Saturday, 27 October 2012

Happy Halloween! | Zombie

Hi ladies. Just a quick post for you this evening. Halloween is just around the corner, but I'm sure like  me and those of you who are going out are celebrating it tonight! I was so undecided about what to wear or dress up as and the whole look I've thrown together here is really last minute. originally I was going to give it a miss, but I was persuaded by my friends that I should be going out... As you probably guessed by the pictures I've decided to dress up as a zombie cheerleader. As its dark, the lighting is really poor so hello flash on the camera... sorry...but it gives you the idea kinda. I didn't use any Halloween designed makeup and created the look with just what I had in my own makeup collection. Top Tip though beauties... to get a different colour on your face simply mix your normal foundation with some loose pressed eyeshadow; I mixed my Revlon Photoready Foundation with some green Barry M Dazzle Dust. The blood was created with bright red lipstick and the rest of the colours you see on my face are just dark eyeshadows... Simple.

The look is not quite finished yet, I'm sat here typing and still wanting to touch things up and I also have my arms and legs to gross up a little. I don't dare do that yet till I leave the house as I can only imagine that there would be a mad makeup mess with green and black eyeshadow all over the place. I'm going to my friends first and she has some fake blood to zombie my look up a little.

I hope all you beauties have a fab Halloween evening whatever your doing, and if your not going out, then I'm sure a lot of you beauties will enjoy the usual Take Me Out and X Factor evening.. I've got them on record to watch tomorrow...Sad but true.

Lot's Of Love


Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Beauty Parlour | Mattyfying Papers

A little while ago I took part in a beauty swap with my friend, Charlee from MyStringaling Blog and one of the little goodies that was packed in my parcel, was these Mattyfying Papers from The Beauty Parlour. Now I've used nearly all 50 sheets that come in this adorable packaging, I can honestly say they have become quite the handbag essential and I can't imagine not ever using these again.

These little sheets of mattyifing papers, are a must for anyone who has oily to combination skin. Whenever you feel as though there is too much shine on your face, simply wipe a sheet over your shine areas, which will instantly remove any excess oil on your skin. Normally I would be one to re-apply powder any time that I feel that my makeup was falling or sliding off my face and although this is not a long process, it makes me feel that I am just adding layer upon layer off makeup, which is not the best feeling. 

I am someone who gets incredibly self conscious about shine and am forever trying to control it the best way that I can. These papers make is super easy to blot and they don't remove too much of your existing makeup or smudge it in any way. It actually leaves your skin looking pretty fresh, as though you've just applied your makeup. When I first started using these, I was a little grossed out by the amount of oil that was transferred onto the mattyfying papers once I had used them. It was shocking to see how much oil I was actually carrying on my face. But there was also that great satisfying feeling, seeing that it was no longer on my face! It only takes one sheet for the paper to do its job and its a job which can be done in around 20 seconds. I love the feeling that I'm not adding any more makeup to give me a flawless finished look.

Not only are the Mattyfying Papers beautifully packaged with The Beauty Parlour's retro 1950/60's design, they are also handbag friendly and are small enough to fit in any clutch or an evening out or your day to day bag. I take these around with my everywhere as they are so handy. Each packed contains 50 sheets and retails for £1.49 from Superdrug... Bargain. 

I love these Mattyfying papers as they really do exactly what they say on the packet and are perfect for anyone who like me, that always feels the need to blot! 

Lot's of Love 


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tag | Why Do You Wear Makeup

Image from weheartit

Hi beauties. Hope your all having a fabulous week. With the darker nights coming round so earlier, I'm finding it impossible to take some decent snaps of products and get some good posts up for you. Is anyone else having the same problem and like me and just missing the summer sun? So seeing as I have no photo's to hand,  I thought I would get the 'Why I Wear Makeup Tag' up for you all this evening. I have to admit, I just love doing these tag posts and find them a joy to read on other blogs. I've been looking for a good one to do for ages, so when Beth from Birds Words Blog, posted this tag on her blog at the beginning of the week, I did a little jump for joy... No joke I literally did! I just think this one is perfect for any beauty blogger and I can see it been shared across the bloggerssphere in no time at all. 

1. When did you begin to love makeup? 

I've had a little fascination with makeup for a long, long time. I used to love watching my mum apply her makeup in the morning and would always have a lot of fun looking though all her lipsticks and eyeshadow's. I was always aloud to look but never touch.  The first type of makeup I ever applied was a little set, I think that came with one of my Barbie accessory toys, where it had the nail polish that peels off in two seconds and that funny smelling lip balm. 

