Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Pretty Huge Primark Haul - The Spring Edition

Primark Haul, Primark, Primark Candle, Primark Washbag

It's been a little while since I had a bit of a splurge in Primark and nothing beats the feeling of shopping and knowing that you're going to get a lot of bits for your pennies. Just before Christmas my town had a new Primark open and oh my gosh it's amazing. By no means the biggest Primark ever but it's huge compared to the tiny shop we had before and it means I don't have to travel too far to pick up the essentials and other goodies Primark have to offer. 

I really wanted to pick up some little bits for my spring wardrobe and in June I'll be going on holiday so I thought I'd pick up some items to start getting me excited. If theres one thing I've learnt about Primark shopping over the years is that if you like something you have to pick it up there and then - Chances are it won't be there on your next visit. So if you want to see what I've picked up, get cosy and keep on reading...

Primark Haul, Primark Crochet Top, Crop Top, Primark, Lace Top

The first thing that caught my eye was this crochet turquoise crop top with lace trims around the bottom and sleeves. It's a little oversized and looks great with a pair of high waisted ripped jeans. I am loving this colour right now, it's perfect for spring and would also look great in the summer paired with shorts. This was £10.00 and I think it looks a lot more expensive that what it really is.

Primark Haul, Primark Knitted Crop Top, Zoella Crop Top, White Crop Top

My next purchase was inspired by Zoella, in her latest Primark haul she featured a little black knitted crop top. Whilst I really wanted to pick up the black one, they didn't have it in my size, but I did manage to find one in white. If I'm honest I would have picked up both as they are just lovely and look great on. I don't really wear white often, but I love the shape and style of this crop top and again I think it will look great for spring and summer.

Primark Haul, Primark Black Top, Black Stripe Top

I wear a lot of black as part of my everyday wardrobe so I just couldn't resist picking up this little black top. I love the high neck on it and the striped pattern just makes it a little more interesting. It is a little on the sheer side so wearing the right bra or bandeau top is a must with this top. I've already worn this with my black ripped jeans and it's a perfect little day time number. 

Primark Haul, Primark Denim Shorts, Denim Shorts, Knitted Grey Top, Primark

Another top that I just fell in love with instantly is this gorgeous grey knitted racer back top. I love wearing grey, it's a colour thats suitable for all seasons and pretty much goes with everything. I also picked up these light blue denim shorts for my holiday and for the summer. They only cost £5.00 which is such an amazing bargain. I'm thinking of taking a pair of scissors to them along with a grater to make them look a little worn and ripped, what do you guys think?

Primark Haul, Floral Hair Bobble, Hair Accessory, Floral Hair Band

Spring and summer wouldn't be complete without floral hair accessories. I have to say I'm a big fan of floral crowns but there not really piratical for everyday wearing. I saw this coral rose hair bobble and thought it would be perfect for placing in the top of messy buns. Even worn around your wrist this little rose hair bobble will look really cute and make any outfit look a bit more spring like.

Primark Haul, Primark, Primark Watermelon and Citronella Candle, Candles

Moving on to a bit of home-ware, I had to pick up this watermelon and citronella scented candle. I love lighting candles any time of year and this one is a real spring treat. Not only is the colour amazing, but this smells so good. It has to be one of the nicest smelling candles I've ever bought from Primark, I'm actually tempted to pick up a few more. I also picked up this little heart ornament thats painted white and is decorated with duck egg blue flowers. I thought this would make a great little prop for blogging photos and it also looks pretty hung on the chest of drawers in my bedroom.

Primark Haul, Primark Essentials Washbag, Beauty Bag, Pastel Wash Bag

Another purchase inspired by fellow blogger Kayleigh (Couture Girl) is this pretty geometric wash bag. As you can see there is definitely a certain colour running though this post - Call me a woman obsessed but I just love turquoise right now. I love the design of this wash bag, its a decent size, will be perfect for packing my toiletries and beauty bits on those gym mornings and of course I shall be taking this away on holiday with me. 

Primark Bikini, Primark Haul, Primark Flip Flops, Primark Beach Towel, Pink Geometric Design

Thinking about my holiday in June, I wanted to pick up some essentials which included a beach towel, flip flops and bikini. As you can see I managed to get all three which match perfectly and again have this geometric design running though them. I thought all of these would be great for those days lounging by the pool. The towel has to be my favourite, its so soft and the colours and the design are spot on. 

