Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ambiance Volumizing Dry Shampoo

If it wasn't for dry shampoo, there is no doubt about it I'd either be washing my hair every day or walk around with greasy looking roots; How on earth did we cope with out this must have beauty item back in the day I do not know! What I do know is that ever since I heard about dry shampoo some years back now, Batiste in particular, its become such a staple in my everyday beauty routine.
Not only does dry shampoo give your hair a good freshen up and magically turns second day hair into clean hair, it also does a great job at uplifting and adding some much needed volume into your hair too. If your hair is like mine and a little on the thin side, then you will know how much difference dry shampoo can really make to your roots - Its like give me all the volume that you've got! 

I've always known dry shampoo to come in a spray form, but recently I was introduced to this powdered dry shampoo from Ambiance, a product that I received in my goody bag from the 'Northampton Blogger Meet' and this stuff has blown every other dry shampoo I've tried right out of the water.

As you can see from the pictures this dry shampoo in particular is actually a brown powder which is perfect for us brunettes (I believe Ambiance have a dry shampoo that suits all hair shades, that includes one for blondes and red heads). To apply the dry shampoo you simply use the brush to dab on the product into the roots of your hair and massage it in. The brown powder means that this dry shampoo looks invisible and I don't have to worry about the product dulling my hair, I hate how some dry shampoos can make your hair look grey ... eek! The brush makes this so easy to apply and you can choose exactly what areas of your hair you want to freshen up; I find that there can sometimes be a lot of waste in sprays as you have a lot less control. Another thing that's important about a dry shampoo is that its got to smell good! This one from Abidance is not the best smelling dry shampoo ever, but it does smell fresh and is pleasent. However once the product has been worked into your hair, I can't smell it at all.

Like I mentioned earlier, I really love using dry shampoo to add some life into my sometimes lifeless hair to make it look a little thicker at the roots and this one does such a great job at adding volume. Whenever I see a hair product that has the word volume, I immediately want to try it, but am so often let down. This dry shampoo really does impress and I love the extra bit of uplift that I get with this product.

All in all I love this product so much and I want to keep on using it forever! I never thought that there would be another dry shampoo that would knock Batiste of the top spot for me ... All I can say is step aside Batiste...


Friday, 23 May 2014

Kiss Air Candles Wax Melt - Thai Lime & Mango

Like me, I'm pretty sure you guys are a sucker for anything beautifully scented or any fragrance that is going to make your home smell wonderful, which is why I wanted to share with you all this amazing wax tart from Kiss Air Candles. I received this cute little heart shaped wax melt as a little gift in the goody bag from the Northampton Blogger Meet, and it really does smell as good as it looks.

This green wax melt has the fragrance of 'Thai Lime and Mango' and it smells so wonderful; Think of a scent that's a little zesty, sweet and refreshing all at the same time. This is such a perfect smell for spring/summer and although this tart is small, it's really strong smelling; You don't even have to melt it in order for you to get a whiff of its fragrance, so when it's melted it really does fill up the whole room with its gorgeous smell - Honestly guys I love the smell of this so much!

What's even more amazing is that these wax melts only retail for £1.25 each, which I think is such great value for money - Most great smelling candles can be ridiculously expensive. I had never heard of Kiss Air Candles before receiving this in my goody bag, but I've had a good browse on their website and some of the scented candles they have sound incredible. I've also noticed that they have a candle in the 'Thai Lime & Mango' fragrance, so I'm keen to pick it up so I can burn it on those warm summer evenings.

If your a fan of candles and gorgeous scented things, then take a little look at the Kiss Air Candle's website. I would love to know if you've tried any of the candles and what scents your loving?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bikini Body Guide With Boohoo

It's that time of year again where we all start thinking about the summer, our summer holidays and most importantly what we are going to be wearing when were sunbathing in the scorching sun and getting a good dose of Vitamin D. I know for one how hard it can be to find that perfect bikini and bikini shopping is no easy task, I'm sure you will agree.

When shopping around for bikini's there is no doubt about it finding that perfect bikini can be difficult, because lets face it walking around in a bikini (holiday or no holiday) is pretty much like parading around in your underwear, which I think puts not only pressure on us to find the right bikini, but to look amazing in one too - We all want to show off our best bits, embrace our femininity and dare I say look damn sexy in one too. 

