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No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer || Review

When it comes to makeup I have to admit I have a little bit of a weakness when it comes to bronzers, I absolutely love trying out new ones and love them for contouring. If you've been reading my blog for a little while you may know that the Bourjois chocolate bronzing powder has been a staple in my makeup bag for a few years now. However over the last few months its somewhat been replaced with a gem of a bronzer that I've fallen in love with. This bronzer being the No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer.

First of all let me say that if your a fan of contouring like myself then this is a perfect little compact to have in your makeup bag. The No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer is a multipurpose product and contains both a bronzer and highlight in its compact. I have to say that I've tried and tested quite a few of these two in one products and its really hard for a company to hit the nail on the head and give us a perfect highlighter and bronzer all in one go - This one from No7 has two gorgeous shades that work perfectly for a contour or an everyday bronzed look. I first fell in love with this compact way back in the beginning of the year when I received a sample sized one in a No7 Christmas Box set, however due to its small size it ran out pretty quickly and I never thought it would be something I could pick up full size nor did I think it would be in the No7 permanent collection. A little while ago I got speaking to a lovely lady on the counter of No7 and was happily expressing my love for this bronzer and was over the moon when she popped this compact in my hand and told me that it had been sat on the shelves all this time. Needless to say I took one home with me and its been a makeup bag essential ever since.

The bronze part of this compact is amazing - it's a really deep rich matte bronzer that has fabulous pigmentation. You really only need the lightest of hand in order to get a great colour payout. The matte finish makes it perfect for counting  I find that that so many bronzers these days have little shimmery bits which is a contour no go! The secret to a good contour is about the blending and this bronzer blends beautifully into the skin. For those of you who do have fair skin may look at this and think its a little too dark for you - I must admit this is quite a dark bronzer and does look a little on the 'muddy' side. However because this bronzer blends effortlessly into your skin, if you used a light hand you could easily make this bronzer work for you.

As for the highlight, No7 have really picked and chosen a beautiful light gold highlight which really compliments the bronzer. When it comes to a highlight I don't like anything too shimmery, and although this one has finely milled gold glitter running though it, I find it's just the right amount of shimmer. I love how the highlight is a gold based one as I find that it's a little less obvious once on your skin - instead it gives you the most gorgeous golden glow and you really do look sun kissed. Because the bronzer and highlighter work so well together it gives a really beautiful and natural bronzed look.

I have to admit, I wasn't overly impressed on the outer packaging of this dual bronzer, it wasn't something that excited me. Having said this, I love the way that it looks once its opened. As you can see from the pictures the mirror is huge which makes this perfect for travelling or on the go. I also love how sturdy the packaging is too and it feels really secure once its placed in your hand. For some reason it reminds me of sea shell once its opened, which I think is down to the shape of the compact - but overall I think it adds a nice little touch and makes me smile every time I use it.

I would love to know if you've tried this dual bronzer from No7, if not what is your favourite contouring kit from the drugstore?

Lots of Love



  1. I love the idea of having two different shades :)! The bronzer and the highlight both look gorgeous colours, and how handy to have them both together! No7 actually do some really nice bits xxx

  2. This looks so beautiful, I now want it desperately x

  3. I think NO7 often gets overlooked sometimes which is a shame as they do have some nice bits and bobs, this looks really nice :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. This looks gorgeous I never look at no7 should check this out tho x
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube


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