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How To Get Beautiful Flawless Skin With Claudia Louch Foundation

Claudia Louch Flawless Finish Foundation
Claudia Louch Flawless Finish Foundation
When it comes to foundation I would say I’m definitely one of those girls who loves something full coverage, pretty much any time of year. There are many reasons for this, the main one being I have oily to combination skin so it means anything that is sheer, dewy and basically anything that feels light as air is just not going to stay put on my skin. So annoying right? The one positive side to my somewhat slippery skin has to be that I’ve tried and tested my fair share of full coverage and mattifying foundations and I love to share them with you all. Foundation can be so hard to get right, so I feel that it’s important to share the best and worst of the bunch. 

One foundation that I’ve been loving over the last few months has to be the Claudia Louch Foundation as it is one of those foundations that worked its way onto my top list as it ticks all the boxes. For me I find this foundation to have great coverage and it does an amazing job at smoothening out my skin and covering up any blemishes or redness that I would much rather hide from the rest of the wold. 

When it comes to skin care, Claudia Louch has an amazing range, her products are all plant or mineral based and leave my skin beautiful every time they're used. Recently Claudia Louch has released her Natural Skincare makeup and the foundation I've been trying is one of the best I've tried.

Claudia Louch Flawless Finish Foundation

One thing that truly makes this foundation great is that I find it to be really long lasting and it works perfectly with my skin type. Whenever I wear this I need very little touch ups and only then I only really need to powder my nose and forehead which is standard for me. What I find with most foundations that are full coverage and provide that ‘stay matte’ effect is that they can leave your skin looking a little dull and unfortunately it’s really hard to find the best of both when it comes to foundation. However, having said that, this foundation does give my skin a little pick me up and adds a little brightness to my complexion which I love. 

Blending is also no trouble at all with this foundation, again it does feel fairly thick on the skin at first but with a good foundation brush (my favourites is the Real Techniques) it works into your skin and creates a great base for the rest of your makeup. I love that flawless skin look and this foundation makes my skin look flawless every time, even when I'm not having a great skin day.

Claudia Louch Flawless Finish Foundation

As you can see there are so many reasons as to why I currently love this foundation, it really is lovely to use and it's so important to have a great base for the rest of your makeup. Clauidia Louch also has a few other foundations in her range including a high definition one and one with a mousse formula which are going straight onto my wish list. 

I would love to know what your current favourite foundation is, especially if you have a similar skin type to me. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand before, however after reading this post I am really intrigued. I am a big fan of full coverage foundations and this one sounds great. I will defiantly have a look into this and most likely add it to my wish list.

    Beth x


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