Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Mustard || NOTD

Autumn is slowly creeping upon us and I for one love the change of the seasons, particularly autumn as it just gives us so much to look forward too - I'm thinking cosy nights in, darker evenings, chunky knitwear, thick tights paired with ankle boots - the list goes on. One thing that really excites me about autumn has to be changing up our lipstick, makeup and of course the colour of our nails. 

I was taking a look though my nail collection the other day and felt so uninspired, there are so many brghts, pastels and glitters, but I noticed that I was really lacking in some of those perfect autumn shades. I had seen the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in 'Mustard' float around on other blogs and Instagram and I longed to have this shade of polish and wear it on my nails. Let's just say as soon as I saw this is Boots it went straight into my basket. 

This is never a colour that I would normally wear, but I just know that it's going to look perfect on those cold autumn days where the golden leaves are all on the ground and I've got my hat and scarf on - Mustard is just going to be the perfect shade to wear on my nails and compliment any winter berry colour that I'm wearing, whether this be in my clothes or makeup. I really think this is going to be my go to autumn shade and I'm pleased to welcome it to my nail polish collection!

I would love to know what your go too autumn shade is and if your a fan of this saucy mustard colour.

Lot's of Love


Monday, 29 September 2014

Love Me Beauty Box || September

Love Me Beauty Box* £10.00 (Plus P&P)

I've been the biggest fan of the Love Me Beauty Box for some time now and in my opinion it's been one of the best beauty boxes that you could get your little beauty mitts on - So you can only imagine my excitement when I found out that Love Me Beauty where having a complete makeover and changing the entire way we now order our beauty box. You may remember Love Me Beauty used to have a unique boutique that gave us three different menus to choose from each month; These have been scrapped and you can now choose exactly what products you want to receive each month... How amazing is that?

Now when logging onto the Love Me Beauty site, members are now asked to complete a quick beauty quiz so that Love Me Beauty can try and tailor the right beauty products for you, but you are able to browse the extensive beauty list that contain all the products on offer. What's so fantastic is that the box is the same price costing £10.00 plus p&p. Once your subscription has been activated you are given six credits from Love Me Beauty and these credits are then exchanged for beauty products - Products cost two or one credit depending on what they are. The great thing is that you can always purchase extra credits which means you can add more products to your box.

Along side the new Love Me Beauty concept comes a brand new box with sleek and gorgeous packaging. I was so excited when my personalised beauty box arrived though the door last week and being the sucker for packaging that I am, I was pretty blown away with the new design. The recyclable box that contained coloured shredded paper has now gone and has been replaced with a metallic silver box that can be reused as storage (I'm thinking makeup). All your beauty products have been placed in a draw string bag which is also a really nice added touch.

I had so much fun picking each item for my box, and even though I knew what I was getting it was exciting to take each item out of the bag and of course trying some products that I would have never heard of or tried if it hadn't been for Love Me Beauty.

The first item that I picked for my box was this Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner (150 ml). I've had the pleasure of trying a few Percy & Reed products in the past and have loved them so I was excited to try out this conditioner. This conditioner is said to reduce the damage done to your hair caused by brushing and will make your locks feel super soft on those non washing hair days which is perfect for my long hair.  I am so impressed that this is a full sized product and its a great item to have in the box.

Sticking with hair products, next up I chose this travel sized peppermint shampoo from Malin + Gotez. This is a brand that I had never heard of before, but being a lover of hair products I love trying out new things for my locks. I have never tried a peppermint shampoo before, so I can't wait to give this one ago and see what it does to my hair. This shampoo is said really hydrate your hair and make it feel ever so soft, so it sounds as though my hair is in for a treat.

The next item that caught my eye was this 5 in 1 wonder lash mascara from Oriflame. I have never heard of this brand, but seeing as I'm still on that mission to find the perfect mascara, I thought that this one sounded pretty good so added it to my box. I love the purple and gold packaging of this mascara, the only thing that disappointed me was the thin plastic brush as I usually like quite a bristly brush with my mascaras. However I have used it a few times and after a few clumsy attempts with the brush I have to say that this did a great job at lengthening my lashes and giving them a little lift, so I know I'll get my use out of this product.

Last in my box was a sample size of the Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost, this is a product that have been wanting to try for quite a while, so it's great being able to try out this little sample bottle. I love adding a bit of a golden glow wherever I can especially when it's colder as it can leave my skin looking a little dull. I've only swatched this on the back of my hand so far, but it looks gorgeous and really left my skin glowing so I can't wait to try this out.

So that's everything in my personalised Love Me Beauty Box, I love everything inside and picking all of my products had to be the best thing overall this month, it really does make Love Me Beauty all that more special and I think this new type of box is going to be a huge hit among us beauty lovers. If you would like to pick and choose your own Love Me Beauty box then be sure to take a look at their website here.

I would love to know what products you picked, let me know in the comments below what worked it's way into your box. 

Lot's of Love


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Missgided Co-Ordinates || OOTD

Co-Ordinates Missguided || Crop Top Missguided || Sandals Missguided || Jewellry Orelia 

Summer style this year for me has been all about the Co-Ords, I just love wearing matching two pieces and I think they create the perfect outfit that is just suitable for daytime and evening. My favourite two piece of the summer has to be these pretty pastel pink dog tooth print ones from Missguided, you may have seen them featured in my Missguided haul video here.