However it wasn't until I went upper school (year 9) when I was around 13, until I started to actually wear makeup properly. It started off with a little mascara, which then lead onto foundation, lipgloss and eyeshadow. As i got older, I started experimenting more with makeup and my love for it only grew stronger and stronger. It wasn't untill I was 18 and I was in a job working every weekend, that I had money to spend on makeup. I would spend hours in Boots, swatching everything... I still do now, and I find it so therapeutic!  

It's only since I became aware of the blogging world and started watching YouTube that I realised  there was a whole world of high end makeup, and since then I have been trying out different brands and as a result my love for makeup is forever growing.

2. How do you feel without makeup?

I'm not going to lie... I feel bloody awful without makeup. So much so, that I can honestly say I never ever leave the house without it. I know that may sound bad to some (I know that I should try to embrace my natural beauty more) but my skin really does feel naked without it. For me makeup hides any imperfections and really gives me that confidence to go out and face the world and any situation that comes my way. From a young age my mum always told me that you should never leave the house without a coat of mascara or a bit of blush on your cheeks as you never know who you just might meet when you are out! Who knows I could be popping to the shops and meet David Beckham or Channing Tatum (in my dreams) and I for one would not like them to see me bare faced haha!

As much as I love makeup though, I feel that there is a time and place for the right makeup and should only be used to enhance your true beauty.

3.What do you like about makeup? 

I don't think I could pin point out a single thing I didn't like about makeup and I could probably white a book on what I like about it. But to name a few things... I love how makeup can just make you look fabulous and give you that confidence boost that you need. I also love the process of applying makeup, its one of my favourite things to do in the morning. 

In an odd way, sometimes I think that your face is like the artists blank canvas, and the application of makeup really is a work of art and allows you to create different looks, there is no right or wrongs and it really does give each individual the chance to express themselves. Makeup is forever changing and there will always be something new to try... There is not a lot, that can beat that feeling of swatching a pretty lipstick, buying it and knowing that its yours to apply whenever you fancy.

4. Three 'Holy Grail' Items

If I had to narrow it down to three... which I am then I would have to pick

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - This has been my go too bronzer for the last four years, and I just think it gives you the most gorgeous glowing sun-kissed skin,

Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Foundation - This is a foundation that I've only come across recently and it's fairly new on the market, I shall have to get a review up of it soon. But I am one who suffers from oily skin and this foundation works wonders on taking away any shine from your face and just gives you the appearance of flawless skin.. yes please!

Mac's Impassioned Lipstick - I just adore everything about this lipstick, and I just find it really gives you the perfect pop of colour and just makes me feel like Barbie! It's pretty, pink and just makes your makes your lips ever so kissable! You can read my review here

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers beauties, if you decide to do this, please let me know in the comments as I would love to take a look and read your answers. 

Lot's of Love 


Monday, 22 October 2012

Nail Art Dotting Tools from Born Pretty

Hi Beautiful ladies. Sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last week, all I can say is life got in the way! I'm sure that you fellow bloggers will all know what I mean when I say this and completely get where I'm coming from. But alas its a new week and I'm back into the blogging swing of things, I hope all you beauties are doing well and looking fabulously as always!

So today I wanted to talk to you all about nail art and some tools that I have been using which have made doing pretty little designs on my nails all the more easy. These are of course dotting tools! I know that these have been around for ages, but I've only just managed to get my hands on some and all I can say is goodbye toothpicks and bobby pins and hello perfectly round circles on mu nails! 

My nail art dotting tools arrived in a pack of five which have a metal tip on either side which you can use to  the create dots, so really its like getting ten dotting tools for the price of five. The actual tool is about the size of a pen, possibly a little bit shorter and comes decorated in the most pretty purple which has a unique marble effect on the plastic. As you can see from the pictures the metal tips come in a range of different sizes, so you can create all sorts of different polka-dots, ranging from big to small and everything else in between. 

I've loved using these for nail art and they really make doing designs on your nails all that more easy. Those of you who know me or who have been following my blog for a little while, will know that I have a little obsession when it comes to nail art. Why just paint your nails one colour, when you can make them super cute and pretty with a few dots or designs on them? I was forever using household items to do my designs, which in fairness work wonders...But the dotting tools are sturdy to use and give you much more precision and give you perfect sized polka dots each time. I love how you don't have to stop at dots either, these dotting tools can be used to create lines, swirls and allow you to pop any design you wish onto your nails. 

