Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lush Sympathy For The Skin Hand & Body Lotion || Review

Most of you know by now that I love body butters and mositurisers, so I'll save you all the long introduction about how they are my favourite skincare product etc. If you had a little peek at my most recent 'Monthly Favouties' post you will have seen this bad boy on there, Lush's 'Sympathy For The Skin Hand & Body Lotion' and since receiving this little gift from Lush, it's shot straight to the top of being one of my favourite mositursers.

What makes this lotion so amazing is the feeling that it leaves my skin after using it, honestly my skin has never felt so soft. This lotion has some amazing ingredients that really work into your skin including banana which does a great job at not only nourishing your skin, but keeping the moisture locked in there too, this way your skin is going to stay softer for a lot longer. Other ingredients also include cocoa butter (one of my favourites) and almond oil. 

I don't think I've ever tried any other beauty products that have included banana before, but I really think that the bananas in this body lotion are the key ingredient which make it so special. As soon as you open this pot you get such a lovely whaff of bananas, but its in no way overpowering. The smell of bananas has been dulled down a little, I know that there is also vanilla in this lotion, so it's almost a mix of the two; It smells a bit like a whipped banana smoothie... yummm! I love how this scent lingers on your skin a good few hours after application, and as the day goes on you keep getting little reminders at how good this lotion smelt when you applied it earlier. 

As you can see from the pictures, Sympathy For The Skin is very thick in texture and I would definitely describe it to be more of a body butter than your everyday moisturiser; It's very heavy duty. As thick and creamy as it is though, I find that it sinks into your skin pretty quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your skin afterwards; Although some of you may find this a little bit too heavy for in the day. 

I've not got a bad word to say about this lotion, it really is heavenly to use. I think it's banana smell completely wins me over, and the fact that it makes my skin so silky smooth is just amazing! If any of you spotted from the pictures this tub has 'Self Preserving' written on it, which means Lush have now taken all those nasty ingredients such as parabens out, making it great for those of you who are looking for more natural products.

I know that I've overlooked Lush in the past for their skincare products, but this body lotion has really impressed me and I know I'll be popping back into my local Lush to try out some more things and pick up another tub of 'Sympathy For The Skin' (I've now used all mine up). I would love to know what your thoughts are on this moisturiser and if you have any other faves from Lush let me know!

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Miss Sunshine & Sparkle Does YouTube!!!

Hi everyone I hope your all having a fabulous weekend, just a quick little post and update for you all today. Going by the title there is really no need to explain to you all what the big news and update is... I finally decided to film a video and get myself up on YouTube ... eeep!

This is something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time and after ages of umming and ahhing I finally worked up the confidence to upload a video. I thought it was about time that you lovely lot saw the person behind the blog once and for all. I thought it would be perfect if my first video was dedicated to my most favoiurite makeup item... LIPSTICK. I've picked out for you all my top summer shades for summer, so I really hope you like it and the lipsticks I've picked out for you.

I would be over the moon if you could take the time to have a little watch, like the video and if your feeling really generous subscribe, it would really make my day. 

Thank you so much for watching and I would love to hear your feedback.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

May Degustabox || Review

I think every beauty blogger and beauty lover has heard and tried some or all of the monthly subscription beauty boxes, myself included, but I had never heard or thought about there being a monthly food subscription box; Not until I was kindly gifted the May edition of the Degusta Box. The Degusta Box is a monthly subscription service which costs £12.99 (including P&P) a month and includes a mixture of food and drinks that are double the value of what you pay for the box. Like with most monthly subscription boxes, there is no contract with the Degusta Box and you are free to cancel at any time. I think the idea behind it is for us foodies to try and sample new foods and drinks that we wouldn't necessarily buy ourselves. Something that makes the Degusta Box that little bit more exciting is that some of the contents are new to the market, so your one of the first to try. When the postman dropped this off I have to admit I was pretty excited, the box was huge, packaged really nicely and I couldn't wait to see its contents. 

Kettle Sweet Potato Chips - Sweet Chilli (RRP £2.49)

I was pretty excited to see this bright red bag of Kettle Chips as I've always had a bit of a weakness for crisps, especially the big sharing ones. These ones have been made from sweet potato which is a great healthy alternative, this different texture and taste of the chips, combined with the sweet chilli flavouring made these so scrumptious and moreish. I was a big fan of these and they went down a treat on mine and James's film night Friday's.

Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Cocoa Crunch Flutes (RRP £2.59) 

Out of all the contents of the Degusta Box, these chocolate flutes were my favourite. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate (again another slightly heather alternative) and these crunchy flutes were so delicious that they didn't last long in my house hold at all! The chocolate was really luxurious and had such a yummy flavour, I would definitely pick these up if I saw them in the shops.

Lizi's Granola On The Go (RRP 1.29)

I was pretty excited to see this on the go granola in the Degusta Box just because I love breakfast time and its possibly one of my most favourite meals of the day. Seriously my first thought in the morning is food, and I will more than likely reach for a bowl of cereal. However there are those 'opps I slept though my alarm' mornings and on these days I just don't have time for breakfast, this 'Lizi's Granola On The Go' sounds perfect for those mornings where rushing around. Hidden at the bottom of the packaging is a little plastic spoon, all you need to  do is add a little bit of water and this is ready to eat. I've still not tried this yet, but have it hidden away in one of the cupboards at work for that emergency morning breakfast.

Garofalo Pasta (RRP £1.98) || Cirio Passata (RRP £1.35) || Cirio Puree (RRP £1.10)

If I'm honest these three products baffled me a little and they didn't really excite me being there in the box. Don't get me wrong I love Italian food, so they will definitely be put to good use, but I think these are ingredients that pretty much everyone has tried. To me pasta pretty much all tastes the same unless its fresh, most of us will have a tube of tomato puree in the kitchen and when I cook Italian dishes I try to make all my own sauces, especially when the main ingredient is tomato. I think it's nice that you get the ingredients to make a little mini meal, but this is something could easily be in someones weekly shop.

Raw Sugar Free Chewing Gum x2 (RRP £0.99 each)

I quite like a bit of chewing gum now and again, but I had never heard of this brand 'Raw' or chewing gum that claimed to give you a boost of energy. As soon as I opened the packet all I could smell was that familiar smell of Red Bull, and that is a smell that I despise so there was no way that I was even going to try these. I gave them to James to take to work and was told that they were a hit in the office! So not a product to my liking, but if you like your energy drinks I don't see why you wouldn't like these too.

Dr. Oetker Cake Release Spray (RRP £2.28)

This is one of those products that you are either going to love or hate. If there is a little baker in you then this cake spray which aids you in greasing tins is going to be a hit for you. For me personally I really love baking, but it's something that I don't really do just because I don't have the time. I really like the idea of this product and it does slightly inspire me to get out my baking books, but realistically I know it's probably going to be sat in my cupboard for some time. I do know that my Grandma will love trying this out (shes one for baking cakes every weekend) so I'm going to gift this spray to her.

Hornsby's Cider (RRP £5.00 for a pack of four)

If I was a cider drinker then I'm pretty sure that these brightly coloured bottles of cider would look really appealing and I would get rather excited about seeing them in the box. Unfortunately I don't like cider at all, and nor does James so these again were gifted to some work colleagues. For those of you who are wondering the flavours are apple and strawberry and lime - They sound great but are just not for me sadly.

Taylors Of Harrogate Blackberry and Elderflower Tea (RRP £2.99)

Again this is another product that I pretty much have to turn my nose up at right away. I am seriously such a fussy drinker and I just can't bring myself to drink any hot drink whatsoever. Honestly guys I've never even tried hot chocolate! If you love your hot fruity drinks I am sure that you would be thrilled to have a box of 20 fruit tea bags in your box, but it's just not something I can get excited about. James is not even a huge fan of fruit teas; I would hate to see anything go to waste, so once again this is something that will be gifted.

Cawston Cloudy Apple Drink (RRP £1.00)

I was pretty pleased to see a drink that I would enjoy drinking in the box, and I really enjoyed this can of Cawston's fizzy cloudy apple drink - It would have be nice if there was more than one! With all the hot weather we've had this drink was really refreshing, it tasted a little bit like apple tizer. I've never seen Cawton drinks in the shops before, but if I do see it in the shops when I'm getting my next meal deal at lunch I think I would pick one up.

