Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Time For An OOTD || Casio Watch From The Watch Hut

At the weekend I decided to make the most out of what sunshine we had (despite this awful weather we've had due to the storm) and thought I would take some outfit pictures for an outfit related post. The other week I was kindly accepted for a blogger campaign and was sent this retro but chic Casio watch from the Watch Hut to review. With the sun making an appearance I thought it would make for the perfect opportunity to show it off.

I absolutely love how dainty this Casio watch is and no way at all does it look too big for my little tiny wrists. The deign has a vintage/retro feel to it and reminds me of a watch I had way back when I was younger. Digital was definitely a big thing back then and its nice to see that it's made a little comeback in the form of this watch. Casio has always been a brand that has produced watches of high quality and performance that wont do much damage to your bank account at all - So this is a great piece to add to your watch collection, especially if your looking for something with that vintage feel to it. The 90's fashion trend has made a huge comeback this year, so I just know that this watch is going to work perfectly with so many current outfits in my wardrobe.

I am a huge fan of the burgundy face of this Casio watch as it has to be one of the best colours you can wear for autumn, no other colour best describes autumn than beautiful berry tones. Not only is the design of this watch amazing with its delicate silver strap, it's deign makes for a great bit of arm candy and this will work perfectly with any other pretty bracelets you may have. When it comes to watches I always have a major issue with sizing! As you can see from the pictures my wrists are pretty tiny and I can never find a watch to fit me - Let's face it going to the trouble of getting links taken out is a right pain. However this Casio watch is adjustable and it's so quick and easy to change the sizing of it which makes it perfect!

It's so nice to see Casio making a come back and you can find this watch and loads of other models over on the Watch Hut website here.

What do you think of this watch? Like it or love it?

Lots of Love



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