Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This Girls Gotta Have Em | Topshop

Hello beauties, today all I have been doing is looking though pages and pages on the web of things that I am wanting right now. Unfortunatly its the time of the month where I am still waiting for payday to come around so I am totally poor with no money to splurge on. I am so impressed with the new stock that Topshop has in this week and I thought I would share with you a few of the gorgeous things that I have my eye on. If money were no option I would have all of it! We can dream though!

From left to right:

Serenade High Peer Toe Platforms £85.00

I adore these platforms. I think that they look fabulous and would look amazing on. I am in love with coral and its probably on of my most favourite colours to wear especially in the warmer weather. I reckon these shoes would brighten up any outfit and look superb on a night out

Frame Leather Crossbody Bag £30.00

This is a really cute over the shoulder bag, I am really needing a smaller bag that I can take with me day to day. Pink is everywhere right now and this light pink bag would be perfect for me and so many outfits. It would even look good in the evening. 

Knitted Wetlook Chuck On Cardi £ 38.00

In pictures this cardigan looks great, I love the colour and the style. It does say its a wetlook cardigan which will either look gorgeous or terribly wrong on me. This is one that I would need to see in person before purchasing. But I am in love with the colour, again coral, but it would look great with a plain white tee and some skinny jeans or shorts. This season is all about bright colours and this cardigan would be a perfect way to rock that trend without changing your personal style too much. 

Clean Cats Eye Band £8.50

I am drawn to the simplicity of this ring. If there's one colour that coral looks great with is gold. Seeing as there is so much coral on this want list, I thought it would only be right to add some coral jewelry in there too. You could wear it to add a pop of colour to your outfit or pair it with other brights.

Moto High Waisted Kristen Shorts £32.00

I am in love with my high waisted jeans and seeing as I love them so much its only right that I should have a pair of high waisted shorts too. I love lighter denim and when you start seeing it in stores you know that better weather is on its way (yipee) I love the look of these shorts and think they would be perfect all year round

Flower Embellished Crop Top  £35.00 

This top just screams everything  girlie and feminine and love the detail with the embellished flowers. Last year I didn't wear enough white, I swayed more to earthy tones and blacks. But I'm wanting to get back into white this year, it looks so fresh and clean cut. This top would look superb with a tan as long as the tan marks didn't rub onto the top!

Semi Circle Studs £10.00 

Like most girls, I love earring's that dangle. Unfortunately for me my face is on the smaller side 
and I can get away with anything that dangles too much or I look a bit out of proportion. But 
the semi circle studs look like they have the perfect dangle length which would frame my face lovely. The small chains would add movement without being too bottom heavy. 

Audrey Dress Cream by Jones and Jones  £60.00

This dress probably has to be my most favourite item on this wish list. I think its gorgeous, stunning and everything I want in a dress. I am not a fan of dresses that are low cut or show chest area, just because I have my legs out on display. This dress is in a boat neck style which covers the top half beautifully and box pleat skirt at the bottom which adds definition and movement to this dress. I am so in love with this dress and the detail on it. So much so that I've gotten a bigger picture for you all to take a closer look. Seeing as its Topshop I think that the price for this is a good one too. 

Please note that all images from this post have been taken from the Topshop website and all links attached. If you would like to see anymore information on these items off clothing and to see the other amazing things on the Topshop web page you can find it here 

I hope you all enjoyed this post beauties and hopefully I will be able to get my hands on this dress!


Monday, 30 January 2012

Review | Aussie Dual Personality Hairspray

Hello beauties. Whether you are a beauty fanatic like me or like to keep things low key, there is one item them every girl needs when it comes to styling hair and I don't know any girl that doesn't use it. This must have product is of course hairspray. With so many brands on the market and with so many claims it can be hard to find the right one .

I've had many years of trying different hairsprays and I can honestly say that there has never been a consistency in brands when it comes purchasing this hair product, normally I see what's on offer and make my choice from there. However I do feel that there are a few hairsprays which are cream of the crop top! My latest purchase of hairspray is Aussie's Dual Personality Hi-Hold and Hi-Shine Hairspray is one of my favourites and I thought it would be great to do a review for you all.

My perfect hairspray should hold, leave my hair feeling and smelling gorgeous, add shine and allow the hair to have flexibility. There is nothing worse for me than a hairspray which leaves your hair feeling all crusty and stiff. Aussie's Dual Personality does an amazing job of leaving my hair in place and importantly does not leave any horrible residue in my hair. It brushes away as easily as its put on adds plenty of shine to your locks.

