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April Favourites

I can't quite believe that we are in May already, it seams crazy to me at just how fast the year seams to be whizzing by. Although I'm so pleased that we stepping into the summer, which has to be my favourite time of year; I can't wait till it's warm enough to start wearing shorts and pretty little dresses without the need for tights. The weather was noticeably a lot warmer last month and with the warmer weather setting in means there are changes in the makeup choices that I'm starting to make. Last month I discovered a lot of new favourites and I think I've found some new staples in my makeup bag. If you want to know more about the products I've been loving, then be sure to keep reading on.

Ambiance Dry Shampoo*
Being a lover of the Batiste dry shampoo for years, I honestly thought nothing else would compare or knock it off the top spot until I started trying and using this dry shampoo from Ambiance. Now I don't want to go into too much detail as I have a full review going up of this hair wonder very soon, but oh my gosh guys its so amazing. Not only does it clean and refresh my hair in an instant, but it adds so much volume and texture to my hair. I have the one designed for brunette hair obviously and the brown powder means that I get no nasty white marks in my hair. This brush style application makes it a dream to apply and very precise, and is ten times better than any spray dry shampoo that I've tried, I love it!

Make Believe Instant Tan Bronzer*
You guys know that I love fake tan, and there is rarely a week passes that I don't apply the stuff, however I'm yet to find the perfect fake tan that works well when your constantly working out and sweating at the gym too much information I know! But being a regular gym goer means that my skin gets all horrible and sweaty and I've been finding that it's making my fake tan go all patchy, especially the areas where my gym clothing rubs against my skin. To help resolve this problem I've been using an instant tan that washes away on your next trip to the shower as it saves a lot of faff and I don't have to worry about my skin looking all dodgy after a gym session. I've been loving this instant tan from Make Believe as it gives you the most gorgeous golden natural looking tan. This self tanner is so easy to apply and it makes my skin look really healthy, I would recommend it to anyone who's in the same boat as me or looking for a quick fix fuss free tan.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Red Pepper'
I don't want to go into too much detail about why I love this lipstick from Bourjois as I was only raving about it in my full review yesterday, but this has been one of my most used lipsticks since I bought it the other week. Not only does it look amazing on and have fabulous staying power, but the shade 'Red Pepper' is so bright and beautiful and really makes my lips pop. This lipstick really does give you the perfect pout.

Bourjois Cream Blush 03 Rose Tender
This cream blush is another Bourjois product that I've been loving this month. If you read my review of this pretty pink pot of cream blush you will know that this is the first cream blush that I have ever tried and I've been converted to the cream blush way of life, which is a big deal for me as I love my powder blushes. Rose Tender is a girly dusty pink shade of blush which makes your cheeks look perfectly flushed and natural at the same time. The cream formula is really easy to apply and blends in like a dream, its amazing.

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder
This powder was picked up on a whim after my 'Rimmel Stay Matte Powder' came to a finish; I was in the mood to try something new and I was drawn to this Nearly Naked one from Revlon. I'm yet to have tried a Revlon product that I dislike and being a fan of the Nearly Naked foundation, I had high hopes for this powder. Let me tell you that it certainly didn't disappoint! This powder does a wonderful job at smoothing out your skin and keeps your makeup in place without changing the makeup underneath the powder. I always find it pretty annoying when you apply a dewy foundation only to put a matte powder on over the top, it kind of takes away that lovely glow you where going for in the first place. However the Nearly Naked powder still keeps your makeup looking how you intended it too and does a great job at preventing your foundation sliding off your face half way though the day. I can definitely see this being my go too foundation this summer, its such a great product.

So that's everything for this months favourites, I would love to know what products you've been loving recently and to know what your top makeup picks are for this summer?

Lots of Love

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  1. The cream blush looks amazing! I like cream products for the summer! I feel like powder ends up feeling heavy. xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. Need to try these! Im looking into the Bourjois lip stains! x

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  3. I love the Ambiance Dry Shampoo as well and it's so much better for hair than Batiste which is pretty much just petro-chemicals in a spray ha! x


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