Saturday, 16 November 2013

How To Look Good Ill

As exciting as it is this time of year, there is an unfortunate downside. The change of weather can have a horrible effect on our bodies - of course I'm talking about common colds and other bugs and germs which get passed on to us. Now I'm not one for felling sorry for myself when I have a cold (unless it gets to the point where I can't physically move) and when I do have a cold I try my best to go about my normal day and not let it get the better of me. I have to be realistic and positive when I have a cold because the truth of it is as much as I would like to hide away from the rest of the world and stay permanently wrapped in my duvet, I still have to go to work, show my face and make an appearance.

One thing that I get slightly envious of is talking to those girls that say they are ill but they don't look it at all - actually in fact they look pretty perfect, which I think is totally unfair. When I'm ill I look a state, my eyes go droopy and all watery, I sound a bit like a man and am just a generally snotty mess, which is disgusting as it sounds. Over the last week I have had one of these colds and unfortunately have had to go to work and fight every desire and need to crawl back into my bed.

Which brings me to the focus of this blog post, how can we with the makeup and tools we have look good when we are ill. Whist being ill I've been changing my daily makeup routine around little just to make myself look a little less ill and give myself a little pick me up to help fight the ill feeling. I know its really easy to get in that mind set of 'I'm ill, so I can't be bothered with my appearance'. But no matter what the situation or regardless of how I'm feeling I still want to look the best that I possibly can be. So below I've listed a few of my makeup and beauty tips that will help you look good ill.

When your ill, the chances are your going to look a little peakier and your face maybe a little paler than usual - Therefore your regular foundation maybe a little darker for your skin which is fine. But bear in mind when your ill you tend to rub your face a little bit more and if your nose is blocked you will be blowing your nose every 2 minutes which is going to rub some of the makeup off around your face. Try sticking to just foundation, concealer (a lighter shade where possible) and a light/pale blush just to give your skin a little flush of colour

Most of us beauty lovers will have a few concealers floating around in varied shades, just because we need to match our concealer with whatever tone of skin we may have at the time. When I was ill I found that reaching for a slightly lighter concealer to be used under my eye area really helped to brighten my eyes a little more and make them look a little more awake.

When I'm ill my eyes are the biggest sign to the rest of the world that I'm not well. Like I mentioned, my eyes go all watery when I'm full of cold and they often run - I found that keeping eye makeup to a minimum is key when your not ill. Having liner on your waterline in a no go as it's going to close up the eye area and just run every time your eyes get a little watery. I'm on of these girls that doesn't feel quite put together unless I have eyeliner on and found that a long lasting gel or liquid liner just on top of the lash line worked perfectly. I kept the line as thin as possible and avoided any winged liner flicks! I also found that waterproof mascara really helped otherwise there is a chance you may have panda eyes as well as not being well.

With keeping your makeup to a minimum and not looking or feeling 100% I found that I looked really peaky and a little drained - even with the makeup. If your lips are not too dry (which is another thing that tends to happen when I have a cold) try adding some colour to your look by wearing a bright lipstick. Nothing too dramatic but something a little bolder just to brighten up your whole look and make you feel a little more put together. I found that wearing a bright lip really took some of the attention away from my eyes, which was perfect for me.

I hope these little tips help ladies, I know it is a bit of a random post but I know that these colds are just sometimes so unavoidable. I hope everyone is well though and if you do have a cold I hope you feel better soon. If any of you have some tips on how to look good ill, be sure to share them in the comments.

Lots of Love



  1. I'm definitely going to try wearing bolder lipsticks when I'm ill so that I don't have to worry too much about the eye makeup.

    Hannah x

  2. These are really good tips, I have a cold at the moment so will try out the bright lip and under eyes x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  3. I'm forever getting colds in this weather and usually I let it defeat me makeup/beauty-wise, but your post has definitely inspired me to make an effort and still try to look good! Great tips! :) x

  4. Great post, bet you fabulous when you're ill regardless :)
    Love Kate xx


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