These are a must for anyone who loves nail art as much as I do, and makes nail art for beginners easy too. I was lucky enough to have been sent these dotting tools from the Born Pretty Store which retail at $4.31 (for those of you in the UK I'm pretty sure that's around the £2.70 mark) so they are really affordable and a great investment. Born Pretty have also kindly given me a unique code which will give you 10% at the checkout, which makes these super affordable. The Born Pretty Store is a little treasure chest of goodies for any nail art lover as they have loads of nail art related things on there, so be sure to have a look beauties. 

For those wanting to get your 10% off at the Born Pretty Store, the code to use is DSL91

Over the last week, every time I have gone to paint my nails, I can't resist doing some little design on them. I thought I would have ago with some more Halloween inspired nail art. I'm sure a lot of you will have seen these spooky little eyes on everyone's nails by now, but just look how cute they are!

This really was the easiest nail art design that I've ever tried, but for those of you who want to try, all you do is paint your nails in black or in a dark shade which is similar, I've used No7 in Betty Blues. Use your dotting tool and with a white polish create two little dots next to one another and repeat this all over your nails. Once the white polish has dried, just get a black and with your dotting tool again, place smaller dots within the white ones...and there you have spooky little eyes peeking out of the dark!

Now I can master perfect polka dots, I'm on the hunt for more nail art designs I can do on my nails, so if any of you have some good ideas or tutorials then please let me know! I hope you enjoyed this post and as always beauties I would love to know your thoughts.

Lots of Love


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Casper the Friendly Ghost | Halloween Nail Art

Hello gorgeous girls. A few of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram may have been noticed me sporting this super cute ghost design on my nails.  I never thought that I'd ever say a ghost was cute, but I just think that these little guys (Casper's) on my nails are adorable and perfect for the spooky month of October. They are ever so easy to do and I'm pretty sure that anyone with a nail art dotting tool, nail art pen or a Kirby grip/bobby pin can create this simple design.

Step One

Paint your nails in any colour that you want to use for the background. Black would work perfectly for this, but for this design I have used No7 Stay Perfect in Betty Blues. Betty Blues is the most gorgeous midnight blue which has a very subtle blue glitter added to it. I adore this colour and as black nails look horrible on me  Betty Blues is a great alternative. It gives the appearance of black nails and only when your nails catch the light or you look close up, you can see that the polish is actually blue.

Step Two

Once your nails are dry, you will want to pick out your very best white polish and with whatever tool you are using (I used a dotting tool) you will want to place a blob at the bottom of your nail, using a generous amount of polish. With the excess polish on your blob, you will want to use your dotting tool and draw a half moon shape down the nail, which will create the body. You may need to add a little more while polish to the tip of your tool to even the line out. You should have something that looks like a crescent with a circle at the top. Wait for these to dry.

Step Three

With your dotting tool again you will want to draw two little triangles on either side of the circle, which will create the ghost's arms. Once the white polish has dried, you will want to create the eyes and mouth of the ghost. I used the same colour as I used for the base, but you can choose any colour your prefer. With a really light hand you will want to place two small dots in the circle and a slightly bigger one in the middle, underneath the first two dots. Then you should have a little Casper ghost drawn onto your nails.

Step Four (optional)

Once your nails have fully dried, add your favourite top coat which will help to smooth out any bumps or imperfections and of course keep the chips at bay.

It really is easy as that. Hope you enjoyed this post ladies, I'm looking to work on some more Halloween inspired nail art, so if you have any ideas or tutorials of your own please let me know.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

Hi Ladies! I can't believe I'm saying this or even typing out this post, but as you guessed by the name of the title and the picture, today is my blogs birthday. Yep,Miss Sunshine & Sparkle is officially one year old today! It would be a dream to have a true celebration and invite all you lovely lot round for cupcakes, cocktails and a party (can you imagine if we had a party for every blogs birthday's, that would be a lot of parties to attend!) but instead I shall have to settle for a blog post instead of the blog party. 

I'm sure you all know the drill by now with these birthday type of posts and are thinking right now here come all the 'thank you's' etc. But it would be just too rude of me to not say thank you to each and everyone of you who has taken the time to come and have a read, comment and even follow. I know blogging is not all about the followers, but it really is overwhelming and just amazing when someone takes the time to read though your blog content, and appreciates and likes your efforts so much so that they want to come back for more. Sometimes I still can't get my head around how far my little space on the Internet has come along and what I've managed to achieve in one year. 

