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Boardmasters 2014 || Young, Wild & Free

Hi guys, sorry I've been a bit missing in action over the last few weeks or so, things have been a bit crazy in the world of sunshine and sparkle, but today I really wanted to get up a lifestyle kind of post and just sit down and chat to you all. A few weeks ago you may have seen a video of mine go up which saw me rambling on about all the best beauty essentials that would be great to take away to any festival or camping trip. I was so excited about this video as it was only a few days after that I took the trip to Newquay for a bit of Boardmasters fun!

It's was my crazy fun filled weekend at Boardmasters that has seen me get a little behind with my usual blogging schedule, not only was I away for five days, but it took best part of the following week returning from Newquay to fully recover from the weekend then following that I've been super busy with work and then caught my first cold of the year... Booo.  Seeing as I had the best time, I thought I would write up a post and give you all a little insight as to what me and my best girls got up too. I had planned on getting up more of a 'What I Wore' post as I had planned some pretty amazing outfit for my trip, but the weather was so bad and the majority of the time I was layering up on my knitwear. Actually the weather was so bad that the last day of the festival was cancelled (thanks hurricane Bertha), despite having to pop down our flowery tipi decorated in solar paneled fairy lights early hours on Sunday morning, we decided to stay and had our own mini party which all added to the festival fun. Can I just add our tipi (AKA MILF TENT) was the talk of the whole campsite, Stacey did an amazing job at taking camping to that glamping level, we had a blow up chair/bed, another blow up bed, posh pink cutlery and glasses, a table and the fairy lights were the perfect touch. 

One thing that I think that makes Boardmasters pretty special is its chilled atmosphere and the fact that its right near the beach gives it those 'good kinda vibes', my friends and I saw some pretty amazing acts including Chase & Status and Snoop Dog. I honestly wasn't expecting much from the ledgened that is Snoop, but he was actually amazing and turned out to be one of the highlights of the weekend. Aswell as singing and dancing  away to some awesome acts, the dance tent is where it's at and that place always brings out the mini raver in me - I don't know why but dancing in wellies makes raving all that more fun.

I thought it would be pretty disgusting as with any festival not being able to shower for a few days, but on the Saturday we had a surfing lesson booked and I honestly had the best of time. Guys, surfing is really difficult, whenever I see it on TV people make it look so easy, but battling the waves is tricky business and there are no graces about it whatsoever, the words 'dudes you girls have the best wipe outs ever' was used by the instructor, just to give you all some idea at how bad we was. I was pretty pleased that I managed to stand up on the board on my own just the once without any help, it was a good moment, ha. 

It was pretty funny smuggling in all our alcohol as there is a limit as to what you can take in at Boardmasters, but we managed to sneak everything though, the only thing that got confiscated was our dry shampoo!! Can you believe it, the one beauty essential that is a must, is not allowed into a festival because its an aerosol? Have any of you found this with other festivals lest me know? However my trusty Batiste was in the bottom of my bag and went un-noticed!

I honestly had the best time and for a good few weeks I had major Boardmasters blues, but it looks as though it's in the pipeline again for next year and I cannot wait! My besties and I had the best time, saw some old friends and made some new ones and partied the weekend away, it was perfect and so many memories were made. If you've been to any festivals this year let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about it.

Lots of Love


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  1. Looks and sounds like my kind of festival, totally laidback and fun! Shame about the last day getting cancelled!

    Sophie x


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