Primark Haul, Primark Ice Lollies, Silicone Ice Lolly Moulds

And finally I had to pick up these ice lolly moulds, I saw them and instantly got excited. When it comes to warmer weather I much prefer an ice lolly over an ice cream and it's so easy to make your own in any flavour you want. I love the little fruit shaped tops on the ice pop tray but my favourite have to be the silicone moulds - AMAZING. I think Calippos are my favourite ice lolly treat, I just love the way the juice collects at the bottom. These little moulds mean I can create any flavour ice lolly that I want and I cannot wait to get freezing and eating.

So that's everything that I picked up from Primark. If you've been in there recently I would love to know what's made it way into your basket? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Beauty Blogging On A Budget || My Top Post Ideas

Beauty Blogging On A Budget - My Top Post Ideas, Beauty Reviews, Beauty Tags, Wish Lists, Purse Friendly Blogging Ideas, Beauty Blogger

When it comes to beauty blogging I have to hold my hands up high and admit that I sometimes more often or not give into the beauty blogging hype. What I mean by this is that the temptation to go out and spurge on the latest makeup collection or the most talked about products gets the better of me. I love shopping as much as the next girl, but something thrills me about buying makeup and theres that satisfaction that I'll have something new to review on my blog. As a beauty blogger I think it's only natural to want to try everything and of course review it. The only problem with this, no matter how fun and satisfying it is, is that beauty blogging sometimes is just no good for the bank balance.

Whilst typing up beauty reviews can be really fun, sometimes I find them to be a little repetitive and its good to spice things up a little bit. When I first started blogging I had just finished uni and I only really had the money to splash out on the essentials, rather than spend on the luxuries. I didn't have the products that I wanted on my wish list to review and because of this I was forced to think out of the box a little bit, get creative and think of other beauty related posts that would keep my readers interested and to keep them coming back for more.

I have to say I'm a little envious of my former blogging self as I went though a stage of just posting reviews on my blog and for me this did take the fun out of blogging a little bit. It made me think that whilst a review is great, its even better to create content that's unique and really helps to put your own stamp on to your blog. So I thought it would be great to share some of my blogging post ideas with you all. The best thing is, is that all of these ideas for posts don't cost a thing and are completely purse friendly; So if you're a student, on a spending ban or just want to change things up a little bit on your blog, keep on reading.

Makeup Looks

It's a given that we love our makeup products, but instead of adding new bits to our makeup collations, we can use the bits we have to inspire and influence our readers. Creating different looks with your makeup is a great way to show off your skills and the makeup you're currently loving at the same time. There are so many looks you could create with one eye shadow palette and your blog is a perfect place to show how you love wearing your makeup faves. These kind of posts are limitless and you could come up with posts such as: Face of the day, your favourite smokey eye, your spring makeup, etc the possibilities are endless. You don't have to stop with makeup either! If you love nail polishes and have a steady hand you could showcase some of your nail art designs and do step by step tutorials on your blog.

Daily Routines

Skincare routines and haircare routines are not just to be seen on YouTube, they make great posts too and I personally love reading about peoples daily routines. Call me nosey, but letting your readers know about your beauty routines is a great way to make things more personal on your blog. You might not think your hairs all that great, but your readers might so be sure to share your secrets and tips that work for you. Sharing your beauty regimes is a great way to showcase off some of your favourite products too.

Beauty Favourites

Your favourite beauty items don't have to just be shown once a month in a monthly favourites post, they can be featured on your blog at any time. If you're a beauty blogger the chances are you have quite the makeup collection and have loads of products to choose from and showcase. I love putting little collection posts up on my blog which showcase some of my must haves. For example I recently posted my favourite makeup for spring and my top spring lipsticks which went down so well with my readers. I love reading these kinds of posts and they're really fun to type up.

Wish Lists

Everyone I'm sure has a pretty extensive wish list, especially if you're a beauty blogger. If it's anything like mine its never ending and as soon as I cross one item off the list, I've added about three more - Talk about beauty blogging problems right? I love reading wish lists, their great to see what people love and want in their makeup collections. The chances are if it's made it's way onto a wish list, it is pretty hyped up about in the beauty world and makes for an interesting post. I also love style posts, putting together a collection of your must have fashion bits right now is great. If you're readers love your personal style it could give them a little inspiration for their next shopping sprees. 