To find that perfect bikini, I think it's really important to be aware of your body shape and pick the right one for you - which its a whole lot easier said than done. However I do have some tips for finding that perfect bikini, which will hopefully help you in your search. 

Busty/ Hourglass Shape

First let me start with you ladies that have been blessed with a larger bust and have your curves in all the right places. When picking out a swimwear for you holiday you want something that is going to support you and keep all your private bits firmly in place. The best thing you can do is avoid those bikinis that just hold you in place with a few bits of string that you tie up. Halter neck bikinis bikinis are going to keep your bust nicely in place whilst enabling you to show of one your best assets at the same time. Another great bikini style too look out for is bikini tops that have under-wire in them and are built just like a bra, again enabling you to enhance your features whilst keeping them safe at the same time. 

Athletic Build

If your lacking some of those curves that the majority of women  secretly want, there is no need to be envious at all; For those of you have an athletic body shape, there is a lot of bikinis for you to choose from and you can get away with going a bit more wild and free in terms of deign, pattern and style. Strappy and bandeau bikinis are going to look great on your body and the best bit about these bikinis is that because they are on the skimpier side, you have a lot less tan lines to be worrying about - bonus! Not only are bandeau bikinis going to look stunning on you, you can also get away with choosing bikinis with embellishments, fringing and other cute accessories on them which are really going to stand out and emphasise your amazing figure.  

Bootyful or Tummy Conscious?

When it comes to wearing a bikini, there are going to be those of you who really dislike showing off your stomach, but at the same time, really don't want to wear a one piece and why should you? Ladies there are bikinis for you too that will help suck that bum and tum in and I'm not talking about those ghastly and unfashionable tankinis. The bikinis that I have in mind are the ones that have those high rise bottoms and bikini tops that sit a little lower. I love how these type of bikinis have a vintage retro feel to them and paired with the right sunglasses you will look a gorgeous sun-kissed beauty sitting by the pool side. The high rise bottoms not only take attention away from your stomach but also draws more attention to your booty which you know is worth showing off! 


If your really not one for bikinis then I think its a little God send that the one piece swimming costume has been revolutionised over the last few years and has been one of the best ways to make a bold fashion statement at the pool side; No matter what body shape or size you are, there is something to suit every one. The classic swimming costume no longer has to be boring and can make you look like a beach goddess, especially when you have tat beautiful golden tan. Boohoo have really gone all out when it comes to the designs of their swimsuits and below are a selection of my favourites, each one catering to the different body shapes that I've mentioned. 

Prepare For The Beach

All of us beautiful ladies have a variety of body shapes and I know for a fact, regardless of what body shape and type we have, none of us are ever truly satisfied with the way we look. We all have those areas that we wish were better, bigger, flatter or just not there all together. However there are some simple things that you can do right now to get your body looking good and bikini ready. Want curves, a rounded booty and killer legs? Start squatting regularly and tone that bottom, trust me you'll start seeing changes in no time at all. Is it your tummy that you're worried about showing off? Start going for long walks or running outside, add in some simple crunches and sit ups at home and you'll feel more confident. Now is the perfect time of year to start doing something about it. So many of us moan about exercise, but I can guarantee we moan about our bodies a lot more, so start incorporating some simple exercises into your daily routine two or three times a week you'll be looking bikini ready in no time. 

No matter what bikini you choose to go for, one thing I do know is that how confident you feel wearing one is all about your inner confidence. If you feel that you look amazing and strut your stuff with pride then any bikini is going to look amazing on you. You have to find one that you feel good in, and no matter what body shape or type you have find your feet and wear it with confidence.  Remember ladies, confidence is sexy and empowering so if you feel you look good the rest of the world will think so too. You should always wear the bikini and never let the bikini wear you. Now you know what type of bikini to go for, head over to the Boohoo Website for their full range of bikinis and beachwear. 

Lots of Love


Monday, 19 May 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm - Audacious

Not so long ago it seamed that the beauty world went a little crazy and fell head over in heels in love with the new Revlon Colorburst Matte and Lacquer balms. Now when there is a lot of hype surrounding a new beauty product, I absolutely cave, give into temptation and jump on the bandwagon. Needless to say I purchased a few of these amazing balms to add to my forever growing lipstick collection. One colour that really stood out to me was one of the matte balms in the shade 'Audacious', a stunning bright orange toned coral which I knew was going to be perfect for the summer, especially with a tan. 

