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Love Me Beauty Box || May Edition

Love Me Beauty Box* £12.95 (Including P&P)
For the last year or so beauty boxes have become quite the thing and after trying and testing my fair share, I've finally had the pleasure of trying out the Love Me Beauty Box, which is a beauty box with a special twist. Whilst its great having the element of surprise with most beauty boxes, Love Me Beauty offers us a choice of three menus to choose from, each menu slightly different so that it caters to more to our own personal taste and more importantly we have a little more say in what beauty products come though the door - I absolutely love this concept as nobody wants to receive something that they are just never going to use. If there really isn't anything in the beauty box that takes your fancy, you can always choose to skip a month; In my opinion this makes the Love Me Beauty Box the ultimate beauty box! I was so excited when my May beauty box arrived and for those of you wondering I went for menu 3.
Nail Girls Nail Polish 'Nude Pink' RRP £13.50
There's no doubt about it, I love nail polish so this one from Nail Girls was the first thing that caught my attention in this month box. As you can see from the picture it really didn't take me long to get it on my nails. I've never heard of the brand Nail girls before, but I've had this polish on my nails for a few days now and I'm really impressed; The polish applied streak free, is really glossy and has a lovely creamy formula. What I love most about this polish has to be the colour, its a true bubble-gum pink, ever so girly and perfect for spring/summer.
Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm 'Rescue Me' RRP £1.98
Lip balms are one of those beauty products I'm forever picking up, I think at least every handbag I have has about two or three lip balms floating around in them anyone else do this too? So I've welcomed this natural lip balm from Raw Skincare into my lip balm stash. This one is tasteless and colourless, and has a slight waxy smell to it, which doesn't make it the most exciting lip balm; However it does make my lips feel very soft and the actual lip balm has a really smooth but rich formula which makes it really nice to use.
Suti Trial Pack 'Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm & Fabulous Foot Balm' RRP £6.50
Out of all the beauty products in this months box, this Suti trial pack is probably the one I'm most excited about trying and getting my beauty mitts stuck into. I love trying out new products, especially ones that include words such as 'cleanse' and 'balms'. These little tester pots from Suti came beautifully packaged and I can't wait to see how well they work, especially the 'foot balm'  as I need to start prepping my feet for summer.
GO Stationary Pocket Notebook Set 'Meadow Bird' RRP £5.00
I'm one of these girls who loves stationary, especially ones that have pretty patterns on and are handbag sized. I was a little surprised to see these notebooks included in the Love Me Beauty Box as this is much more of a lifestyle item rather than beauty. However this trio of notebooks will fit into my lifestyle perfectly; I love making notes, especially for blogging so I just know these notebooks will be well loved.
Tea Pigs 'Super Fruit' RRP £0.65 (per bag)
Whilst this fruit tea from Tea Pigs has been packaged lovely and looks really appealing with the pink fruit lady displayed on the front, this is the one item in the Love Me Beauty Box which doesn't appeal to me at all. I have a big thing about drinking hot drinks and being able to drink from a mug weird I know; So there is just no way that I would be able to drink this tea. Luckily for my sister, she spotted these right away, knows that I wont use it and claimed it for herself. I always hear people raving about Tea Pigs, so I'm confident that she will enjoy her fruit tea. This is a great lifestyle product if your a tea lover, but its just not for me sadly.
So that's everything in the May edition of the Love Me Beauty Box, overall I'm loving it apart from the tea; I have a feeling that I will pretty much enjoy using everything in my box. The total cost of all goods received comes just under £30.00 so seeing as you only pay £12.95 I think its really great value and as I mentioned before, I love that you get the choices of three menus. If your thinking about starting a Love Me Beauty Box subscription be sure to take a little look at Love Me Beauty website.
What do you think of the contents of this beauty box? Have you ordered one? If you did I would love to know what menu you chose?
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  1. This box looks and sounds so good, I love that you can have a bit of choice too! Love your blog, am now following!x

  2. Love they put tea pigs in, not that I'm too sure what they have to do with beauty, nor the stationary, still the set is so cute though!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I wasn't impressed with the box this month. I subscribed to a beauty box, but now they seem to be touting it as a beauty and lifestyle box. Once I get the last box I've paid up for I won't be re-subscribing which is a shame as previous boxes have been really good. The RRP of the Suti items is based on 5 items too (as found on the Suti website) so LMB have been a bit misleading on that front.


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