If you've been blogging for sometime like myself, no doubt you will have done your fair share of beauty reviews. When I review a product its because I love it and want to share it with you all. If your still loving that same product a year or two later its good to go back and re-review it. It's not something I really see on beauty blogs, but whenever I do see a re-review I know that it must be a great product and if I like the sound of it, it usually makes it way into my online shopping basket. I have to admit I'm guilty of not doing this, but there are some products that definitely deserve another feature on my blog.


Who doesn't love a good tag post? I certainly do. I love doing tag posts just because theres no pressure, their fun and it's a great way for readers to find out a little more about you. There are loads of tags floating around on the blogosphere and you don't have to be tagged by anyone to give it ago. If there are none that float your boat, make your own one up. It's a great way for your readers to get involved and get some exposure for your blog at the same time. It's a win win. 

So there we have it, my top tips for beauty blogging on a budget. I really hope you found this post helpful. Not only are these kind of posts purse friendly but their great ideas for blog posts, especially if you're going though a bit of bloggers block. 

Lots of Love


Monday, 23 March 2015

The Spring Essentials - My Top Beauty Picks

The Spring Essentials - My Top Beauty Picks, Bourjois, Smashbox, Mac Honeylove, L'Oreal True Match, Yves Rocher
The Spring Essentials - My Top Beauty Picks, Bourjois, Smashbox, Mac Honeylove, L'Oreal True Match, Yves Rocher

Whenever I think of spring beauty essentials, pretty pinks, soft smokey eyes and dewy skin always come to mind. For me theres something really refreshing about the change of the seasons and the start of spring starts that countdown to summer. I think generally everyones moods uplift a little this time of year. One thing that really allows me to embrace the change of the seasons is changing up my makeup a little bit. So today I've brought a few of my favourite beauty bits together which I think will be perfect for spring and are an essential in any makeup bag.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

One of the first things that gets switched up in my makeup bag this time of year has to be foundation. During the colder wintery months I like something with a little more coverage. But spring time is all about that fresh glowly dewy skin. I love it when your skin has that 'I'm not wearing any makeup' makeup look, if you know what I mean. Whilst there are loads of amazing medium to light coverage foundations available, I love reaching for the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I have combination skin and the light foundations have a tendency to melt off my skin very quickly, so I find the True Match gives my skin that natural skin look but still gives me the coverage that I need.

Bourjois Smokey Stories Palette - Over Rose 

No matter what the season I love a smokey eye, but like I mentioned before, for me spring daytime looks are all about soft colours and minimal makeup. This quad eyeshadow palette from Bourjois is perfect for spring. In this palette you get the perfect standard light pink highlight colour, a gorgeous dusty pink shade, a warm dark chocolate shade and a glittery shimmery pink in the centre. These pink toned shadows create such a pretty eye look for spring and the quad allows me to create so many different looks. Another lovely thing about this palette is that each shadow is very pigmented, blends well and has great staying power - Definitely an essential in my makeup bag.

The Spring Essentials - My Top Beauty Picks, Bourjois, Smashbox, Mac Honeylove, L'Oreal True Match, Yves Rocher

Mac Lipstick - Honeylove

Mac's Honeylove is my most recent Mac purchase and a lipstick that has been on the top of my wish list for some time. As you know I've got a thing for nudes at the moment, and whilst I'm still loving the likes of Velvet Teddy and Brave, I was after something a little bit lighter for spring and Honeylove is that perfect shade. I find it to be a light toned nude which has a slight pink tint to it, so it does't wash my lips out in any way. It's matte formula is in no way drying and last hours on my lips. This lipstick not only looks really fresh and neutral for spring, but it also looks amazing paired with a lip gloss. I have a full review coming up on this lipstick very soon, so be sure to keep a look out for it. 

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner

This eyeliner from Smashbox has become a bit of a staple in my makeup bag ever since I received it, but now it's spring I know I'm going to be reaching for it even more. Around this time of year I don't like to wear anything too heavy or dramatic on my eyes and love a more softer eye look. Kohl liners are not only great for creating that perfect smokey eye look, but I love the way that you can blend them out for a much more softer look. This one from Smashbox is really amazing, it's long lasting, sets pretty quickly and it sharpens itself every time you twist the lid off to use it - Which is a huge bonus as I can never find a sharpener when my pencils go blunt. 

