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Umberto Giannini Scrunch Up The Volume Messy Texture Cream || Review

When it comes to hair, perfectly messy waves and big bouncy hair have always been my preferred styles. I think it's fair to say that the majority of us girls rarely use our straighteners to actually straighten our hair these days. When it comes to achieving that surfer girl hairstyle, sea salt spays are the go too product as they often do a fantastic job at making our hair that little bit messier and make your hair look textured and full of volume effortlessly. However sometimes I find that sea salt spays don't quite do the job for me and sometimes my hair just needs that little bit more umph when it comes to creating such a hairstyle. 

Naturally my hair is very straight, so it's really difficult for me to retain any curls in my hair, even with the best of hairsprays, curls will drop out of my hair within a matter off minutes. In the past I would curl my hair and use a sea salt spray to fluff up all of my locks and go for that messy hair look. However once my curls had dropped out, my hair was always left feeling a little flat and full of frizz from the amount of product I had used. With my hair causing me too many problems to create my favourite hairstyle I was always on the look for a product that could give me styled messy hair, but one that would hold my style throughout the day and luckily I've found a product that does just that!

The other month in Boots on a whim I decided to pick up a bottle of Umberto Giannini Scrunch up the Volume Messy Texture Cream and its amazing! This is the perfect product to pop in your hair for an even more messy textured look and it actually holds the style for hours. I find that when I use this in my hair, curls last longer and it gives your hair that lovely natural wave which is great for those of you who have dead straight hair like myself.

The cream is really easy to use, to apply all you do is pop a little bit onto your finger tips and work it though damp hair. At this stage you can scrunch up your hair a little bit and mould it into the messy style you desire. The more cream that you use, the more of a messed up hair look you get once you've finished styling. To complete your hairstyle just simply zap your locks dry with a hairdryer and your good to go with your messy textured hair! The bottle does say for best results to dry your hair using a diffuser, but unfortunately I don't have this attachment with my hairdryer and I do find that I loose some of that initial wave that was caused from all my scrunching. Having said this I quite like the end result and find that it works perfectly on my hair.

The only thing I think some of you may dislike about this product is that is does leave a residue in your hair and it does feel as though your locks have been coated with a fair bit of product. I put it down to this being a cream and one that feels incredibly sticky when its first in your hair. However once your hair has dried, your not left with sticky hair at all. For me, my hair is a little on the thin side and this product does a brilliant job at making my hair look and feel thicker, so I don't mind the feeling of product in my hair - its not uncomfortable or annoying at all. In fact this product smells really good and has that salon smell to it. Its a huge added plus that you can really smell it in your hair hours after application.

Another bonus to using this product in your hair is it makes any curls that you may style into your hair last for hours. Like I mentioned my hair never stays curly once I've used the straighteners to curl it. Yet when I use this product my curls last for hours, all I do is brush my hair with a wide tooth comb once its dried so its nice and smooth, curl away and I'm good to go. If your wanting loose curls add a little sea salt spray and you have that perfect beach hair look. You can even pop a little more of the messy texture cream in for a little more volume and lift.

Overall I really rate this product and is fantastic if your looking to take your messy hair look to the next level. I also adore the packaging, the cream is really easy to dispense with its twist lid at the bottom. I also love the black design of the bottle as it looks ever so sleek which gives it that salon feel to it.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this product and what products you use to get beautiful big messy hair.

Lots of Love



  1. Great post! xx

  2. I love having messy hair, looks really cute! Thankyou for sharing, might have to give this a go! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  3. your hair looks amazing! :)

    check out my giveaway?

  4. I love this range, and it smells amazing too! I really love all of the Umberton Giannini products! Have you tried their backcomb in a bottle? SO GOOD! xxx

    Gemma //

  5. Spot on, I hardly ever use my straighteners any more. I've always wanted to try this range, they have some nice gift sets in Boots at the moment, that might be a good way to try a few products out.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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