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Organic Surge Extra Care - Skincare Review

Organic Surge Extra Care, Skincare, Moisturiser, Beauty, Eye Cream
Organic Surge Extra Care, Skincare, Moisturiser, Beauty, Eye Cream
Organic Surge Extra Care, Skincare, Moisturiser, Beauty, Eye Cream

I think having the right skincare routine is so important, but finding the perfect one can be so tricky! I can imagine there are a lot of you nodding your heads at this statement and I've been in the same boat time after time. I love trying out new skincare products and recently I've been loving three products from the Organic Surge Extra Care range which are too good not to share with you all. If you've read my blog for sometime, you may have seen me talk about Organic Surge regularly - I am a big fan of their moisturisers and body butters and now the brand have won me over with their skincare.

I've been using three products - The Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion, the Replenishing Facial Oil and the Hydrating Eye Cream. On their own these products are lovely to use, but combined they have made such a massive difference to my skin. These products have made their way into my regular nightly cleansing routine, and right now my skin is probably the best it's been in a long while.

For me the words 'light' and 'oil control' are amazing when used for a facial moisturiser. I have combination skin which is prone to making my makeup slide and slip throughout the day. Let's face it having a greasy looking face is something all of us want to avoid (but it happens right?). So when a moisturiser claims to keep my skin under control, it definitely has my interest. My interest soon turned into love and this light weight lotion has soon become my go too moisturiser for morning and night. It really is lightweight and does an amazing job at keeping my skin oil free. Whenever I use this my skin feels more even, refreshed and soft. It makes a great base for your makeup as the lotion absorbs quickly into the skin. The smell of this moisturiser is also gorgeous, it has a lovely fresh smell to it and you get rose and orange scents coming though -  I love it.

I have to say I've always been a little bit scared of facial oils as I think my pores produce enough on their own oils as it is. However I thought I would give this ago as I've heard nothing but great reviews. You'll be pleased to know that this oil is in no way greasy or makes my skin feel any oiler. In fact it really gives my skin a hydration boost that it sometimes needs. I've been using this oil every evening after I've cleansed, it really does make my skin look fresh and radiant. The oil is incredibly lightweight and absorbs into my skin quickly. You really only need a few jobs for the oil to work its magic, and the result is lovely soft skin. The bottle is huge and as you only need to use a small amount each time, this will last for ages.

Organic Surge Replenishing Facial Oil, Beauty, Skincare
Organic Surge Extra Care Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion, Beauty, Skincare

I've you've had a read of my most recent monthly favourites post, you may have seen the Organic Surge Hydrating Eye Cream making its way on there. Usually I'm not one for eye creams, I usually skip this step. However I'm at the stage in my life where I need to start taking more care of my eye area and give it the nourishment and hydration that it needs. This eye cream is so lovely to use, its really hydrating and helps reduce any puffiness around my eye area. It's great to use in the morning as well as night time as it's really lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin. I really think this helps to smooth over any fine lines and makes my eyes look a little brighter. It really is the perfect pick me up.

Overall I love these products. Like I mentioned at the beginning on this post, on their own these products are great, but together they really do work wonders and my skin has been loving them. I would definitely recommend picking them up, especially if your on the hunt for some new skincare products.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on these products? Also let me know what products you use in your current skincare routine?

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  1. Nice review dear!
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  2. The eye cream sounds lovely, might have to make a purchase for my mums birthday!

    Annabel ♥
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