So that's all the contents in the May edition of the Degusta Box. I have to say I really like the idea and concept of the food box, but unfortunately I found that there wasn't a huge amount of products that I really liked; I know I'm a fussy drinker which does limit me a little bit. I have had a look at previous months boxes and if I had had one of those I think I would have been a little bit more in love with the box. It just goes to show that every box really is different and will cater to everyone's taste buds at some point, if not all the time. If you love food and drink and trying new things then this is something that you will love. It's really exciting opening a box of treats and not knowing what your going to get. Even though I didn't like everything in the box it was great to see that the box was so varied and they had a selection of food, drinks, sweets and treats. 

If you would like to subscribe and receive your very own Degusta Box each month then be sure to take a look at the website here. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this monthly food box and if this is something that would appeal to you, let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Loving Bourjois Back

When it comes to treating ourselves to makeup on the high street there are some brands that really stand out to me and have some wonderful ranges of products to offer us beauty obsessed girls. Bourjois hardly need any explanation as to why they're so great, so I'm just going to say outright that I really adore the brand and probably at least half of the contents of my makeup bag are Bourjois products. Not only are Bourjois products great in terms of value and quality, but I adore their branding and I love how each product has a girly chic look to it. The first product I ever tried from Bourjois was their famous chocolate bronzer, and to this day is still a holy grail item for me; I wouldn't be without it. I thought it was about time I gave some love back to my favourite makeup brand and showcase some of my favourite Bourjois makeup bits and bobs.

Poudre Bronzante Delice de Poudre (AKA Chocolate Bronzer)
As I mentioned previously the chocolate bronzer is the one product from Bourjois that has been a staple in my makeup bag for years and I would definitely class it as one of my holy grail products. Words cannot express just how much I love this product and there is rarely a day that passes where I don't use it. To me the Poudre Bronzante Delice de Poudre makes the perfect bronzer because it gives your skin that beautiful sun-kissed look without the need to overdo it on the bronzer. The bronzer has a soft silky texture to it which is very buildable and its matte finish makes it perfect for an all over bronzed look or for those of you who love to contour. The fact that this bronzer smells like chocolate is just one huge added bonus and makes it like no other bronzer I've ever tried. Its quite simply amazing and I love it.

Bronzing Primer
As you can see from the picture, there is not a huge amount of this product left (we really are scrapping the sides here), the reason being is that I love it so much - In fact this is my second pot! Primers are such an essential in our makeup routine, but this bronzing one is just that extra bit special and perfect for the summer months. Not only does this primer reduce the appearance of lines and smooths out the skin, but you get a gorgeous sun kissed glow at the same time which really does give you that extra boost of radiance (think gorgeous holiday skin). I love wearing this either on its own on those minimal makeup days, or underneath my foundation to give my skin that extra summer glow.

Healthy Mix Serum
Last summer the healthy mix serum was my go too foundation and now that we've finally stepped into summer again, its making a speedy comeback into my every day makeup routine. For me summer makeup is going for that fresh faced, natural dewy skin look and the healthy mix serum is the perfect foundation to achieve this it. I love the way that this looks on my skin, its not too heavy and I love how it makes my skin look super healthy at the same time. This foundation paired with the Bronzing Primer is one of my favourite combinations for summer and they work perfectly together.

If I'm honest I never really got behind the BB Cream hype and I'm still yet to find one that I absolutely love and swear by. However if I had to choose one BB cream to recommend anyone it would have to be this 8 in 1 Bronzing one. Why? Not only does it do a fantastic job at hydrating my skin, but the bronzy shade gives my skin such a gorgeous natural looking flush of colour. I love using this first thing in the morning when I'm heading off to the gym to make me look a little more human; It really is the perfect cream to apply when you want to go for a look that's very minimal, but to still have a little bit of colour at the same time. The bronze is not too dark and blends out really evenly into your skin making it more of a subtle glow; Think your own skin but with a sheer tint of bronze added to it. This BB cream also does a great job at evening out your skin tone too, so its a great all rounder.

Khol & Contour Eyeliner

If you've read my most recent monthly favourites post you will know the story of this eyeliner and how it came to be such a staple in my every day makeup routine. This khol liner is by far one of the better pencil eyeliners that I've tried. To me the perfect eyeliner should not drag across your eye lids, but not be too soft at the same time, is long lasting in your waterline and should be really bendable to create a gorgeous smokey eye. This khol liner really does tick all of those boxes and I especially love wearing this in my waterline as it creates a lot of drama.