In all honesty I thought it would have taken me a lot longer to get where I am today, but with a lot of hard work and the help of Google, my trusty camera and of course fellow beauty bloggers, I've seen my blog go from strength to strength. The other week I was looking back at my very first posts (some of them really make me cringe!) and I really can see where I've improved and how I've developed my own sense of style throughout the year. I love the fact that I'm still learning and really look forward to seeing what the next year of blogging will bring. 

Blogging really has changed my life, this may sound a little daft to a non blogger, but I know that a lot of you will totally relate and understand where I am coming from here. When I first started I never knew how addictive it would be or how rewarding it was. I would urge anyone who is thinking about starting a blog to bite the bullet and just go for it, there really are no wrongs; If you stick at it, not only will your blog grow, but you will also grow as a person. I've grown in confidence since starting Miss Sunshine & Sparkle, put myself in new situations, challenged myself and met some wonderful people along the way. Meeting and taking to some lovely girls has really made my blogging experience just amazing. The beauty community is just wonderful and I would like to take the time in this post to name some of the girls which I've gotten to know and who have been there for me though my day to day life, as well as blogging. All there blogs have been listed and I would love for you to go and say hello to them.

Beth -  Birds Words 
Kayleigh - Couture Girl
Charlee - My Stringaling 
Sarah - Oh So Glam
Sophia - Sophia Meola 
Lindsay - Lindsay Frances

So what does the next year have in store for Miss Sunshine & Sparkle?

Well I'm still going to be blogging of course. It would be a dream to have career blogging like some girls, but I think that maybe a goal for my next blog birthday. What I would love though, is to grow even more as a beauty blogger; What I mean by this, is that I would like to get a more variety of beauty and fashion posts up and try and find the time to blog more. I would also love to have more interaction with all you lovely people and get to know even more of you that take the time to comment and have blogs of your very own. There is still so much I'm learning is I have already stated and I just want to learn more technical things that will add to the general layout of my blog and make it a better experience for everyone visiting. 

My main goal though for the next year is to try and start getting some videos up. I know that blogging and You Tube really go hand in hand and I think its a perfect way for everyone really get to know the girl behind Miss Sunshine & Sparkle. This is something which terrifies me slightly, but I know I have a lot of support and people giving me the confidence to film... So watch this space.

Thanks once again beauties for coming on this journey with me, and if there is anything you would like to add to this post, please do so in the comments below. Also if you follow MSS and I've not had the chance to check out your blog, please let me know as I would love to go and take a look.

Lot's of Love


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Let's Catch Up

Left To Right

-My all time favourite Lipstick MAC's Impassioned (blog post here)-

-Making crepe paper flowers-

-My sister and me in bed, slightly hangover with no makeup-

-Winning the Aussie Miracle Shine competition with Sarah and Lauren-

-An old picture from with my fellow cheerleader Hayley from when we stayed in a caravan in Blackpool-

-Me posing and messing around with a new photo editing app-
-I made cupcakes-

-My hair when it gets caught in the rain-

-Me stretching in the doorway, determined to get my needle!-

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a cheery Wednesday and for those of you who are unfortunate to be at work, then at least Wednesday means middle of the week and only two more days till the weekend... hurahh! 

I've done quite a lot of beauty and makeup reviews recently, so I just wanted to stray away from it a little today and just have a sit down chit chat kind of post with you all and as you guessed by the title share some of my weekly pictures from Instagram. So I've been having a major lazy week due to the fact that I still had a quite a bit of holiday to take off at work and seeing as it was booked off a bit last minute everyone I know and love is busy working or has already got plans, so I've been bored bored bored. So... I thought that it would be perfect opportunity to get a ton of blogging done and get some scheduled posts sorted out as I know that I have a busy few weeks ahead of me. But as luck would have it, inspiration has completely gone and left me; for the first time in a ages, I don't really know what to blog about. Hence the reason of this kind of laid back post (but I do know that a lot of you beauties enjoy the odd ramble and chit chat). I just think it's really typical that I have time off to blog, and not know what to blog about, does anyone else get this? I really have the urge to do a beauty blogger tag, so if any of you girls know of some good ones please let me know. Or if there are any requests on posts that you would like to see please tell me, as it would be much appreciated. 

