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September Favourites

Finally we're in October, I personally love this time of year as I feel its the time when autumn gets into full swing and we can really start wrapping up warm. Nothing beats getting home from work and jumping right into your pj's and throwing on a pair of oh so cosy slipper boots. I always feel that in October the countdown for Christmas officially begins, exciting right? So seeing as we have well and truly said good bye to September, I thought it was only right that I get up my September favourites for you.

Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo & Conditioner.
September saw me completely run out of all my shampoo, conditioner and many other products - does anyone else find that essentials always seam to run out at the same time? So I popped down to Boots as you do and picked up the Tresemme Platinum Strength shampoo & conditioner. I've heard a lot of hype around this duo in the vlogger and blogger world so I put my trust beauty babes all over and took these two products home with me. Usually it can take me a little while to decide and evaluate just how good a shampoo and conditioner really are, as they can sometimes take a little while to work their magic. However I have to say I was really impressed with this shampoo and conditioner only after a few washes. The platinum strength range is said to repair up to two years worth of hair damage in just five uses. Now whilst I do everything I possibly can to minimise damage to my hair, I find that the ends of my hair are very prone to snapping and become easily frazzled - so this sounded perfect for me. After using it for the majority of September I have to say I love this duo. My hair looks and feels a whole lot healthier and definitely feels a lot more manageable. I'm thinking of doing a full review on these two hair products, if this is something you would like to see, be sure to let me know.

Original Source Vanilla Milk & Raspberry Shower Gel
I always think Original Source get their scents spot on or drastically wrong when it comes to their products, I think it must be down to personal preference.  Having said that, I have to say I've fallen head over heels with their vanilla milk and raspberry scented shower gel, not only does it smell incredible it actually smells good enough to eat!?! I'm not sure if its a new scent to their range, but I only spotted it for the first time a little while ago and since then I've already gotten though one bottle and am now on my second. This stuff smells just like strawberries and cream or a raspberry milkshake, whichever you prefer and showering with this is just heavenly.  If you've not let your nose had a little whiff of this yet, then I urge you too - its amazing.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Me
I won't go into too much detail about the Baby Lips as I have fully reviewed it here and I'm sure you all know they hype that's been surrounded by these little lip balms. I'm a little surprised that this lip balm has made its way on to my favourites post as I wasn't blown away by it when I first purchased it. However as it has been a little on the colder side over the last few weeks, I've found that my lips have been a little on the dry side and as I result I've been reaching for this. I know it's not the best lip balm out there on the market, but I just adore its cherry scent and I love the little wash of colour that you get from using this lip balm, its very pretty once on.

Bourjous Rouge Edition Lipstick - Neon Rose
Although September has brought in the colder weather, a part of me was still holding on to summer and I really think September is that last sort of chance you get to wear all your favourite summer lippies. Last month I was making the most of a fairly new edition to my lipstick collection, which is this gorgeous bright neon pink one from Bourjois. I absolutely love the colour of this lipstick and the finish is just fantastic on. Although I am looking forward to swap my bright pinks for berry shades, I am going to miss this little one over winter. If you would like to see what it looks like on you can find my full review here.

Revlon Color Stay Foundation 
When it comes to buying foundations off the high street Revlon have always been a brand of choice for me - I've been a big fan of their PhotoReady foundation for quite sometime now. However I needed to pick up a new foundation and I was in the mood to try something new. Seeing as I had always heard a lot of good things about the Color Stay foundation, I decided to pick one up. I knew that it was a foundation for oily to combination skin which is something I have so I thought it would be worth giving it ago. All I have to say is oh my God! This foundation is incredible, it has a matte finish, full coverage, makes my skin look perfect and has the most fantastic staying power. Just to give you an idea, I put this on in the morning, did a full day at work, headed straight down to the gym after to do a spin class and my foundation was still in place! And this was without any foundation top ups during the day. I was amazed that my foundation had not sweated all off whilst at the gym and I was even more impressed that my blusher and bronzer were still in place too - incredible!

So that's everything for this months favourites ladies, I would love to know what's made it on to your favourites list or if you love any of the products mentioned in this post.

Lots of Love 



  1. I just hauled that foundation and I've only used it once or twice so far but I was SO impressed with the finish (even without powder!) so I can totally relate to how you feel about it!

    sundays grace

  2. ive just posted my current favourites, they're boring compared to yours though!
    i love the look of that lipstick, i really want the one in number 18 :)

  3. I need that Original Source Shower Gel! I've never seen that scent before!


  4. The shower gel smells amazing I also love the Cherry Me baby lips.


  5. Oh my gosh that shower gel sounds lush - fab favourites babe! I love the Revlon Colorstay foundation too! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Love your post! I also had cherry me baby lips in my current favourites, feel free to have a look! :) :) x


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