Tuesday, 10 July 2012

NOTD | Cheerleading Colours and Giveaway!

Hello Beauties. 

I have a quick NOTD for you this evening. I am so happy and pleased with this beautiful turquoise/teal nail polish I picked up whilst I was in Turkey. A lot of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I do cheerleading and our team colours are Teal, Black, White with a dash of pink thrown in there. As the main colour is teal I have been forever searching for that perfect teal/turquoise colour and I'm pleased as punch that I finally have my hands on the perfect 'cheerleading colour'.

Now I'm pretty sure the make of this nail polish is not a Turkish one just because it's called GR Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer, but I've never seen this brand in the UK and when I saw the colour I wanted to buy and try immediately. 

I have to say, the overall packaging and look of the bottle doesn't really do anything for me, but I was amazed at the formula of this polish. Two coats was all that was needed to get the desired colour that you see in the bottle and I've also found that wearing this polish with a topcoat really makes this a chip proof polish for a good few days.... bonus!

Please excuse the state of my nails and cuticles beauties (cringe). Anyone who has been following Miss Sunshine & Sparkle for a while will also know that I do have a bit of an obsession with glitter and I couldn't resist adding my favourite glitter polish over the top to make my nails dazzle.

I found that the Models Own Hed Kandi polish in Disco Heaven looked amazing over my cheerleading nail polish (sorry the polish didn't come with a name) and it really made my nails shimmer and sparkle.

So this is my favourite nail combination right now and I know a lot of you nail polish addicts will love this colour just as much as I do. 

As I've said I've never seen Golden Rose polish sold in the UK (please let me know if you find somewhere that does) so whilst I was away I also picked up two gorgeous colours for you beauties for a giveaway.

Super pretty aren't they? So if your interested in winning these two polishes be sure to keep checking for updates on my blog as I will give you all the details on how you can win by the end of the week, alternatively follow me on Twitter @sunshinesprkle as I will announce the giveaway on there too.

Take Care Sweeties 



  1. Ooh so pretty, I love the teal colour it is so gorgeous

    Have a beautiful night


  2. So pretty, love the teal with sparkle! x

  3. Love the combo on your nails :) x

  4. Such a gorgeous combination! Love it xo


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