If you've been reading my blog for some time, your most probably aware by now that I love bright and bold lipsticks, so 'Audacious' is such a perfect shade for me. What I really love about 'Audacious' besides the colour is its matte finish. I'm quite a fan of matte finishes when it comes to lip products, even though there is the worry that some of them may be a little drying on your lips. However the Revlon Colorburst Matte balms have the most creamy and hydrating feel to them, which makes them a perfect matte lipstick. There is no need to worry whatsoever if your lips are feeling a little dry as I haven't found this balm to stick or cling to any dry patches. In fact it seams to hydrate my lips, which is so rare for any lip product with a matte finish. I can only put this hydrating formula down to the fact that this lip product is a balm and not a lipstick; It feels very much like a lip balm when you apply it, but the colour payout is just amazing! 

I also find the the matte formulas of the Revlon Colorburst balms have a slight minty taste and smell to them which has a bit of cooling effect on the lips; For some reason this gives me the urge to pout my lips whenever I wear these balms which I don't know if its is a good or bad thing, I can only guess this happens because maybe I think the minty tingle makes me think my lips look a little fuller - I wish! 

The only thing I find not so great about matte formulas of the Colorburst balms has to be that staying time is not that lasting; I find that they wear pretty quickly for a matte finish. However the balm tends to fade into a stain and dries evenly on your lips, so only a quick touch up is needed when reapplying. 

Overall I love these balms from Revlon and 'Audacious' is definitely my favourite of the bunch so far, its just so pretty, summery and is a great change from wearing pretty pinks or bright reds. I would love to know what your thoughts are on these balms and which is your favourite?

Lots of Love


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lush Massage Bar 'Tender Is The Night' || Review

Lush Massage Bar 'Tender Is The Night' £6.50

When it comes to beauty products nothing screams out pamper me more than a massage bar. This beautifully scented massage bars from Lush have been out for some time, but I after feeling a bit achy after a busy and exciting day at the Northampton Blogger Meet the other weekend, I decided that I really needed to treat myself to one of these bars and deserved a cheeky little massage from my fella.
The massage bar that I picked up has been appropriately named 'Tender Is The Night' as Lush claim to be this their most romantic product ever invented. The lovely lady at Lush named Maddie was telling me how much she loved this product and how that it was originally brought out for Valentines but brought back into Lush's permanent line due to popular demand I love how Lush listens to us Lush lovers.
This massage bar has a gorgeous blend of jasmine, ylang ylang oils and vanilla which makes this product smell ever so dreamy and sensual. I love the smell of jasmine, so I knew that this bar would be perfect for me. Putting the gorgeous smell aside, this bar feels  as heavenly on your skin as it smells. This massage bar has been made from shea and murumuru butters which not only lock the moisture into your skin when using this bar, but it also makes the bar melt at the touch of your finger tips, so working it into your skin is ever so easy.
I absolutely love using this, although it's not something your going to want to use first thing in the morning to moisturise as it can be a little messy. The oils and butters from the massage bar can take a little while to sink into your skin, however the mess is all worth it as your skin feels so soft and silky after you've used it and feels differently to any moisturiser that I've used.
'Tender Is The Night' is a great massage bar, and if your looking for a different type of moisturiser, one that's a little bit luxurious then I recommend that you pick up and try one of Lush's massage bars, they have quite the selection. Buying one is a great way to hint to your other half that your in need of a massage too!
I would love to know if what your thoughts are on Lush's massage bars are and if you've tried any? I've heard that these work really great in the shower too, using as an alternative for soap to shaving your legs, let me know if you've tried and tested this?
Lots of Love

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Love Me Beauty Box || May Edition