The Spring Essentials - My Top Beauty Picks, Bourjois, Smashbox, Mac Honeylove, L'Oreal True Match, Yves Rocher

Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush - #03 Rose Tender 

It's the time of year where I say a big hello to cream blushers and my favourite ones have to be the Bourjois Little Round Pots. My most reached for cream blush has to be in the shade Rose Tender as its gorgeous and gives your skin most beautiful and natural rosy cheeked look. I am just loving this pale pinks for spring and this blush really helps to achieve a gorgeous spring look 

Yves Rocher La Parfum Comme Une Evidence 

Not only do I want to change up my makeup look for the new season, I like to change up my fragrance too. Recently I've been loving this beautiful sweet scented floral perfume from Yves Rocher. This perfume is really light and has a lovely rose scent to it making it the perfect daytime fragrance for spring. Whenever I wear this, I get so many compliments and it's always great to hear that you smell nice. Not only does this perfume smell great, but the bottle is absolutely stunning too and I love the pump that disperses the perfume. It's a spring time winner. 

The Spring Essentials - My Top Beauty Picks, Bourjois, Smashbox, Mac Honeylove, L'Oreal True Match, Yves Rocher

As you can see there are a lot of pink in this post but I really love ditching the darker colours that come with winter and swapping them with pink toned shades that really warm up and brighten up my complexion. I would love to know what beauty essentials are working their way into your makeup bag this spring. If any of your picks match mine let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love


Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Day At The Races With EtailPR

Cheltenham Day Races, Colour Me March

If your reading my blog, then theres probably a strong chance that you have a love for all things fashion and beauty (just a guess there) and I'm pretty sure many of you will have heard about etialPR generously inviting a load of us bloggers to Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival. Whilst the festival for this year maybe over, I am still well and truly buzzing about the days events and couldn't wait to share it with you all.

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to etailPR, I honestly had the best time EVER and it's become the highlight of the year so far. This was my first time attending Cheltenham Races, and since attending Ascot for the first time last year, I've developed a love for the the races. There was such a buzz at Cheltenham and the general atmosphere was great, which only added to the day.

The theme for Ladies Day this year was #ColourMeMarch, the perfect opportunity for us ladies to dress up in bright beautiful colours and to really make a statement with our outfits. It was great seeing  such stunning dresses, wonderful fascinators and of course there were hats galore - Everyone looked amazing, even the gents dressed to impress.

For me it was an extremely early start to the day. My friend and I left the train station at half 8 and arrived in Cheltenham around midday. From the train station we headed down to etail HQ where we were greeted with Prosecco and the friendly etail team. We collected our tickets and headed down to the races. Like I mentioned the atmosphere was great, and if your a fashion enthusiast like myself, you would have enjoyed the people watching. So many ladies were wearing beautiful outfits and as it was #ColourMeMarch the whole place felt very bright and cheerful.

Now the exciting bit of the day has to be the actual racing. I'm not one for gambling, but you can't go to the races and not put down a little bet. I have to say I was pretty clueless as to which horse I should back. But with a little help from James texting me tips I managed to get lucky more than once. My biggest win had to be Dodging Bullets, and I saw a £15.00 return on my £4.00 bet - Just as well, because a bottle of wine was £30.00 each. So with our combined winnings my friend and I managed to treat ourselves to a few expensive bottles.

Overall I had such a brilliant day. The combination of dressing up, racing, meeting other bloggers and  the etailPR Team all added to the day, and I left the races on a high. I honestly can't thank etial enough for sending me. I enjoyed it so much that I'm already in the process of planning my trip next year.

If you where one of the lucky bloggers who went to Cheltenham this year, or are a fan of the festival, let me know in the comments below? Did you win any bets?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My Favourite Spring Lipsticks - Top Five

Spring Lipsticks, Mac Brave, Mac Lovelorn, Makeup Revolution, Ken Will Want Me, She's Up All Night, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet
Spring Lipsticks, Mac Brave, Mac Lovelorn, Makeup Revolution, Ken Will Want Me, She's Up All Night, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I really can't believe we've hit March already! It feels quite good to be saying goodbye to winter and welcoming Spring with lighter evening and warmer days. Theres something that I really love about spring time, it feels good getting outdoors again and it just seems a lot more colourful. I was going though my makeup at the weekend, picking out items that I thought were very appropriate for the season and thought I would share with you all the lipsticks that I'm going to be reaching for the most this Spring. As some of you may know, I love pink lipsticks. However over the winter I abandoned them for wintery reds and nineties nudes, but for me spring is all injecting a bit of brightness into my look and as you will see from the pictures I'm definitely thinking pink.

