Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favourites

This month I've been really concentrating on my hair and working on getting it in the best condition it can possible be (keep your eyes pealed for an updated hair care routine soon) and this 'Headshot' shampoo and conditioner from Catwalk have worked amazingly in my hair. If you have long hair like me then you will know that keeping your locks looking healthy can be a right nightmare, especially when it comes to split ends and breakage - Seriously, longer hair means more knots and tangles, which means a lot of extra TLC. This shampoo and conditioner duo is a reconstructive treatment for you hair and this is all I've used since receiving this in my goody bag at the 'Northampton Blogger Meet'. Not only does it smell incredible, but it makes my hair shiny, glossy and my hair actually feels a lot thicker since using it, which is a great added bonus. As for slit ends, some of them nasty ones are still there, but this shampoo and conditioner has done a lot to smooth them out and make the tips of my hair a lot less damaged looking.

I am in love with this thick smoothie like body lotion from Lush, its incredible. If you've been reading my blog for some time you will know by now I love body butters and it has to be one of my favourite skin care products to use; This means I've tried and tested a lot of them. Out of all the body butters, lotions and potions that I've tried 'Sympathy For The Skin' has shot right up there into my top 5 moisturisers, I seriously love this stuff and being a big Lush fan I can't believe it's taken me this long to stumble upon it. I wont give too much away as I have a full review of this coming up very soon, but my banana scented body cream leaves my skin baby soft and is just heavenly to use... LOVE it!

Summer is all about the shimmer, and the warmer weather definitely gets me all excited about trying out new highlighters. However the only highlighter that I reached for during May was this gorgeous champagne shimmered one from MeMeMe; Just a few dabs of this on my cheekbones was enough to make my skin look all glowy and radiant, which is exactly what you need when your going for a bronzed beach goddess look, I wish! What I really love about this highlighter is how easy it is to apply and blend into your skin, you only need the tiniest amount of product to make it look as though the sun is beaming down onto your cheekbones. If you would like to see a full review of this product, including swatches you can find the link here.

The end of April saw me run out of my beloved Mac eye pencil in smolder which was without a doubt the best eyeliner that I've ever tried in my life, it's amazing! Being one to not dwell on things too much, I went shopping and picked up the Bourjois Khol & Contour eyeliner in the colour 'Noir Expert' which is a soft black shade; usually I prefer my eyeliners to be ultra black, but unfortunately they had sold out of this shade in my Boots and I thought a softer black would be more suitable for summer as its a little less harsh. Well after using this thoroughly throughout May, I can honestly say I've not missed my Mac pencil all that much and its been refreshing using something new and different. This is such a great eye pencil from Bourjois, but then again would you expect anything less from this brand? The pencil glides on so smoothly without dragging along your skin, is superb for blending out and works great on your waterline too, making it a great all round eyeliner. 

Since receiving this Barbie pink nail polish in the May edition of the Love Me Beauty Box its been the only colour my nails have seen. Not only is the colour gorgeous and perfect for spring but it looks so pretty and girly on your nails. When it comes to nail polish I really love these milky sort of shades that look really opaque on your nails. I had never heard of 'Nail Girls' before, but the application of this polish is really smooth and it dies pretty quickly too, which makes it a winner for me. 

Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush*

I have been loving this angled brush from Nanshy during the last couple of weeks, another item that I received in my goody bag from the 'Northampton Blogger Meet'. I had heard of the brand and a lot of rave things about their brushes, but had never gotten around to trying any. I have to say this angled brush has really made a difference to the way I sort my eyebrows out in the morning and makes applying the powder a breeze. Don't get me wrong I have other angled brushes in my collection, but this one just seams to be perfect for me in terms of size and the bristles not being too flimsy but soft at the same time. I love the white handle of the brush too, it almost has this pearlesque finish which makes it really pretty and stand out from my other makeup brushes. I'm definitely making it my mission to now add some more Nanshy brushes into my collection, I've been browsing and they all look as great as this angled detailer one.

So that's everything that made it onto my favourites post this month, I would love to know what you're go too products have been and if any of your favourites match mine. Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love



  1. The nail polishes look lovely :) I've also been loving hair products this month. xx

  2. I think I'll pick up that Sympathy for the Skin next time I'm in Lush! I hope they bring out more self preserving products :) I like my Nanshy brush too :D

  3. I used to use Catwalk hair products years ago, forgot how much I like them!

    Belle ♥
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