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Blogmas Day 2 - Getting Into The Festive Spirit | My Top Tips

Blogmas Day 2, Christmas, Festive, Merry Christmas

Happy Blogmas Day 2!! I know it's still very early on in December, but like I said in yesterdays post I'm already feeling so festive - Probably because I started watching Christmas films and listening to Christmas music mid November! Obsessed maybe so, but I just love the feeling of Christmas. I know some of you may not be feeling as festive as me just yet, so I thought today I would share secrets on how I get into the Christmas spirit. I really hope they bring you some festive cheer!

1. Wrap up warm and take a walk trough your town or neighbourhood just as it starts to get dark

By now the Christmas lights should be up and twinkling away in your town, and the neighbours will have started to pop up their Christmas lights too. I just love taking walks around this time of year, especially when I've wrapped up warm and am feeling super cosy. Christmas lights really make me feel all festive, so it's a great way to get in the Christmas mood.

2. Visit a Christmas Market

I just love Christmas markets, not only are they really festive but are also a lot of fun. The German Christmas Market was set up in our town at the end of November and it's been making me feel festive everyday! (I work in town for those of you who don't know, I'm not spending all my time at the market). What I really love about the Christmas Markets is that all the stalls are super cute with their festive themed stock and the best thing has to be the FOOD! Theres something so festive and satisfying walking around the market smelling and eating delicious food, I mean who can say no to a German Hot Dog?!

Blogmas Day 2, Christmas, Festive, Merry Christmas

3. Dec the Halls

I'm a very early Christmas decorator. It's always been a tradition that the Christmas decorations are up before my birthday on the 8th. Nothing makes me feel more festive than bringing all the Christmas decorations down and turning my home into a little grotto; It's the best. When I pop up the decorations I like to make a day of it. I'll pop on some Christmas music (Michael Buble is my fave) get out the mince pies and other goodies, wear my best Christmas jumper and have a really festive day. Nothing feels more festive than an evening sat watching the tv surrounded by your Christmas themed home, I love it.

4. Take a Trip to the Garden Centre

Garden Centres are great for this time of year as they always have so much Christmas stock and most of them really go all out at Christmas time. It's really lovely taking a walk through them this time of year. I can never resist buying a new special decoration for my tree. Not only do the garden centres feel really christmasy, most of them have a cafe where you can grab a bite to eat - Mince pies and gingerbread men are essential!

5. Start Christmas Shopping

It's an obvious one, but there is something so festive and special about Christmas shopping, thats assuming you don't leave it till the last minute. I know Christmas is not about the presents, but it's so nice buying something really nice for someone special in your life. I love seeing people open presents, it's the best feeling ever and the buying process is all part of it. I love it.

Blogmas Day 2, Christmas, Festive, Merry Christmas

6. Lights, Candles and Scents

I definitely think you can get festive on atmosphere alone and having your hone smelling and looking Christmasy can really help. As much as I love the big decorations like the tree and the garland, I think it's the small things that really add those finishing touches. Candles are a must, scented ones are better and fairy lights can make a cold room glow and feel warm.

7. Get Creative

One thing that can take a little more time and effort, but is well worth it if your wanting to get into the Christmas spirit full swing is getting a little bit creative. I love crafting and thinking outside the box a little bit when it comes to decorating. Last year my friend held a Christmas Crafternoon where we all made Christmas decorations. The year before that my mum and I went out on one of those winter walks and collected holly leaves and other Christmasy greenery from the outdoors which we then spray painted gold and used for our garland. Doing creative things like this are great as it really helps me get into the festive mood; Not only am I making something lovely for my home but am spending tine with the people I love which is what Christmas is all about.

I really hope these tips have help you feel a bit more festive, or taken your festivity to another level. I would love to know what you do to get in the festive spirit. Let me know in the comments below and spread some festive cheer.

Lots of Love



  1. We haven't quite started to decorate since we are travelling this Christmas but I can't wait for when we get our destination to start!!
    Happy decorating!

  2. Your tree is beautiful! I've already put up some decorations and lights but I've yet to get a tree x

  3. im doing my shopping early this year! Can't wait :D :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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