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Perfect Flawless Tan | The Riffi Exfoliating Massage Mitt

Hi beauties, so you and I both know that we've not had the best summer here in the UK and with no sun, unfortunately means no natural looking tan. I don't know about you but I am a fake tan girl (all year round) and even though I am faking it all the way, I want my tan to look perfect and flawless and they key to this ladies is definitely good preperation. You can have the best fake tan on the market, but if you don't prepare your skin before fake tan application all sorts of disasters can happen.

A little while ago the lovely Sian over at Denman sent me over The Riffi Exfoliating Mitt, and this has been perfect at preparing my skin before I whip the fake tan on. I've always learnt from experience to exfoliate my  skin before tanning, but never before had I used a mitt to exfoliate. Now that the mitts are on (literally) I havn't looked back, they really are a must have item for anyone who loves fake tan as much as I do.

The Riffi Exfoliating Mitts are not too harsh on the skin, or leave a horrible scratching feeling while using them.  Before using the Riffi mitts, I would just use a sugar scrub or exfoliating shower gel ,dolloped on one of those shower poufs. However that is now a thing of the past; The Riffi Exfoliating Mitts are so easy to use, and they are so precise at getting to each area on your body.

If you are wanting to get your tan on, or if you have tan on already and are re-applying the mitt is fabulous at getting the skin ready. If you do have tan on already you can really see the Riffi Mitts working as the gloves and soap will turn a slightly orange colour (gross but at least you know its working, right?) However if your not a fake tanner, the Riffi Exfoliating Mitts are super for exfoliation in general. Riffi explain that

'Exfoliation is vital. Your body naturally sheds skin cells every day, but there's no harm in speeding up their dispersal. Dead skin cells just hanging around makes your skin look dull and no matter how much lotion you use, you're never going to have glowing skin if you don't exfoliate' 

So whether your tanning or just exfoliating I would definitely recommend using the Riffi Exfoliating Mitt. Not only do the mitts come in array of colours (I adore these bright pink ones) but you are also purchasing a Riffi product and for almost 150 years Riffi have been an innovator for the best beauty massage accessories on the market. 

The Riffi Exfoliating Mitt retails at £5.40 which is a little bit more than what you would pay for other exfoliating mitts on the market, but they work wonders and would be perfect for for people who have also sensitive skin. You can find the mitts and all other Riffi products on the Denam website 

Have you tried the Riffi Exfoliating Mitts yet?



  1. Great idea to use an exfoliating mitt! After this post I might consider buying one actually! xx

    1. I never thought to use one before I got this either. I would say its really worth the investment xx

  2. i love using those type of exfoliating gloves for my body! what i look forward to having are those micro fiber mittens for the face! :D

    1. There really good and you feel super clean afterwards. I am use that Riffi do mitts that are gentle enough for your face too xx

  3. Ive been using boots standard mitts for ages and they work wonders - i find it preps my skin so much better than shower scrubs too :) May have to try these next - i get sensitive skin on the tops of my arms
    loving the hot pink colour too :P x

    1. I love the pink too, it makes showering that little bit more fun lol. They do prep the skin so well, especially for tan :). xxx


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