining your lips and again the bristles feel so soft, so its lovely to use on such a delicate area of skin. What I really love about this lip brush is that the sliver casing at the end of the brush is removable and doubles up as a cap, so this is perfect to pop in your handbag for those lip touch ups though out the day.

When it comes to applying foundation I don't tend to use a flat paddle brushes just because I find they can take a bit longer to really work the foundation into your skin and in the mornings I just don't have that extra time to waste on blending. However for review purposes I thought I'd try it out and it turns out I actually love it. Again like with all of these brushes this foundation brush is very soft, but it really holds its shape when applying foundation. It actually blends your foundation like a dream and the flat sides really allow you to work the foundation into those smaller areas like the sides of your nose very quickly and easily - I love it. 

Again this is another one of my favourite brushes in the collection and I've been reaching for this little brush a lot! This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow underneath the lash line and smudging and blending out any shadow or liner. If you love creating a smokey eye, I promise you this little brush will make doing it a dream. I also love using this on those minimal makeup days and using it to slightly smudge any kohl eyeliner on the upper lash liner for a more softer look.

This stiff and compact flat brush works amazingly at applying cream eyeshadows. I often use cream shadows or paint pots as a base for my eyeshadow and really hate using my fingers and fluffy brushes really don't work well with this formulas. This brush really picks up the product and the synthetic bristles don't allow the product to get lost in the brush, so its really easy to place any cream shadow over the lid. 

This lovely fluffy power brush is the biggest brush in the collection and I love using this for creating an all over glow with my bronzer. What I really love about this brush is that is blends any product out evenly over your skin which is just what you want for an all over application. The domed tip also allows you to get more precise with you application, and again this blends any powder beautifully.

As you can probably tell I am in love with these brushes, they really are amazing and would be a perfect addition to any brush collection. Maggie really has a wonderful collection of brushes and this lady really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup - Not only is Maggie one of the worlds leading celebrity makeup artists, but her work has featured in the likes of Vogue, Harpers and Elle! WOW. 

If you would like to add any of Maggie's makeup brushes to your collection you can take a look at the website here. All brushes are individually priced, but you can pick up all of the brushes in the collection for a discounted price of £100 which saves you around £50. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are on these brushes and if you're planning on adding any to your collection, let me know. Like I said I can't recommend them enough. 

Lots of Love



  1. I've only started using brushes recently and have to say I'm a little clueless when it comes to knowing which brand to buy - although the ones I got from Real Techniques work amazingly. These brushes do sound amazing though!

  2. great review ! i love these posts !!
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  3. very nice brushes !


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