Friday, 18 January 2013

Dreaming In Ditsy Florals

1. Cream Floral Print Belted Skater Dress - River Island 2. Light Wash Military Denim Shirt - River Island 3. White Colour Block Bowler Bag - River Island 4. Antoinette Suede Fringe Boot - Miss Selfridge 5. Lips in Infared - Topshop 6. Enamel Metal Rope Bracelet - River Island 7. Buckle Tie Up Bracelet - Topshop 8.  Oval Catseye Ring - Topshop

Ditsy floral prints are going to be a big thing for this Spring and I for one am jumping for joy as I just love things that have a lovely girly print to them. I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can transform my wardrobe and show off girly flowery prints. So when this ditsy floral skater dress arrived in our delivery at work on Thursday I instantly fell in love and had a 'I need that dress in my life' moment - Come around payday quick, is all I can say. So seeing as I love the dress so much I thought I would do a little late night blogging. It's Friday evening, I'm sat at home in my onesie, tired, but not so tired that I want to sleep and I refuse to leave the house due to the inches of snow outside my apartment - I'm officially snowed in for the evening (maybe entire weekend, uh oh!) So I thought what better way to keep me entertained than to sort out an entire outfit for that cute little dress that will soon be mine! I hope you like this little put together outfit, I've not done one in ages! I would love to know your thoughts and know what trends you are most looking forward too this season.

Lot's of Love

P.S I totally think Sarah (Modern Damsel) would look adorable in this outfit, the total babe that she is! 



  1. Ooh love everything you bought :) I can't wait for the spring/summer clothes to arrive!! You must get infrared too - such a lovely lipstick :) x x x.

    1. Thanks babes, I can't wait either I am so over this cold weather and the winter months now... Bring on the summer! I so need Infrared, I feel like I'm the only beauty blogger not to have my mitts on it lol xxx

  2. Ooh love it all - great picks miss!! Xx.

  3. That dress is gorgeous! :)

  4. Fab ideas for spring- if it ever gets here! Lovely x


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