Monday, 18 February 2013

Models Own Coral Reef | NOTD

Good evening beauty babes, I hope your Monday has not been a typical one and full of those awful Monday blues, if it has been, then good news that its Tuesday, which only means were one step closer to the weekend... Yey! Yesterday I posted about how much I love Topshop's Rio Rio Lipstick, how much I adore the colour and how I love that it's the perfect mix between a red and orange (you can find the link here). Well being the BIG beauty geek that I am, I find that finding a colour nail polish to match the lipstick I'll be wearing brings me nothing but joy - Anyone else get this little bit of excitement knowing your lipstick and nails co-ordinate or is it just me? It's especially a great when feeling when someone notices a match made in heaven like this and goes on to state 'Did you know your nails and lipstick match!' urrr hello of course I do, this is no coincidence! So for those of you beauties who love Rio Rio and want the perfect nail polish to match your bright beautiful lips, then Models Own Coral Reef will be the perfect polish for you.

Models Own Coral Reef has always been one of those polishes in my collection that is like the hidden gem in the treasure chest, in the bottle the colour does't always jump out to me and insists that I wear it on my nails. But as soon as I apply it, I find myself wearing it repeatedly. It has the most gorgeous shades of red and orange mixed together which create what Models Own call Coral. For me its not your usual shade of coral, but the name combined with it's colour makes me think of Ariel from the Little Mermaid and the little creatures under the sea, which always brings out the Disney princess back in me and for that reason I love it. The polish has a high shine glossy finish and in the pictures above I've  painted two coats and have used no topcoat. Two summers ago I wore Coral Reef non stop and sadly neglected it last year - But I have to say, my nails and I are loving this shade on right now and seeing as I've totally fallen in love with Rio Rio again, this is all that's going to be on my nails for the next few weeks. 

If your wanting to add Models Own Coral Reef to your collection I would really recommend it, it's one of my all time favourite polishes and is perfect for the spring/summer - Not to mention that is looks just amazing with a tan! You can pick it up from Boots for £5.00 here

Have you tried Coral Reef yet, what are your thoughts?



  1. Oh this is a beautiful colour! x

  2. What a gorgeous shade, it looks so glossy!

  3. Gorgeous colour! I love the spring/summer colours :)

    F xx

  4. Such a gorgeous colour! I think I'll have to pick this up for spring/summer time :)

    Have a beautiful day


  5. Perfect for spring!! I may need to put aside my dark varnishes!

  6. this looks gorgeous, perfcet for spring too :)

    i have a giveaway and would love if you could enter! x

  7. Oooh what a gorgeous colour! I love Models Own polishes! You look soooooo pretty in the bottom picture lovely xxx

  8. What a gorge colour! x


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