One of my all time favourite hairstyle  is defiantly adding loose curls which adds volume and texture to your hair. However my hair is super thin and fine that I really need to use a lot of product to make my curls last so they don't drop out. I've used so many hairsprays that leave the curls stiff, they will then drop out half way though the day and I'm left with a matte messy hair that just looks like I've gotten out of bed. The Aussie Dual Personality is not the strongest holding hairspray you can buy, but it will keep your hair in place, allow your hair to move and swish. No matter what hairspray I use my curls will always fall and drop a bit, but  this hairspray allows the curls to drop in a very natural looking way and as a result can still have confidence with my hair at the end of the day. 

Below I have captured my hair after its just been styled and again at the end of the day so you can see how well this hairspray works. Please note that I have not altered my hair in any way nor added any added any hairspray top-ups during the course of the day. 

 Just Styled 10.00 AM 
 End of the day 9.00 PM

      Just Styled 10.00 AM                                                                   End of the day 9.00 PM

As you can see my the curls in my hair have dropped but my hair has remained in the same style without having to tweak it or alter it. I love this hairspray and would recommend it to you anyone. I hope you enjoyed this review my lovelies and take care.


Sunday, 29 January 2012


Hello my beauties. A few posts ago I showed you all a gorgeous River Island jumper that I had my eye on for a little while and I had a lot of comments to show it off in an outfit of the day post. If you would like to see that post then just click here. This is only my second OOTD post on my blog, pleased be warned that I am not the most comfortable person in front of the camera, but I have tried for you all haha. Enjoy! 

Jumper | River Island

Wet look Jeans | River Island

Shoes | Topshop

Bangles | River Island 

Hope you all like this post and have had a fabulous weekend.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

TAG | My Nail Polish Obsession

So I know I just posted my last post literally 10 minutes ago, but I am on a roll today I tell you! And yes as you guessed by the title it's another nail polish related post. I have nail polish fever today and I have been itching to write this post since I woke up this morning! 

This post is the nail polish tag, I've seen this going around Youtube and watched loads of them last night. This was not necessarily a good thing for me as now the list I have on what polishes I need to get this year has laterally doubled. But then a girl can never have too many nail polishes, right? Now this tag has been made for video form, but seeing as I haven't ventured out into the world of videos yet, I thought that this tag would be equally good in blog form and I tag all of you to do it!

Question 1: What is your favourite nail polish company? 

My favourite would have to be O.P.I. I am very new to the world of O.P.I but my little small pots that I was sent this Christmas have gotten me hooked. The quality is amazing, it can be a tad on the expensive side for nail polish. But I personally feel that O.P.I makes your nails look and feel expensive and is worth every penny. I  do have another favourite though which is a lot more affordable and accessible which is Models Own polish. Models Own have a great range in colours and apply really well.

Question 2: Glitter or no glitter?

Generally I prefer no glitter. Glitter is something I have to be in the mood for. I think that it looks great around Christmas season and great for a night out or special occasion. However sometimes I do love to wear a bright glitter polish in the summer as the sun will reflect it and it will look beautiful on your nails. 

Models Own Pink Fizz is my favourite sparkle for the summer

Question 3: O.P.I, China Glaze or Essie?

Defiantly O.P.I but that’s only because I've never tried China Glaze and I've only owned one Essie polish which I lost :(

Question 4: When do you change your nail polish?

I used to be terrible for leaving my polish on and letting it stay on all chipped and scruffy. I am so happy that I have broken out of this habit and I would say I re-do my nails about two to three times a week.

Question 5: What's your favourite colour on your nails?

I have two and one is a recent favourite which is O.P.I's Designer De Better as I love the silver with the added warm pinkie tones to it. It will go perfectly with anything you wear and its a very noticeable shade which I was commented on loads. However the polish which has been a long time favourite has to be Models Own in Golden Peach, it’s a gorgeous peach shade with golden glitter undertones, looks fabulous with a tan. 

Models Own Golden Peach

Question 6: Dark or Bright?

I wear dark polish in the winter and bright polish in the summer. I don't really like wearing bright shades when the weather is not nice so I really try to fir my polish in with the change of seasons.

Question 7: What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?

Well, a lot of you will already know this as it was posted up earlier today. It’s Revlon's Facet's of Fuchsia 

Question 8: Matte nails - In or out?

I am in between when it comes to matte nails. In general I do love the look of a very glossy polish and will always use a top coat to give it that extra shine. But I will get an urge every now and again to use a matte polish and I do love experimenting with my matte top coat.

Question 9: French Manicure?