Whilst I' on a role with rambling I thought I'd share and let you all know that I am thinking about getting a tattoo. Well I say 'thinking about it' as though I've just decided I wanted one in my week off...No... I've wanted one for the longest of time, but never really knew what I wanted or have known what I wanted and just changed my mind. One of my friends from cheer told me that if there is a design you have in mind, wait a year and if you still like it a year later then you know your going to like it for the rest of your life. Well with anything I've picked so far, I've never liked it more than a year! So I suppose it's an excellent motto to go by, especially if you are thinking about getting one.

 Anyway, for near on 11 months I've wanted a little feather, possibly placed on the side my ribs, just sitting under the boob area! I'm still a little undecided on placement but seeing as its near the year and I still want a feather, I can almost give myself the go ahead and get the ball rolling. I don't think I'm going to get it anytime before the year is up, but now it's closer, I'm thinking a lot more about it and I really, really want it done.I'm thinking of getting a blog post up, just to share with you lot what I have in mind and get your thoughts on the whole thing. I always find tattoos quite fascinating and love seeing what people get done and finding out why they have them, so if any of you have a story please share as I would love to hear. 

I also just want to say a big hello and thank you to my new followers! It seams as though my number of followers has gone up dramatically in the last few weeks WOW! You have no idea how happy and over the moon this makes me! I won't ramble on too much about this as tomorrow I will have a post dedicated to all you lovely people as its my blogs birthday tomorrow!! I can't believe its a year already... golly golly gosh! 

I'll leave this post here girls, hope you enjoyed the read and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @sunshinesprkle as I would love for you to come and say hello.

Lot's of Love 


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

MAC's Impassioned Lipstick

Hi beauties. Today I wanted to share with you my all time favourite lipstick and its one that I mentioned in my September Favourites Post (here). This lipstick being MAC's Impassioned, which is the most gorgeous bright fuchsia pink. I am a huge fan of bright pink lipsticks as a lot of you will know, but Impassioned just has that extra something special about it. Some of you may think that this is a bit of a bold and brave colour to wear, but once you get past the brightness of it all, I think it has the magic to make your lips look absolutely amazing. 

Impassioned is one of MAC's amplified lipsticks which means its super pigmented and you achieve a easy bright lip with one easy sweep across your lips. Not only is the pigmentation of Impassioned just amazing, its staying power is long lasting and it will be sure to give you bright beautiful lips the whole day. Obviously no lipstick colour lasts forever, but even when Impassioned starts to wear and fade, the pigmentation of it is that good, that it will leave a lovely fuchsia stain on your lips. Often when lipsticks are that rich in pigment, there is the downfall that the lipstick can be very drying  on your lips, but this isn't the case with Impassioned at all. The formula is creamy and as you can see from the pictures there is a lovely shine to the formula which makes for very 'sexy' kissable lips. 

I would really  recommend Impassioned to any girl as its a great one to have in your collection, especially if you love your Barbie pink colours.. I've had this lipstick for quite a while and what I can say is that it can often look a little different every time I'm pictured with it, or when your in different lights; It's also a lipstick which can look very different on everyone. It refuses to be captured on camera in its true beauty and I would suggest if you get the chance, to go and swatch it... and buy it of course (I dare you to resist this beauty!). 

Impassioned retails at a pricey £14.00, but in my opinion is completely worth every penny. You are really getting a good quality lipstick and it will last you such a long time as a little really does go along way. If your thinking of treating yourself to this you can purchase it from MAC's website here.

Impassioned also will look amazing with a clear lipgloss worn over the top as I finds this really makes the colour pop and will give you the appearance of a fuller lip. It will also give your lips that 'juicy' look to them. I am just really in love with this lipstick, I could go on forever about how much I love it. The colour is just beautiful and it also has those little blue undertones to it which will make your teeth look pearly white. 

I am always on the look out other lipsticks with a similar colour payout so would love to know your recommendations and would love to hear your thoughts on MAC's Impassioned.

Lots of Love


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Aussie Pamper Day | Celebrate 3 Minute Miracle

Hi beauties. This Saturday was a first for me as I was able to attend my first beauty blogger event hosted by the wonderful Aussie, not only was it my first opportunity to meet some amazing bloggers, it was also my  first outing as an Aussie Angel. Aussie really spoilt us Angels for a pamper day down at the luxury spa at the Chancery Court Hotel. The whole event was to celebrate Aussie's best product '3 Minute Miracle'.

I arrived in London to meet up with the lovely Sarah from Oh SoGlamBlog and we made our way down to the Spa via one of the London buses (no underground for us angels). Upon arrival at the Hotel, I was just amazed by the actual building with its beautiful courtyard entrance; it looked just like a real life scale Victorian dolls house.  