Love Me Beauty Box* £12.95 (Including P&P)
For the last year or so beauty boxes have become quite the thing and after trying and testing my fair share, I've finally had the pleasure of trying out the Love Me Beauty Box, which is a beauty box with a special twist. Whilst its great having the element of surprise with most beauty boxes, Love Me Beauty offers us a choice of three menus to choose from, each menu slightly different so that it caters to more to our own personal taste and more importantly we have a little more say in what beauty products come though the door - I absolutely love this concept as nobody wants to receive something that they are just never going to use. If there really isn't anything in the beauty box that takes your fancy, you can always choose to skip a month; In my opinion this makes the Love Me Beauty Box the ultimate beauty box! I was so excited when my May beauty box arrived and for those of you wondering I went for menu 3.
Nail Girls Nail Polish 'Nude Pink' RRP £13.50
There's no doubt about it, I love nail polish so this one from Nail Girls was the first thing that caught my attention in this month box. As you can see from the picture it really didn't take me long to get it on my nails. I've never heard of the brand Nail girls before, but I've had this polish on my nails for a few days now and I'm really impressed; The polish applied streak free, is really glossy and has a lovely creamy formula. What I love most about this polish has to be the colour, its a true bubble-gum pink, ever so girly and perfect for spring/summer.
Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm 'Rescue Me' RRP £1.98
Lip balms are one of those beauty products I'm forever picking up, I think at least every handbag I have has about two or three lip balms floating around in them anyone else do this too? So I've welcomed this natural lip balm from Raw Skincare into my lip balm stash. This one is tasteless and colourless, and has a slight waxy smell to it, which doesn't make it the most exciting lip balm; However it does make my lips feel very soft and the actual lip balm has a really smooth but rich formula which makes it really nice to use.
Suti Trial Pack 'Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm & Fabulous Foot Balm' RRP £6.50
Out of all the beauty products in this months box, this Suti trial pack is probably the one I'm most excited about trying and getting my beauty mitts stuck into. I love trying out new products, especially ones that include words such as 'cleanse' and 'balms'. These little tester pots from Suti came beautifully packaged and I can't wait to see how well they work, especially the 'foot balm'  as I need to start prepping my feet for summer.
GO Stationary Pocket Notebook Set 'Meadow Bird' RRP £5.00
I'm one of these girls who loves stationary, especially ones that have pretty patterns on and are handbag sized. I was a little surprised to see these notebooks included in the Love Me Beauty Box as this is much more of a lifestyle item rather than beauty. However this trio of notebooks will fit into my lifestyle perfectly; I love making notes, especially for blogging so I just know these notebooks will be well loved.
Tea Pigs 'Super Fruit' RRP £0.65 (per bag)
Whilst this fruit tea from Tea Pigs has been packaged lovely and looks really appealing with the pink fruit lady displayed on the front, this is the one item in the Love Me Beauty Box which doesn't appeal to me at all. I have a big thing about drinking hot drinks and being able to drink from a mug weird I know; So there is just no way that I would be able to drink this tea. Luckily for my sister, she spotted these right away, knows that I wont use it and claimed it for herself. I always hear people raving about Tea Pigs, so I'm confident that she will enjoy her fruit tea. This is a great lifestyle product if your a tea lover, but its just not for me sadly.
So that's everything in the May edition of the Love Me Beauty Box, overall I'm loving it apart from the tea; I have a feeling that I will pretty much enjoy using everything in my box. The total cost of all goods received comes just under £30.00 so seeing as you only pay £12.95 I think its really great value and as I mentioned before, I love that you get the choices of three menus. If your thinking about starting a Love Me Beauty Box subscription be sure to take a little look at Love Me Beauty website.
What do you think of the contents of this beauty box? Have you ordered one? If you did I would love to know what menu you chose?
Lots of Love
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

April Favourites

I can't quite believe that we are in May already, it seams crazy to me at just how fast the year seams to be whizzing by. Although I'm so pleased that we stepping into the summer, which has to be my favourite time of year; I can't wait till it's warm enough to start wearing shorts and pretty little dresses without the need for tights. The weather was noticeably a lot warmer last month and with the warmer weather setting in means there are changes in the makeup choices that I'm starting to make. Last month I discovered a lot of new favourites and I think I've found some new staples in my makeup bag. If you want to know more about the products I've been loving, then be sure to keep reading on.

Ambiance Dry Shampoo*
Being a lover of the Batiste dry shampoo for years, I honestly thought nothing else would compare or knock it off the top spot until I started trying and using this dry shampoo from Ambiance. Now I don't want to go into too much detail as I have a full review going up of this hair wonder very soon, but oh my gosh guys its so amazing. Not only does it clean and refresh my hair in an instant, but it adds so much volume and texture to my hair. I have the one designed for brunette hair obviously and the brown powder means that I get no nasty white marks in my hair. This brush style application makes it a dream to apply and very precise, and is ten times better than any spray dry shampoo that I've tried, I love it!