Cream Blush '03 Rose Tender'

As soon as these pretty little pots of cream blush where realised from Bourjous they became quite the hit amongst us beauty bloggers, and I can see why. If your wanting to add a subtle, but gorgeous pop of colour onto your cheeks that's really natural looking then one of these cream blushes is the way forward. My favourite one in the collection has to be the shade 03 in Rose Tender; It's this beautiful dusty pink colour that looks stunning once applied to the apples of your cheeks. Rose Tender makes it look as though your cheeks are naturally flushed pink, and is a very wearable shade that will suit most skin tones, especially those of you with paler skin. I love how these apply like a cream, but dry to this lovely satin finish on your cheeks. Not only are they really wearable, but they blend like a dream which makes them the perfect cream blush.

Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Red Pepper'

I think these Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks have to be one of Bourjois most exciting new releases; I am in love with these velvety liquid lipsticks and don't have bad word to say about them. I think this is a really fun lipstick to apply and wear, and it's doe foot applicator makes it really clean to apply. The velvet lipstick has this stunning matte finish, which almost feels quite mousse like on your lips. It goes on quite shiny, then instantly dries like a stain. What makes these velvet lipsticks so special is that they are in no way drying at all, which is often a flaw with lipsticks that have a matte finish. The Shade 'Red pepper' wins hands down for being my favourite, it's the perfect orange red shade and works beautifully with a tan for this time of year.

Shine Edition Lipstick '23 Grenade-In'

Out of all the lipsticks that Bourjois have to offer us, the Shine Edition ones have to be my favourite, not only do they look spectacular and shiny in their casing, but they look just as beautiful once on. The Shine Edition lipsticks feel and look like a gloss on, but they have the colour intensity of a lipstick and look so bright and beautiful. This is a look that I love and I reach for these so often. The formula is very comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters, but in my opinion these are way better as they are that little bit more hydrating and have a lot more staying power. Right now I am loving the shade 'Grenade-In' which is this bright fuchsia colour; Not only does it make your lips pop, it extremely girly and feminine at the same time.
So that's all of my favourite Bourjois must haves - I would love to know if any of your favourites match mine and what is your favourite item from Bourjois? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favourites

This month I've been really concentrating on my hair and working on getting it in the best condition it can possible be (keep your eyes pealed for an updated hair care routine soon) and this 'Headshot' shampoo and conditioner from Catwalk have worked amazingly in my hair. If you have long hair like me then you will know that keeping your locks looking healthy can be a right nightmare, especially when it comes to split ends and breakage - Seriously, longer hair means more knots and tangles, which means a lot of extra TLC. This shampoo and conditioner duo is a reconstructive treatment for you hair and this is all I've used since receiving this in my goody bag at the 'Northampton Blogger Meet'. Not only does it smell incredible, but it makes my hair shiny, glossy and my hair actually feels a lot thicker since using it, which is a great added bonus. As for slit ends, some of them nasty ones are still there, but this shampoo and conditioner has done a lot to smooth them out and make the tips of my hair a lot less damaged looking.

I am in love with this thick smoothie like body lotion from Lush, its incredible. If you've been reading my blog for some time you will know by now I love body butters and it has to be one of my favourite skin care products to use; This means I've tried and tested a lot of them. Out of all the body butters, lotions and potions that I've tried 'Sympathy For The Skin' has shot right up there into my top 5 moisturisers, I seriously love this stuff and being a big Lush fan I can't believe it's taken me this long to stumble upon it. I wont give too much away as I have a full review of this coming up very soon, but my banana scented body cream leaves my skin baby soft and is just heavenly to use... LOVE it!

Summer is all about the shimmer, and the warmer weather definitely gets me all excited about trying out new highlighters. However the only highlighter that I reached for during May was this gorgeous champagne shimmered one from MeMeMe; Just a few dabs of this on my cheekbones was enough to make my skin look all glowy and radiant, which is exactly what you need when your going for a bronzed beach goddess look, I wish! What I really love about this highlighter is how easy it is to apply and blend into your skin, you only need the tiniest amount of product to make it look as though the sun is beaming down onto your cheekbones. If you would like to see a full review of this product, including swatches you can find the link here.