I do love a French Manicure. I think it looks so clean on your nails and is very elegant. However I rarely have a French on my nails just because I am so obsessed with polish and colours. If I go on holiday I will always go and get a French manicure done just because my nails can then look after themselves while I'm away. 

Question 10: Favourite Winter colour?

This has to be Designer De Better from O.P.I. The colour goes with everything festive for that time of year it’s a nice change from the classic red. 

O.P.I Designer de Better 

So these are the 10 questions. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to see you do this tag as I am truly nail polish obsessed! If you do decide to do it please leave a comment below so I can check your blog out. 

Take care beauties 


NOTD | Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Hello lovelies. It’s that time of the week for another Nail of the Day post. These types of posts are one of my favourite to write about and as a reader of many beauty blogs I love seeing everyone else's NOTD as I am well and truly nail polish obsessed. 

Today’s NOTD is a polish I received a little while ago in a giveaway from Victoria over as Cosmetic Cravings (Thanks once again). I did do a post on the giveaway if you would like to see it click here. It was a Revlon Polish in 095 Facets of Fuchsia and its simply gorgeous! A few of you loved the look of this polish and requested to see it in a NOTD post, so for you lovely lot here it is. 

(Please excuse the random hair that has mysteriously appeared on my middle nail haha)

I think that this polish is so unique and wonderful, it may just me and my imaginative mind but when I look at this up close on my nails for sometime it reminds me of some far away galaxy in space. You can see right away that this polish has a good mixture of finely milled and chunky glitter. When put onto your nails it applies the glitter completely randomly which creates that space look. However upon first glance in the bottle you can see mostly chunky glitter and I personally would have preferred this polish to have more of the chunky stuff on my nails. But regardless of this its still very pretty. 

The polish its self is almost black on first appearance but on closer look I would say it was a very deep dark shade of purple. I would defiantly recommend using two coats of this polish as I have done here show the polish off at its full potential. 

Facets of Fuchsia get huge thumbs up from me. I would love to see this same sort of polish but in a turquoise colour. I have been scouting about but not seen anything so far, if any of you have a polish that you could recommend then that would be fabulous. 

Take care beauties 


Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Wedding Planner #1

Hello my lovelies, to those of you who have been on my blog journey for a little while will know or have read that last month around my Birthday/Christmas time I had the most amazing surprise and had gotten engaged to my partner James. Well I promised you all that I would do some wedding related posts to share with you my ideas for what is to be my ultimate dream day (I am sure it will be).  Seeing as we are coming to the end of January now and the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year are well and truly behind us, I thought it would be the perfect time to start the 'wedding planner' series on my blog. Not only will it be great to share my thoughts and ideas with you (I can't tell you how much I look forward to hearing all your advice and suggestions), but doing this series will be a great way to organise my planning and great to look back on. It will almost be like an online scrapbook of wedding related things.

Like most girls I have been dreaming about this one special day for a long time, and therefore it goes without saying it will have to be perfect. However finding what is my perfection is a question that is still looming over my head. Since James proposed to me I have gone though a few wedding magazines, looked at venues on websites and thought about colour schemes. Like most of us we all know what we like and what we defiantly don't, but it's making a concrete choice on what I like and taking the plunge that is something which is hard to do. Before I was engaged I though I knew what I wanted my wedding to be like, but I can honestly say I'm not sure at all, you could say I am spoilt for choice. Those who have been married and gone though the whole process of wedding planning might shake there heads when I say this but in the back of my mind I thought that this was going to be easy! I know right? Well I certainly know now that this is not the case.. I knew it would be stressful but I didn't realise how much there is to do and how many decisions there are to be made. 

I know its still very early days yet, but I can't help feel that if I don't start to think about the important stuff now, then this day is never going to happen. I just have to take this one step at a time. The one thing that probably excites any bride to be and most certainly me is the dress, but I know that I can start here right away. But if I don't start here then where do you start when planning a wedding?. I spoke to my mum (don't mums always have the best of advice) and she told me to make a list of everything that needs doing, everything that I can think of. She told me that this list would just be a guideline, something which I can add too or change at any time and I totally agree. So for toady's wedding planning post I have my list for you and for me. 

Decide on a budget

Pick a wedding date

Visit venues

Take a visit to the church I want to get married in and speak with the vicar (or is it a priest,  I'm not sure)

Wedding guest list

Choose bridesmaids, maid of honour and best man

Choose a wedding dress

Groom's Suit

Pick a colour scheme

 The flowers

The invitations

The table settings - name cards, table numbers, table centre pieces, table decoration, chair decoration.