Sarah and I mingled with the other Aussie Angels at the spa entrance, where we were given our very own Aussie name tags and greeted with some cold melon soup in fancy shot glasses (it was a lot nicer than it sounds). The wonderful Aussie girls then took us to the changing rooms where there was a steam room, sauna and fancy showers that went hot and cold with pretty lights, it was like a lagoon in there. When all the Angels were in the changing room, we were given a little wicker basket which was filled with some 3MM, a fluffy Aussie Robe, some Aussie slippers and a bright purple shower cap for those of us wanting to use the relaxing facilities at the spa. We all hurried into our robes as there is no better way to start relaxing than getting comfortable and cozy. 

The Angels were all split into groups, so we could take it in turns to get our massage or facial and while we waited we had the joy of waiting in the gorgeous relaxation room which was filled with fresh  fruits, comfy loungers, magazines and well pampered Aussie Angels. We all helped ourselves to the top notch buffet which was filled with yummy food (all healthy of course) and had a good old chit chat while we waited. I got chatting to the lovely Lauren from ALaurentoHerself . We were also free to look around the spa; the whole place was like a secret paradise underground, with its candles and tea lights offering the only source of light, relaxing music, beautiful water features and of course lots of Aussie balloons. I can honestly say I have never felt so chilled out, I could have spent the whole weekend there.

When it came to my turn to have a relaxing massage, I felt so pampered. The whole day was a many firsts for me, as I had never been to spa before or never been treated to a professional massage. I honestly can't believe I've gone this long in my life without going to one. The massage was well and truly amazing and the lovely lady who did mine, really did a superb job at getting rid of all the tension and knots in my back. 

Not only were us lucky Angels treated to a day of luxury, Aussie also had two professional stylists in to style our hair and make us all look that extra bit glamorous. Some of the hair styles they were creating on the girls were jaw dropping fabulous. There were plenty of up-do's going around with pretty braids entwined in them. All the girls looked absolutely stunning with their hair styled. I had my hair done by the lovely Eugene, who styled my hair down in loose curls that had huge amounts of volume and bounce. He gave me a few pointers and tips on who to achieve this look myself, so I will be sure to share my new found knowledge with you beauties in a future post.

So some of you maybe wondering why we all needed to look our best? Well there were more surprises as they day went on as Aussie had arranged for us to be their very own 'girls on film'. We were each individually taken one by one to do a filming session and answer some questions about what 3MM means to us and what we love about it. I was nervous about this as I don't do well on camera (this is the reason why I've stayed clear from You Tube) but once I had gotten into it, it was a lot of fun and the lady asking the questions made me feel very comfortable. Everyone videos are going to be edited together to make one big video, which will hopefully go up on the Boots and Aussie website... How exciting, I just hope that there are not too many cringeworthy moments. 

Once all the filming was finished, it was time for Aussie to deliver the special announcement which they had been teasing us with all day. All the Angels were given some very cool sunglasses and were taken in to the male changing rooms (no need to worry, there were no naked men in there, we had the whole spa to ourselves of course!). I'm sure you all know by now about the secret announcement as the cat is well and truly out the bag, especially if you've seen my last blog post. But for those of you who don't know yet, Aussie have brought out a new range which is called the Miracle Shine Range. I won't go into too much detail about how much I am in love with this range as I've done a lot of rambling about it already (you can find my thoughts here) but to keep it short and sweet, I think its the best range in the whole Aussie collection by far, and it's now available to buy in stores across the UK. So we can all have gorgeous, shiny and yummy hair.

This is where the Aussie pamper day sadly came to an end, but it was such a relaxing but oh so fun day and I enjoyed every minute of it. All the angels left the spa feeling as though we were floating on a cloud and had our hands full with all the Aussie goodies in our little baskets. I kid you not, people around London must have thought we were carrying new born babies in those baskets as we all got some very dodgy looks!

So a huge thank you to Aussie for putting together an amazing day. I would love to know if any of you lovlies have gotten your hands on the new shine range yet, and to know your thoughts on it.

Lots of Love


Saturday, 6 October 2012

September Favourites

Hi girls, hope your all having a fabulous weekend! To day I thought I would get  my September favourites up for you all. I love reading these types of posts as I love seeing what people love using and its a great chance to have a good nosey at other peoples makeup and beauty products. Shockingly I've not written on of these favourites posts since February Shock Shock... I'm not going to promise anything, but I'm going to try and keep on top of these posts and and make them a little monthly feature. So let me jump straight into it...

