Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Barry M Nail Paints | NOTD

So a little while ago Barry M (famous for their amazing Nails Paints) added some new shades to their collection and I was an extremely lucky Beauty Blogger as I managed to win three of them in a giveaway held by the lovely Ellie over at Style and Starbucks Blog. So a huge thank you to you Ellie for picking me. I would love it if you beauties could check out her blog which is amazing and filled with the most fabulous fashion posts, just pop over and say hello!

So these new shades may not be so new anymore, but they are beautiful never the less and they definitely deserve to be blogged about.  The three shades that arrived in the post this morning were 'Silvery Lilac' 'Denim' and 'Copper'.

I've read a lot of good reviews around the blogging world on all three of these fabulous shades and I was so excited when they came though the door. Being the beauty blogger that I am, I needed to get a colour on my nails right away and so I also have a NOTD for you lovelies. 

It was a hard choice as to what shade I wanted to pick first, but I decided to go with 'Silvery Lilac' as I think its by far the most interesting  and unique shade out of the three.

As you probably guessed by the name 'Silvery Lilac' is a combination of silver and lilac but with a duo-chrome metallic finish. One thing that I love about this polish is that it's filled with lots of subtle, yet very effective glitter bits which really make your nails shimmer and sparkle when the light hits it.

I have to say for the nail polish addict that I am, I don't have many duo-chrome shades in my collection, mainly because it's only there more expensive nail polish brands that do them. But Barry M have really made something special here with 'Silvery Lilac'. You get a good mix of purple, silver and even green colours when you look at your nails and overall I think its a really fun and wearable polish to have on your nails; perfect to wear on a night out on the town.

So this polish gets a huge nails up from me and I know that I will be getting a lot of use out of it, so another BIG thank you to Ellie for picking me as the winner of your giveaway as this is not a polish I would have picked out for myself.

And speaking of nail polishes, I have two that I picked up from Turkey that will be held in a giveaway for you all very shortly, so please keep up to date on my blog as I wouldn't want you to miss out on the nail polish love that will be going around.

Take Care Beauties 



  1. I love silvery lilac and copper is on my wish list but Im not to sure about denim xxx

  2. Congrats on the win :) I love these colours, and silvery lilac looks lovely on :)


  3. So pretty, I love them, I might have to pick some up for myself :)

    Have a beautiful day



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