Boujois Rouge Edition Velvet - Happy Nude Year

When it comes to drugstore lipstick, the Rouge Edition Velvets from Bourjois really are some of my all time favourites. For a start I absolutely love the formula. Soft and velvety on your lips, gorgeous matte finish and super lasting staying power. One shade that I reached for a lot over winter was one of the newest editions to the collection 'Happy Nude Year'. This soft pink toned nude is just perfect for everyday wear and I think would look great any time of year and with any makeup look. For those spring days where I'm wanting to wear something a little more understated I'll be reaching for this.

Makeup Revolution Lip Hug - She's Up All Night

Onto something a little more brighter, Makeup Revoltions Lip Hug Lipstick in 'She's Up All Night' is the perfect lipstick to brighten up my look and give my lips a gorgeous pop of colour. I love these Lip Hug lipsticks, they very much remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters - A beautiful combination of gloss, lim balm combined with the great colour pay out of a lipstick. She's Up All Night is the perfect spring time pink, it's bright, bold but the glossy formula gives a lovely softness to this bold lip. It's a really fun colour to wear and will look great during Easter.

Mac - Lovelorn

Now were talking about one of my all time favourite lipsticks Mac's Lovelorn. I love this lipstick so much that this is now my third one. Lovelorn is one of Mac's Lustre lipsticks, so this pretty pink shade has a lovely gloss look to it. It's so comfortable to wear and looks amazing! Think pretty girl lipstick. What I really love about this lipstick is that it's perfect! It's not too glossy, not too sheer, highly pigmented and really natural looking at the same time. Lovelorn has spring written all over it and it will probably be my most worn lipstick over the next few months.

Spring Lipsticks, Mac Brave, Mac Lovelorn, Makeup Revolution, Ken Will Want Me, She's Up All Night, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet
Spring Lipsticks, Mac Brave, Mac Lovelorn, Makeup Revolution, Ken Will Want Me, She's Up All Night, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Mac Brave

Another Mac lipstick to make its way into my spring favourites is Mac's Brave - A lipstick that's been on everyones wish lists. Brave is the perfect nude lipstick and is a shade that really does give you that perfect pout. This nude toned lipstick leans more on the pink side and I would describe it as the perfect dusty pink and it really does look stunning on. If you're wanting to make your lips the focal point of your look, then Brave is the lipstick for the job. I think this lipstick is one of those classic nudes and if your still loving the nineties lip as much as I am, then Mac Brave is the one. 

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Ken Will Want Me 

Out of all the Makeup Revolution Lipsticks 'Ken Will Want Me' from their Lip Geek range has to be my favourite. I think I wore this non stop last summer when it was released and now Spring it's on its way it's made its way back into my makeup bag. This lipstick is a gorgeous light pink shade that has a slight blue/purple undertone to it. It really is the perfect pretty girl pink and I think would suit most skin tones, it also looks amazing with a tan - Ken Will Want Me has to be one of my all time favourite lipsticks and I'm pleased it's making a comeback this year. 

So thats's all of my spring picks, as you can see there is a lot of pink in there, but after a season of brown toned nudes and vampy reds its great to brighten things up a little. I would love to know what lipsticks you'll be reaching for this spring and if any of yours match mine?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Organic Surge Extra Care - Skincare Review

Organic Surge Extra Care, Skincare, Moisturiser, Beauty, Eye Cream
Organic Surge Extra Care, Skincare, Moisturiser, Beauty, Eye Cream
Organic Surge Extra Care, Skincare, Moisturiser, Beauty, Eye Cream

I think having the right skincare routine is so important, but finding the perfect one can be so tricky! I can imagine there are a lot of you nodding your heads at this statement and I've been in the same boat time after time. I love trying out new skincare products and recently I've been loving three products from the Organic Surge Extra Care range which are too good not to share with you all. If you've read my blog for sometime, you may have seen me talk about Organic Surge regularly - I am a big fan of their moisturisers and body butters and now the brand have won me over with their skincare.