The wedding cake

The food

Wedding favours

A photographer

Wedding music/Evening Music

Bridesmaid dresses

Wedding make-up

Wedding hair


Wedding bands

Evening entertainment

This is my list so far of all the things that I need to consider, they are in no particular order apart from the first two as I feel for me that these are the first steps into making this perfect day happen. If there are any other things that you can think of I will really appreciate it if you leave it in the comments below. There's so much that its easy to forget about something. 

Although there is a lot to do, I am truly excited to planning this and seeing things all come together will be so special and it will be lovely for you all to come along one this journey with me. 

Take care my beauties 


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

River Island Jumper

Hello my lovelies just a quick post for you this evening. I was doing a little quick around shopping whilst on my lunch break as you do and I got this fabulous buy from River Island. Its this gorgeous sparkly boyfriend fit jumper. One of my friends had purchased this and when I saw it on her it look like she was literally sparkling as she walked. I just knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. 

The picture only is showing a few of the gold sequins but this jumper has them all over. However you can only see the sequins that reflect in the light so its very subtle yet gives you that sparkle effect. I can't wait to wear this at the weekend paired with some leggings or wet look skinny jeans.

 Here is an up close shot for you all, the top is filled with sequins like this all over 

I promise to to an outfit of the day post so you can see it in its full glory I've not done one this evening as I look a bit of a mess and its been an exhausting day (I'm sure you know exactly how I feel, we've all been there haha). If you like this it retails at £35.00 and you can get it from the River Island website here.

Take care my lovelies 


Sunday, 22 January 2012

NOTD | O.P.I Wocka Wocka!

This evening I have a quick nail of the day post for you beauty babes. I have been sporting O.P.I's Wocka Wocka! from the Muppets Collection all weekend and I am in love with this deep rich shade of red. Its almost like a wine shade with a lovely gloss finish. As much as I am in love with this polish it has been driving me a little bit mad trying to capture the perfect picture of it for this post. My camera has not wanted to pick up its true representation at all. I was causally reading the Fabulous magazine that come along with yesterdays paper, and they had Wocka Wocka! polish as one of the nail colour recommendations, I had it on my nails at the time and the colours did not match. Clearly I am not the only can't quite capture how this polish looks in a picture. But believe me when I say it's simply Divine!

 I would say that this is the best representation of this polish. This was taken this evening with artificial lighting. The colour is showing a lovely red, but this shade of red is not like the one on my nails. The polish has more of a pinkish/purple tone to it and is much much darker than this. 

 This was taken in natural daylight, the colour here looks absolutely gorgeous and I would love to have a red colour like this in my collection. But honestly this picture just baffled me. I looked at this, then at my nails and this again and do not understand how the camera and natural light made the nail polish look a completely different colour. 

This one was taken with a flash and again it looks so different. It almost looks a bit pinky and I think that this is because the undertones of the polish are coming though here. But like I say this polish is way way way darker than this.

Trust me when I say girlies, I took so many pictures of this polish for you, in a variety of settings and I still couldn't get it right, have any of you had this problem with any of your NOTD posts? haha. I would recommend this polish to anyone who loves a pure deep red colour (almost slightly burgundy in some lights). However if you are unsure about it and if you were considering ordering it online then I would suggest you see in real life first as you might not get what your expecting. 

So a bit of a weird NOTD post for you guys, I know. But if I do manage to capture a true representation on this polish I will defiantly post if for you. Or if any of you have managed get your picture spot on I would love to see it.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend 


Saturday, 21 January 2012

MUA Lipstick | Lipgloss

Hello my lovelies, Spring is defiantly on it's way and by no way am I meaning the weather and all the usual familiarities that come along with it. But in many shops the sales are being shadowed by all the new Spring trends. Many of which I am loving right now. There is so much pink around right now ranging from hot pink to pretty pastel pinks. 

I am seeing so much that I like in the shops right now that all I want top do is splurge on new items of clothing. Unfortunately it is January and along with it comes the blues of having no money to spend on all these lovely things. However I do want to be on trend and the most affordable way of me getting into the pink vibe is to wear a lovely pink lip. No, a pink lip might now equal to that lovely dress I've seen in Top Shop or the gorgeous heels from River Island, but it certainly brightens up my day. 

I have been experimenting with a few brands with different shades. But the one which I have been wearing all week and has to be the most affordable in my collection which is MUA Lipstick in Shade 7 and MUA Lipgloss in Shade 5. At a total of £1 each you can't go wrong, it makes me happy and my bank balance happy. The products might not have the most appeasing packaging in the world of beauty, but its not bad either. Quality of the product is the most important thing and the colour that you see is the colour which transfers on to the lips. The lipstick is creamy and smooth whilst the lipgloss smells just like vanilla cupcakes (yummy!). 