Also, as you will see from the pictures there are quite a few lip products which have made it into my favourites. I'm so sure that this is because of the sudden change in the weather with it being freezing much colder, or I just still have an continuing obsession with lip products! 

Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo & Conditioner 

I know I've only had these a little while, so new that October was nearly in full swing when I first started using them. Really they should be in next months faves, but I love them so much so it would be rude not to share. I was given the Miracle Shine range at the Aussie Pamper event last Saturday and I have fallen in love with these and how they make my hair look and feel. I wont blabber too much about how much I love this shampoo and conditioner as you can find the full review here. But I think that they are just yummy. 

Revlon Photoready Foundation

The Revlon Photoready Foundation was my go too foundation during the month of September. It is by far the best high-street foundation that I've tired. It will make your skin look naturally radiant and will give a lovely dewy look to your skin. I love that it has a medium to full coverage too. If you are wanting to know in more detail about how I got on with this foundation you can find my full review here.

Carmex Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm 

I was sent this by my friend Charlee in a beauty blogger swap (have a look at her beautiful blog here). In the past I've gone though pots and pots of the little magic that is Carmex. It's such a lip saviour especially in the colder weather. There has been some really cold days during September so far and even colder ones I can imagine over the next coming months. This little pot really does stop lips from getting cracked and chapped and will keep the moisture locked in... I love the cherry scent too.

O.P.I in 'That's Berry Daring'

I adore this shade from O.P.I, it really is the most perfect bright pink fuchsia colour with subtle blue undertones too it. Every time I wear this on my nails, I always get compliments on the colour without fail. It's one of those classic bright pinks which really make a stand on your nails. I have loved wearing this on my hands and toes and have been abusing it throughout September just because it will soon be time to switch over to the more darker polishes. As a lot of you fashionistas will know that 'khaki ' is a very in colour this season and I love this colour polish against khaki, I just think it brightens up your whole outfit. I've featured this in a NOTD post which you can see here.

MAC Impassioned Lipstick 

This has to be my all time favourite lipstick from Mac, actually I'm pretty sure its my all time favourite lipstick.. If I had to pick only one lipstick that I could wear for the rest of my life, Impassioned would be it. I can't believe I haven't dedicated a whole post to it yet (note to self and get this sorted). For those of you who aren't familiar with this lippie, its just the most gorgeous brightest pink and really makes your lips look 'wow'. I love the pigmentation of this lipstick and its staying power is just amazing.

L'Oreal Glam Shine  Reflexion Lipgloss in Sheer Watermelon

Not only have I enjoyed wearing a bright bold lip, but have wanted to give my lips that extra something special by making them gloss and shine. I reviewed about this L'Oreal lipgloss a little while ago (here) and I love how non-sticky it is and it looks lovely applied over MAC's Impassioned. I used this lipgloss so much so that it's nearly empty and the packaging is now looking a bit sorry for it's self... definitely will be repurchasing. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my current favourites, I would love to know what's made it on to your list for September 


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beam, Gleam, Shine like a Dream with Aussie Miracle Shine

'There's more to life than hair, but it's a good place to start' The Aussie Philosophy

It's spangly, it's shiny
It smells like cotton candy
A wonder, a dream
It makes our locks so clean
An elixir, a hair potion
A luxuriously-fragrant lotion
It sparkles, it gleams
From behind the shower screen
With Aussie ginseng, pearl powder, too
There's nothing better to perfect that hair do
A treat for the bath or shower, stunningly sublime
Drum roll please... it's Aussie's magnificent Miracle Shine!

Hi beauties. As you know at the weekend I was able to meet up with Aussie, some of the Aussie Angels and celebrate their amazing 3 Minute Miracle at a luxury spa down  in London. As an extra special treat, Aussie had a surprise announcement to make to us Angels, which turned out to be something very exciting and I'm even more excited to be able to share this news with all you lovelies! Aussie are pleased to announce that they are bringing out a new product range which is the Miracle Shine Range!

The Miracle Shine range consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a 3 Minute Miracle deep treatment conditioner. The Miracle Shine range is to make dull hair days a thing of the past, leaving your hair 'sensationally vibrant and shiny'. We all want gorgeous shiny locks and with the new Aussie formula of Australian Ginseng (which is known to boost energy) and Pearl Powder (which is its secret ingredient for adding that shine) infused with peach, raspberry and strawberry scents is sure to give your locks much needed revival and make your hair feel and look heavenly. Who can say no to that? 