I've been using three products - The Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion, the Replenishing Facial Oil and the Hydrating Eye Cream. On their own these products are lovely to use, but combined they have made such a massive difference to my skin. These products have made their way into my regular nightly cleansing routine, and right now my skin is probably the best it's been in a long while.

For me the words 'light' and 'oil control' are amazing when used for a facial moisturiser. I have combination skin which is prone to making my makeup slide and slip throughout the day. Let's face it having a greasy looking face is something all of us want to avoid (but it happens right?). So when a moisturiser claims to keep my skin under control, it definitely has my interest. My interest soon turned into love and this light weight lotion has soon become my go too moisturiser for morning and night. It really is lightweight and does an amazing job at keeping my skin oil free. Whenever I use this my skin feels more even, refreshed and soft. It makes a great base for your makeup as the lotion absorbs quickly into the skin. The smell of this moisturiser is also gorgeous, it has a lovely fresh smell to it and you get rose and orange scents coming though -  I love it.

I have to say I've always been a little bit scared of facial oils as I think my pores produce enough on their own oils as it is. However I thought I would give this ago as I've heard nothing but great reviews. You'll be pleased to know that this oil is in no way greasy or makes my skin feel any oiler. In fact it really gives my skin a hydration boost that it sometimes needs. I've been using this oil every evening after I've cleansed, it really does make my skin look fresh and radiant. The oil is incredibly lightweight and absorbs into my skin quickly. You really only need a few jobs for the oil to work its magic, and the result is lovely soft skin. The bottle is huge and as you only need to use a small amount each time, this will last for ages.

Organic Surge Replenishing Facial Oil, Beauty, Skincare
Organic Surge Extra Care Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion, Beauty, Skincare

I've you've had a read of my most recent monthly favourites post, you may have seen the Organic Surge Hydrating Eye Cream making its way on there. Usually I'm not one for eye creams, I usually skip this step. However I'm at the stage in my life where I need to start taking more care of my eye area and give it the nourishment and hydration that it needs. This eye cream is so lovely to use, its really hydrating and helps reduce any puffiness around my eye area. It's great to use in the morning as well as night time as it's really lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin. I really think this helps to smooth over any fine lines and makes my eyes look a little brighter. It really is the perfect pick me up.

Overall I love these products. Like I mentioned at the beginning on this post, on their own these products are great, but together they really do work wonders and my skin has been loving them. I would definitely recommend picking them up, especially if your on the hunt for some new skincare products.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on these products? Also let me know what products you use in your current skincare routine?

Lots of Love


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup - I Heart Obsession Palettes

My love for Makeup Revolution grows by the day and this week my love for the brand continues to glow a little bit more. Unless you've been living under a rock, you will know Makeup Revolution are a brand that continuously brings us release after release of amazingly beautiful makeup products and their most recent launch are the I Heart Makeup, I Heart Obsession Palettes. There are five in the collection and thanks to MUR I've managed to get my hands on two, and today I want to talk to you in detail just how gorgeous these beauties are. 

Each palette has ten shadows and have the perfect mixture of shimmer and matte shades - Eyeshadows that will help you create every kind of look, night and day. Each palette costs £3.99, with each shadow being of great quality, so it's amazing value for money. What I really love about these shadows is that they are super pigmented, blend really well on the lids and don't have too much fall out. The shimmery shades are really shimmery and the matte shades create so much depth and dimension to your makeup look. The name of these palettes are very appropriate, because in the short space of time that I've had them, I've developed quite the obsession for them.

First up we have the 'Wild is the Wind' palette. At first glance I thought that these shades were a little bit out of my comfort zone - I'm a neutrals girl at heart, and tend to stick with wearable browns and light beiges. However I've surprised myself as this is the palette I've been reaching for the most, although these shades look a little daunting they are actually very wearable. This palette has a good mixture of warm toned purples and cool breezy blues. There's also a few nude shades thrown in and a deep charcoal grey, which are great base and transitional colours. With purple not being an eyeshadow shade that I've gone too in the past, it's quickly become my go too colour and I find that it really compliments my brown eyes - It gives them a nice pop.  Whilst I've yet to brave the blues, I've made a promise to make good use of these when summer comes around. The aqua blue shade at the top is so pretty and will look amazing under the lower lash line in the summer. Overall this is such a great palette and if you're looking to step out of your comfort zone a little and try new shades that are not too daring, I would recommend picking this up.

