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Guest Post || Aussie Haircare Routine by Kat - Legs Eleven

Hi ladies, today we have the beautiful Blogger and fellow Aussie Angel of mine Kat over from Legs Eleven blog, telling you all about her Aussie Haircare routine. As you probably guessed by our Aussie Angel titles that Kat and I are huge fan's of Aussie and they really are the secret to having gorgeous beautiful hair - Read on in your wanting to know Kat's favourite Aussie buys.

Hi there Sunshine and Sparkle readers, my name’s Kat & I blog over at Legs Eleven. I’m here today for a guest post with Danielle is off sunning herself, which frankly isn’t fair! Since I came to meet the lovely Danielle through being an Aussie Angel I thought the perfect post for while she’s away would be my Aussie Haircare Routine. Aussie plays the biggest part in this regime, for me, because I just find that my hair really responds to their products.

I am a serious dye-a-holic, I love to change up my hair (which is probably why I don’t have luxurious, flowing locks like Danni) as I get bored easily, and honestly find it hard making a decision. So, looking after my hair is one of my main priorities. Aussie do, what seems like, hundreds different ranges so they’ll definitely have one for you but my favourite is the Colour range. It keeps my colour looking vibrant, moisturized and healthy for longer, and I also feel like it helps it to grow too – as I’m currently battling to get it past my shoulders!

The Colour Mate is my daily shampoo and what drew me here initially is the divine smell. Packed with Australian Wild Peach extract it fills the entire bathroom with a delicious, exotic, fruity scent. It claims to cleanse and smooth your coloured hair to keep it protected from chemical damage, and I think I’d have to agree with that. Since switching to this shampoo, and range for that matter, my hair has become less frizzy and doesn't need deep conditioning anywhere near as often as before, which is a big plus in my book.

The 3 Minute Miracle (3MM) range is amazing, there are so many of these conditioners for every type of hair and, again, the Colour Deep Treatment is my conditioner of choice. While using the Colour Mate Shampoo, I have never felt like I needed to use a regular daily conditioner and really it would be too heavy for my fine hair. So, instead, I use the 3MM every one – two weeks, or when I think it needs it, to smooth out frizz and revitalize my locks. Aussie say that the Australian Wild Peach extract also contained in the deep treatment is used as a conditioning oil and it’s fair to say my hair is definitely taken care off after applying this for three minutes.

Last of all, my Aussie haircare continues after the shower. The Miracle Colour Insurance Leave-In Conditioner is probably my all time favourite product, and the one I've been using for the longest. This honestly transformed my hair after a time I really hadn't been taking care of it. I simply spritz this through my damp hair and let it dry naturally. The results are amazing, they leave my hair looking smooth and conditioned, like new. My fine hair can get very tangled during the shampooing process and this product is also marketed as a detangler, which is ideal for me. I use this one every day and it never overloads my hair or weighs it down, so don’t worry about that.
So, that’s my Aussie Haircare Routine! I’ll be uploading my full haircare routine on my blog soon, and through hair disasters, mistakes and regrets I've learnt that Aussie’s motto is good to work with: “There’s more to life than hair but it’s a good place to start!”
Lot's of Love
Kat ox 



  1. LOVE all Aussie products! They all smell incredible, and leave my hair feeling amazing. Considering they're around £5 a products.. they're just soooo good! xxx
    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  2. I am such a big Aussie fan too, all of their products are amazing at keeping my hair in good condition! :) xx

  3. Hi

    I am a new follower to your blog. I love Aussie products they are brilliant on long hair.


  4. incomplete without these healthy hair care products

  5. I use plain coconut oil on my hair, and it always feels so good after! hair loss treatment for women


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