Friday, 17 August 2012

Riffi Tear-Drop Make-Up Sponge

Hi girls. A little while ago I was kind enough to be sent some Riffi Prouduts from Denman and one of them included the 'Riffi Tear-Drop Shape Latex Make-Up Sponge' which has become a much used item when applying my foundation in the mornings. Normally I am one to stay away from makeup sponges just beacuse I find them to carry too much bacteria and be a majoir cause of outbreaks (this is probably beacuse I never washed them out properly), so I was a little bit  on the unsure side when I was sent this. But I have to say ladies I am so pleased that I gave it ago, as I've found that it really does help to give you that flawless makeup finished look!

First of all let me tell you what you what Riffi have to say about their make-up sponge:

'Stress, an unhealthly lifestyle and pollution are all harmful, especially for sensitive skin. That is why you need a daily beauty routine for your face. The Riffi high quality make-up sponge is made from latex and helps to soak up the foundation and spread it evenly across the face.'

I can't tell you how pleased I was to find that there was a makeup applicator which has been made in mind for those with sensitive skin. Sometimes I find the bristles on foundation brushes to be a little harsh, or there are the makeup sponges which feel rough to the touch and crumble away only after a few uses. However the Riffi tear-drop make-up sponge feels so soft to the touch and has a spring like feel to it (like those memory foam mattresses, where they spring back into place once you've used it). 

I love how the sponges tear-drop shape fits perfectly into your hand, making it really easy for application and whilst Riffi have made the sponge to be absorbent, its not so absorbent that it will soak up all your foundation and let any go to waste. What impressed me most with the make-up sponge was that it made applying foundation really quick and easy, so if your on the go this is the perfect way to apply your foundation and getting it looking perfect at the same time; I also found that it was great to use for touch ups during the day.

The make-up sponge retails for £3.36, which some of you may find a little steep for just a makeup sponge, but what you are getting is quality and I think the Riffi make-up sponge is equally if not better than the Mac Wedge Sponges. So far I've cleaned and re-used my Riffi make-up sponge a few times and apart from the colour not looking too brilliant, its still in good condition and I haven't noticed any change in my skin where outbreaks are concerned. 

Overall I think that the Riffi Tear-Drop Latex Make-Up Sponge is an good thing to have in any girls make-up collection, an essential even! If you are interested in ordering yourself one of these little sponges or find any more information on Riffi Products you can do so on the Denman Website.

I hope this review was helpful beauties! What do you think of make-up sponges?



  1. I think I really need to try out a proper make up sponge, I always use brushes so far and sometimes they just don't do the job! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  2. that brush looks great! I'd love to try it out!



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