With the announcement of the new Miracle Shine Range, Aussie also put us together groups of three to set us an Aussie Challenge, which is where this blog post comes in. Myself and two other gorgeous Angels Sarah and Lauren have been asked to work together to tell you beauties what the new shine range means to us. Hopefully if our posts are the best we get to win an Aussome hair day with Aussie! So fingers crossed for us.

My Hair

Before ...

Please excuse me looking natural... it was first thing in the morning!

After ...

So after trying and testing the products in the new shine range, the first word that comes to mind is WOW! I am in love with the way my hair looked afterwards as it was full of shine and there really was a noticeable difference in how glossy my hair looked. Before washing my hair, the ends felt a little rough and dry and I'm sure you will agree it wasn't looking too grand. However after using it, my hair looked healthy and shiny, so much so it was gleaming!

Having hair which is on the thinner side, I usually find that hair care products which are there to add shine, can often make my hair feel and look a bit greasy; but the Aussie Shine Range only made my hair feel soft and luxurious. I'm positive that this is because of the magic pearl powder which has been used and lets face it every girl should have some pearls that shine and what better way to wear them than in your hair! 

Not only will the shine range give your hair a needed pick me up and add lots of volume, it will also give you plenty of reasons or excuses to swish your hair repeatedly (you really do feel like a glamorous celebrity!). The shine range will definitely give you the confidence for that much needed hair swishing, but the main reason for a hair swish is that the smell of this range is simply good enough to eat! When most people think of Aussie they usually think of the classic Aussie bubblegum smell... Well Aussie have really taken yummy scents to a whole new level as the shine range has to be there best smelling range yet! It has the most gorgeous cotton candy smell to it with the peach and strawberry smell really coming to the forefront. I love that you can smell this on your hair all day... So I swish my hair just to get a whiff of it!  

I am in love with the new Shine Range and I'm sure any Aussie fan will soon agree, it is like a little bit of heaven in a bottle and will make your locks just dreamy!

Here is what Lauren thought 

Before ...

After ...

"The clue's in the title; it's certainly a miracle worker. After having my hair chemically stripped at the hairdressers earlier this year, my barnet's been suffering somewhat as a result. It's been dry, tangly and generally in need of some TLC."
"Cue Aussie's Miracle in a bottle - offering manageable hair that's easy to comb through, ample volume and SO.MUCH.SHINE."
P"lus, it smells beautiful - just like candy floss and almost good enough to eat."
Here is how Sarah got on

Before ..

After ...

"There's nothing more exciting than Aussie bringing out a new product range, but what better than a shine range so we can all have luscious gleaming hair like a celebrity.Normally I wouldn't opt to buy a 'shine' shampoo or conditioner as they tend to make my hair look greasy, but this Aussie range gives your hair a natural healthy looking shine, it also make it feel lovely and soft and being as my hair is due to be re-coloured it really made my hair look more vibrant."

"As I wear Micro-Bead Hair Extensions, to test out this product I used the Miracle Shine Shampoo and the 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment, as when I wash my Hair Extensions I like to put a treatment on them to help maintain their condition."
"When I use any of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Treatments I always leave it on for about 10 Minutes with my hair wrapped in a towel, even though it does only take 1-3 Minutes, I like to give my Hair Extensions that little bit longer for more of a deep condition.The smell of the product is so devine, I have been trying to figure for days what sweet it smells like and I've finally figured while writing this that it smells just like Strawberry Hubba Bubba!!"
"On my photo's above you will see how my Hair Extensions went from looking Dry, Unmanageable and Dull..... To looking Vibrant and Soft with a Healthy looking Shine. I didn't use any other products on my hair while styling, only the Aussie Take the Heat Leave-in Spray."
"This product range is now one of my favourites...Thankyou Aussie for bringing us another amazing little miracle!"
So why should we win the next Aussiee Pamper Session?
Myself, Lauren and Sarah all loved using the New Miracle Shine Range as its all done our hair the world of good and made our hair look as though we've been been sat in the gorgeous Aussie sun for the past year (a girl can dream). It smells scrumptious, adds softness and shine, making your hair just glamorous and beautiful! All three of us loved working together to get this Aussie post up for you beauties and would love the chance for another little get together with Aussie. I would love if you beauty babes could go have a look at their blogs and check out there Aussome Aussie posts!
Find Sarah at - OhSoGlam
Find Lauren at - ALaurentoHerself
Will be you trying the new shine range when it hits stores? Let me know as I would love to know your thoughts.

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