 MUA Lipstick in shade 7 | MUA Lipgloss in shade 5
  MUA Lipstick in shade 7

 (I was wondering if someone could tell me if the bottom part of these lipsticks come off? Mine completely stays put, but I've heard and seen on blogs that this can detach and you have a bit of extra lip product. Maybe mine is broken) 
 MUA Lipstick Shade 7 swatch 
 MUA Lipstick shade 7
 MUA Lipgloss shade 5

 MUA Lipgloss shade 5 ( how pretty are the iridescent sparkles?)
MUA Lipgloss shade 5 over MUA Lipstick shade 7

These two products look great together, they are not the brightest of pinks, but defiantly a wearable daytime pink. I am thinking of getting more of the MUA lip products but I literally have the smallest Superdrug ever and consequently the MUA counter is tiny, so I will need to order of the website. Its always hard to tell what colours look like on a web page but I would love to know what your recommended favourites are. If any of you are wanting to try out these shades you can order them here

Have a great weekend beauty babes


Friday, 20 January 2012

29 Followers to a Giveaway

Image from weheartit

Hello gorgeous girlies. I have been amazed that as of today date I am on 71 followers which I still cant quite get my head around as I didn't anticipate this amount of support for such a new blog. I am eager to give something back to you lovely lot and will be holding a giveaway to celebrate my blog and most of all you guys for reading it. So once I reach the 100 followers mark I shall be doing a giveaway.

I would love to know what sort of things that you would like to see in a giveaway whether it be makeup or beauty products let me know. I have a few things in mind, so if you would prefer a super suprise then I can do that too. 

Happy blogging my lovelies 


Front Cover Moon Dust

Hello beauty babes. This post is a little overdue as I was wanting to get it posted around the time that I bought it, but better late than never they say. I can imagine that any of you beauty lovers who have been into any Boots stores around the last two months will have noticed in store cosmetic box sets from a company called 'Front Cover' as part of the Christmas present offer.

Well when the sales hit all the stores, all the Christmas stuff in Boots was an half price (amazing), so I treated myself to the Front Cover Moon Dust Box for a bargain £8.00. The kit contains six iridescent pigments, two holographic glitters, a shadow base and blending brush.When doing my Christmas shopping I was constantly eyeing this product up, but couldn't quite justify to buy it as I had so much to get for everyone else. I was super pleased to be able to pick this up in the sales and it works out to be a £1 for each pot of shadow you get.

I've tried and tested a few of the pigments from this kit, and I can honestly say it has not disappointed me so far. Applying the shadow stick as a base had ensured that the pigments are long lasting with a lot of impact. The box contains mini tutorials for you to do and can give anyone a little inspiration on how to create different looks, making it ideal for anyone who is getting into makeup or those like me who want to play around with different looks.

These are a great little beauty's to have in your makeup collection and they build up or blend lovely. I could go into detail about each pigment in the box but instead have taken some pictures for you all as you will be able to see the punch these little pots pack.

Left to Right: Doubleoon | Burnt Carrot | Coinage | Saddle Brown 
Left to Right: Coal Hoal | Lime Lime | Moondance | Periwinkle 
Doubleoon | Burnt Carrot
 Coinage | Saddle Brown 
Coal Hoal | Lime Lime
Moondance | Periwinkle 

Left to Right: Doubleoon | Burnt Carrot | Coinage | Saddle Brown | 
 Coal Hoal | Lime Lime | Moondance | Periwinkle 

Doubleoon | Burnt Carrot
Coinage | Saddle Brown
 Coal Hoal | Lime Lime
Moondance | Periwinkle 

I have to say that the holographic glitters get me a tad excited especially Periwinkle as they look so pretty and everyone needs a touch of sparkle when they are going on a night out or party. The only shade that I was unsure about and to be honest find quite daunting is the Lime Lime. As its name states is a bright lime green colour, I really don't know when I would use this. There maybe a day in the future where I will need this colour in my life, who knows. 

Sadly I think that Boots have all sold out of this product on there site for those of you wanting to get your hands on this, but Front Cover do have a web page where you can purchase it at full price still if you click here. Its at £16 but I still think that this is a steal for what you are getting and worth every pound.

If any of you have this, have you tried the Lime Lime colour yet? Or have any of you tried anything else from Front Cover?. Would love to know your thoughts girlies 

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