Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I ♥ Makeup, I ♥ My Lips Balms | The Cutest Lip Balms Ever

 I ♥ Makeup, I ♥ My Lips Balms, Lipstick, Balm, Lip Balm, Makeup, Makeup Revolution, Lips,

 I ♥ Makeup, I ♥ My Lips Balms, Lipstick, Balm, Lip Balm, Makeup, Makeup Revolution, Lips,

You guys know by now that I'm one of Makeup Revolutions biggest fans. Literally I have loved pretty much every launch that they've brought out over the last few years and I always get excited when something new comes through my door. It's actually been a little while since I mentioned Makeup Revolution on my blog, mainly because I've been experimenting with new makeup and trying out different brands. However MR have released some pretty exciting beauty bits as part of their I ♥ Makeup range which have got me really excited. Before I go into that though, I just wanted to share some other exciting news. It goes without saying that the best place to get all your Makeup Revolution products is online. I ♥ Makeup and Freedom makeup are two sister brands of Makeup Revolution and now you can get all their products under one roof at Tam Beauty, which is just amazing! The best thing about this is 1. You can get more shopping done a lot more efficiently and 2. You only have to pay one delivery charge; Amazing!

Before I get too carried away with that exciting news, let me bring you back to the focus of this blog post. I ♥ Makeup have a had a pretty exciting launch recently and incase you've missed all the pictures floating around on Instagram, I'm here to tell you all about it. As you all know I am well and truly obsessed with my lip products; Liquid lipsticks and just regular lipsticks will always be my favourite, but I'm also a big fan of lip maintenance too, because lets face it, no matte lipstick is going to look good on dry chapped lips. My number one cure for dry lips has to be a good lip balm and thanks to I ♥ Makeup, I got five new beauties in my collection to treat my lips to.

Thats right I ♥ Makeup have recently released the I ♥ My Lips balms that are just the BEST! I've only had them in my collection for a little while, but I'm already obsessed. This is mainly because they are just really fun and so super cute. Each balm comes in a bullet shaped rubber packaging, coloured appropriately according to the balms scent. All you have to do is unscrew the lid, which reveals the egg shaped lip balm inside. There's no need to get your fingers sticky or messy with these as they are easily applied, just as you would with any lipstick or lip gloss. The packaging of these instantly reminded me of the EOS lip balms and we all know the craze that went along with those way back in the beginning on my blogging days.

 I ♥ Makeup, I ♥ My Lips Balms, Lipstick, Balm, Lip Balm, Makeup, Makeup Revolution, Lips,

There are five different favours/scents to choose from in the I ♥ My Lips range, so theres something to suit everyones tastes. You have -

The Red Lip Balm - Wild Strawberry
The Pink Lip Balm - Raspberry Fizz
The Blue Lip Balm - Blueberry Crush
The Green Lip Balm - Mint Sorbet
The White Lip Balm - Cool Vanilla

I personally love the mint and blueberry flavours, out of all of them these are the two that I reach the most. I will say though, that all of them are very fragment and extremely yummy, so it really does depend on what you prefer. As for the actual lip balm, theyre soft, nourishing and do the job perfectly. If you are looking for a balm that provides hours of moisture from one application, then this is not for you as they're not long lasting. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I mainly use lip balms to prime my lips for my favourite lipsticks and these work perfectly for that.

I really love how handbag friendly they are and its really easy for on the go. They are just one of those products that look really cool and they're really fun to apply. It's definitly worth picking up one or two!

Don't forget to check out the Tam Beauty website and let me know what your thoughts are on these, will you be giving them ago?



  1. these are so pretty! I usually opt for something like this before applying a matte lip and if I want something very long lasting and nourishing, I go with Jo Malone. Must check these out, they're so cute!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. These are so cute, was so happy when they popped through my letter box - they last so long!

    Sophie x


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