Next up we have the 'Pure Cult' palette, a palette which I actually adore. Like I mentioned I love my neutral shades, so this palette really does have my name written all over it! Right away this palette reminded me of the UD Naked 3 palette just because most of the nudes have a lovely warm pink tone to them. As well as pink toned nudes, there are also some lovely bronze shades thrown in and a gorgeous deep brown shade that has a purple undertone, a shade which compliments all the shades in this palette perfectly. Again this palette has a great choice of shimmery shades and mattes to choose from. I would describe this palette as the perfect girly girl eye makeup palette, if you love your pinks and that perfect girl next door kind of look, this is the palette for you. There are some amazing shades in there that will take you from day to evening, I have literally become obsessed with it.

Overall I love these two palettes, there are three more palettes in the I Heart Obsession collection which look equally as good and have made it's way on to my wish list. If you looking to pick up any of these palettes be sure to head over to the Makeup Revolution website and add some to your basket, but be quick as they're limited edition!

I would love to know if your picking any of these palettes up, and what ones your going for? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love


Friday, 6 March 2015

The Cleansing Milk Blind Trial With Escentual

As a lover of beauty and all things skincare I'm a big fan of Escentual - My number one website for stocking up on my favourite French skincare brands. Around two years ago I was lucky enough to take part in Escentual's Blind Trial on Micellar solutions, a chance to put the best cleansing waters out there to the test! I had a lot of fun testing the products blindly. This year Escentual have decided to run a similar trial, but this one will be with cleansing milks. I feel incredibly lucky that I was one of the chosen bloggers to test out and try seven of the best cleansing milks out there and put them though their paces.

What I really love about these trials is that it gives me a chance to really review these cleansers and see just how well they perform. I think it can be very easy these days to buy into a brand and make a formed decision on whats going to be good before even trying it out. This blind trial takes all of what away and I'll get to judge these cleansers on just how well they work.

There are seven samples that have been included in this trial all from different brands which are as follows:

La Roche Posay

I am so excited to be testing these and can't wait to fill in the Escentual survey once testing is over - Last time I found it so interesting to find out the results. I'll be looking to see how each of these cleansers removes makeup, how well it leaves my skin feeling and if their moisturising or not. I'll also be going into details and be making notes of smells and textures too.

I've decided that I'm going to use each cleanser for two days in a row before moving onto the next one, so I get a good feel for each sample. Tonight I'll be testing out sample C and I can't wait to see how well it compares to the other two.

Of course once I'm done I'll be sure to report back here on my blog with how I got on, what scored best/worst and hopefully with the results from the trial - Very exciting stuff, don't you agree?

If you're taking part in this trial, let me know - I would love to hear how you're getting on?

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

#ColourMeMarch || An Outfit For The Races

With Ladies Day at Cheltenham Racecourse just around the corner, I have to say I'm pretty excited with the prospect of going. Last year I was lucky enough to attend the ladies day at Royal Ascot, and just completely fell in love with the whole day. Besides watching the races, placing bets and being with the girls, I found planning the perfect outfit, choosing the right fascinator and getting glamed up was one of the highlights of the day. Not only is a day at the races a great excuse to dress up, it's great if you love fashion as you get to take a look at everyone else's outfit choices - And everyone always looks amazing.

This year Cheltenham Racecourse wants to inject some colour to their ladies day and more importantly want everyone to get involved and share their colourful outfits as part of their #ColourMeMarch campaign. I love this idea, I can't think of a better way to welcome spring than with lots of bright colours; It's fun, bright and really challenges women to get creative and play around with different shades.

Today I thought I'd share my outfit for the races. I found this gorgeous cobalt laced dress from Missguided and thought it would be perfect for #ColourMeMarch. I adore the lace detailing as it just makes the boldness of the bright blue a little softer and feminine. For shoes I thought I would go for a nude peep toe bow platform, but the bold pink neon heel makes a great contrast against the blue which I love.

As a part of the #ColourMeMarch campaign Cheltenham Racecourse have an amazing competition and want to see your beautifully bright coloured outfits. All you have to do is upload your picture on the Colour Me March website - or follow @ColourMeMarch on Twitter and share your outfit on there for a chance of winning some amazing prizes. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are on my outfit, and if you're making making your way to Ladies Day next week be sure to let me know. I would also like to thank EtailPR for arranging all the bloggers attendance at Cheltenham Racecourse this year. 

Lots of Love

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