Make Believe Instant Tan Bronzer*
You guys know that I love fake tan, and there is rarely a week passes that I don't apply the stuff, however I'm yet to find the perfect fake tan that works well when your constantly working out and sweating at the gym too much information I know! But being a regular gym goer means that my skin gets all horrible and sweaty and I've been finding that it's making my fake tan go all patchy, especially the areas where my gym clothing rubs against my skin. To help resolve this problem I've been using an instant tan that washes away on your next trip to the shower as it saves a lot of faff and I don't have to worry about my skin looking all dodgy after a gym session. I've been loving this instant tan from Make Believe as it gives you the most gorgeous golden natural looking tan. This self tanner is so easy to apply and it makes my skin look really healthy, I would recommend it to anyone who's in the same boat as me or looking for a quick fix fuss free tan.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Red Pepper'
I don't want to go into too much detail about why I love this lipstick from Bourjois as I was only raving about it in my full review yesterday, but this has been one of my most used lipsticks since I bought it the other week. Not only does it look amazing on and have fabulous staying power, but the shade 'Red Pepper' is so bright and beautiful and really makes my lips pop. This lipstick really does give you the perfect pout.

Bourjois Cream Blush 03 Rose Tender
This cream blush is another Bourjois product that I've been loving this month. If you read my review of this pretty pink pot of cream blush you will know that this is the first cream blush that I have ever tried and I've been converted to the cream blush way of life, which is a big deal for me as I love my powder blushes. Rose Tender is a girly dusty pink shade of blush which makes your cheeks look perfectly flushed and natural at the same time. The cream formula is really easy to apply and blends in like a dream, its amazing.

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder
This powder was picked up on a whim after my 'Rimmel Stay Matte Powder' came to a finish; I was in the mood to try something new and I was drawn to this Nearly Naked one from Revlon. I'm yet to have tried a Revlon product that I dislike and being a fan of the Nearly Naked foundation, I had high hopes for this powder. Let me tell you that it certainly didn't disappoint! This powder does a wonderful job at smoothing out your skin and keeps your makeup in place without changing the makeup underneath the powder. I always find it pretty annoying when you apply a dewy foundation only to put a matte powder on over the top, it kind of takes away that lovely glow you where going for in the first place. However the Nearly Naked powder still keeps your makeup looking how you intended it too and does a great job at preventing your foundation sliding off your face half way though the day. I can definitely see this being my go too foundation this summer, its such a great product.

So that's everything for this months favourites, I would love to know what products you've been loving recently and to know what your top makeup picks are for this summer?

Lots of Love

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick - Hot Pepper || Review

As soon as the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks came out I made a point of popping them straight onto the top of my beauty wish list. When it comes to high street makeup, Bourjois are right there at the very top of my list as being one of the best and I'm yet to use one of their products that I don't like. Not only am I a huge fan of Bourjois, but I've tried and tested many of their lip products including the Shine Edition Lipstick and Rouge Edition Lipstick which have become favourites in my lipstick collection. So being the Bourjois lipstick fan that I am I just had to try out these velvet textured lipsticks for myself and see if I would love them as much as everyone else does - And I do!

First of all I love the way that these velvet lipsticks have been packaged, not your usual lipstick in a bullet form, this lipstick looks more like a lip gloss, especially with its doe foot applicator. Don't be fooled though as this is looks and feels just like a lipstick once applied. I love how you can see the product in its clear bottle and how the Bourjois logo has been engraved on the side - it's a really lovely touch that makes this feel like a good quality lipstick.

As for the actual formula of this velvet lipstick, I think its absolutely amazing and I love the way it glides effortlessly across my lips, has a super soft buttery texture to it really makes your lips pop with just how richly pigmented it is in colour. As you can see from the pictures my favourite has to be this pretty red - orange shade named 'Red Pepper' which is the perfect red shade for summer.

I'm a big fan of matte lips and although these velvet lipsticks have a little shine once you first apply them, it only takes a matter of minutes before it dries out and leaves a lovely matte finish which is in no way drying on your lips. One fear that you always get with matte lipsticks is that they may make your lips look dry or patchy after a little while, but Bourjois really have a winning formula here with this lipstick as they actually make your lips look and feel very soft.

Another amazing thing about these lipsticks has to be the staying power, I just love a lip product that is long lasting, and the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick lasts for hours; Once its dry it stays put and there is no fear of it smudging or smearing across your face.

Overall I love these lipsticks and with eight different shades available I can't wait to add some more to my collection 'Peach Club' is definitely next on my list. I would love to know what your thoughts are on these lipsticks and what shades your loving? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

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