The end of April saw me run out of my beloved Mac eye pencil in smolder which was without a doubt the best eyeliner that I've ever tried in my life, it's amazing! Being one to not dwell on things too much, I went shopping and picked up the Bourjois Khol & Contour eyeliner in the colour 'Noir Expert' which is a soft black shade; usually I prefer my eyeliners to be ultra black, but unfortunately they had sold out of this shade in my Boots and I thought a softer black would be more suitable for summer as its a little less harsh. Well after using this thoroughly throughout May, I can honestly say I've not missed my Mac pencil all that much and its been refreshing using something new and different. This is such a great eye pencil from Bourjois, but then again would you expect anything less from this brand? The pencil glides on so smoothly without dragging along your skin, is superb for blending out and works great on your waterline too, making it a great all round eyeliner. 

Since receiving this Barbie pink nail polish in the May edition of the Love Me Beauty Box its been the only colour my nails have seen. Not only is the colour gorgeous and perfect for spring but it looks so pretty and girly on your nails. When it comes to nail polish I really love these milky sort of shades that look really opaque on your nails. I had never heard of 'Nail Girls' before, but the application of this polish is really smooth and it dies pretty quickly too, which makes it a winner for me. 

Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush*

I have been loving this angled brush from Nanshy during the last couple of weeks, another item that I received in my goody bag from the 'Northampton Blogger Meet'. I had heard of the brand and a lot of rave things about their brushes, but had never gotten around to trying any. I have to say this angled brush has really made a difference to the way I sort my eyebrows out in the morning and makes applying the powder a breeze. Don't get me wrong I have other angled brushes in my collection, but this one just seams to be perfect for me in terms of size and the bristles not being too flimsy but soft at the same time. I love the white handle of the brush too, it almost has this pearlesque finish which makes it really pretty and stand out from my other makeup brushes. I'm definitely making it my mission to now add some more Nanshy brushes into my collection, I've been browsing and they all look as great as this angled detailer one.

So that's everything that made it onto my favourites post this month, I would love to know what you're go too products have been and if any of your favourites match mine. Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love


Monday, 2 June 2014

Festival Vibes Featuring Orelia Jewellery

With it being June, the summer is finally here... As soon as summer comes around, you know festival season is well and truly on its way and with it comes festival fashion. Whether you are thinking about making the trip to a festival this year or not, it doesn't really matter; You don't need that golden ticket to wear pretty flowers in your hair and rock the festival chic look. To help get you accessory inspired this summer, I've teamed up with Orelia to showcase some gorgeous jewellery and accessories that would be perfect for those hot summer evening garden parties or wild festival weekends. 

When it comes to achieving the perfect festival chic look, accessories are key and they can really help get you into that summery festival vibe. Think layering and stacking bracelets and rings, and of course don't forget your floral crown, that's an essential. I personally like to keep my jewellery dainty and delicate, but layering it up definitely gives it more of a statement look. Also adding in some colour will really help your accessories pop and stand out; I absolutely adore beaded bracelets and this emerald green tear drop one from Orelia is just so eye catching, I love it.

Hair accessories are you number accessory choice this summer and like I mentioned before, you don't want to miss out on wearing some flowers in your hair. This floral garland from Orelia is pretty in pink and just like the jewellery, dainty and beautiful. A floral crown like this one will work with any type of hair, long or short and is a great way to achieve that festival vibe. If flowers aren't your thing you could always opt for chain and beaded hair crowns for a different look.

Whatever accessories you choose, make them work for you and your outfit. You don't have to stop at bracelets and rings either! Necklaces are a great, especially statement ones as are earrings, and why not add in an anklet bracelet or two as well? 

Flower Hair Garland* £20.00 || Fine Midi Ring Set* £10.00 || Wing Ring* £10.00 || Teardrop Bead Bracelet* £10.00 || Coin Bracelet* £15.00 || 3 Pack of Bracelets* £8.00 

I adore summer accessories and Orelia have such an amazing selection of rings, bracelets necklaces and everything else that's jewellery related; so if your in need of some inspiration this summer be sure to have a look at their website here. I would love to see your inspired festival looks so be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

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