I love how pastel colours and prints are still going to be making an appearance this Autumn/Winter but as the weather is still okay for the time being I'm making the most out of this little co-ord set. I love how these shorts high waisted shorts have that extra bit of detailing with the cute cut outs at the bottom - Add a pair of barley there sandals and I'm good to go.

What has been your favourite summer outfit? Are you a fan of co-ordinates and pastels? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love


Sunday, 21 September 2014

I&K Dip Dye Hair Extensions From Hairtrade || Review

I&K Dip Dye Hair Extensions From Hairtrade* £69.99

I often get asked a lot why I always turn to hair extensions and why I bother to pop them in every now again when I already have long hair. Well the answer is obvious... I love having lushious long locks AND although pictures may fool you all, I actually have pretty thin hair and I love the way that hair extensions do a fab job at making my locks look thick, full of volume, movement and body. So already being a fan of hair extensions you can just imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to try these gorgeous dip dyed pieces by I&K from Hairtrade.

I've had dark hair for a good few years now and I think every girl gets to that point where they get a little fed up of their hair colour... well I've reached that point a few times but always feared change and never wanted to fully commit to working a hair different hair colour. I've always liked the idea of Ombre hair, whenever I see it on other girls I always I always get major hair envy, but I've always been a little afraid to do this on my own hair. I think it's this reason alone that made me so excited to try these golden blonde tipped extensions as I was able to try out ombre hair without having the commitment, fuss or worry that something might go terribly wrong.

First of all the actual hair extensions are lovely and are ever so soft; the hair is really thick, even towards the ends of the extensions which is perfect as this is where your own hair will naturally thin - It just means you have extra long gorgeous thick hair when you wear the extensions. These ones from I&K have been made from 100% human hair which means that you can treat them pretty much just like your own hair - Styling, washing, cutting, dying, with these you can do it all. 

The Dip Dye set that I'm wearing is 18 inches long, which is just perfect for my hair length. With the set you get two large clip in pieces, two medium clip in pieces and six small clip in pieces which is plenty of hair to enhance your own hair and make it look gorgeous. One thing that really impressed me about the I&K extensions is that the actual clips feel so sturdy and comfortable once placed in my hair. Sometimes I've found on other hair extensions that the clips can dig into my scalp a little bit making the extensions a uncomfortable to wear, but I've had no bother with these ones from I&K and I'm even more impressed that they stay put once clipped in too, even on thin hair.

I absolutely love the look and the effect that these dip dye hair extensions give and I can't wait to curl these as I think they will look amazing. It's great being able to change my hair style completely without having to go to the hair dressers or picking up a box of hair dye and hoping for the best (we've all been there I'm sure). If you would like to get dip dyed hair without the fuss then be sure to head over to the Hairtrade website here, where they have all kinds of dip dye hair extensions. Even if your not looking for ombre hair, I&K offer regular extensions with shades to suit everyone and the quality of these extensions are lovely, I would recommend them.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on my dip dyed hair and if ombre hair extensions are something you would try, let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Outfit || Gossip Girl Inspired

Shirt H&M || Skirt H&M  || Hat H&M  || Necklace Pretty Pretty* || Boots River Island || Socks River Island || Bracelets Orelia*

September is here which means Autumn is well and truly on its way. A lot of you have been going back to school this week and with this outfit I can't help but feel like I'm stepping into Gossip Girl and heading to Constance. I'm loving this loose fitted white shirt at the moment, it tucks in beautifully to any skirt or high waisted trouser and the blower hat was just an accessory that worked perfectly. 

Whether your heading back to school, or just feeling a little bit Jenny Humphrey, this outfit is cute and fun to wear, I would love to know your thoughts.

Lots of Love


Thursday, 11 September 2014

La Redoute And The Language Of Love

This week French brand La Redoute have launched an exciting brand new ad campaign called the language of love and it's all about telling your closest love ones just how much they mean to you. If you have a few spare minutes I recommend you taking the time to watch the campaign video below as I'm sure it will melt your heart a little just like it did with mine. What La Redoute aims to convey in this campaign is that 'French style is more than just aesthetic - It's an attitude. If everyone of us in Britain could try on a little French style every day, and spontaneously tell someone 'I love you' wouldn't our days be a little brighter?'

I think sometimes we forget to tell the people we are closest too just how much we love them and those three little words 'I Love You' are not said enough sometimes, but yet mean so much when said to someone. I think this campaign is such a lovely idea and a reminder that we all need to share a little more love. I for one felt so inspired when watching the video and I thought to myself I am actually someone who likes to express my emotions especially to James my fiancĂ© and close family, but it’s my closest friends that I probably tend not to tell them just how much they really mean to me; So I decided to dedicate my message of love to three of my closest friends who actually mean the world to me - Sarah, Stacey and Emily this message of love is just for you ...

Girls it was a love of cheerleading and sparkly big bows that brought us all together, and it wasn't long before our Chaos/Rainbow cheer team was turned into a little cheer family. Cheer training with you guys has been so amazing and I know that every cheer session is going to be fun, full of laughter and giggles… lots of them; I always leave every session on such a high and can't wait for the next one. I've trusted you girls with my life and in return I know I've given you a ton of bruises, which I know doesn't sound like a great return but you all know that I'm ditsy Danni and you guys wouldn't have me any other way, that alone makes you the best friends ever. Stacey I know I gave you a really bad black eye right before you had to go to work, Emily I know my very unbalanced legs have kicked you in the face repeatedly and Sarah the time I nearly broke your neck by sitting on you must have been awful (to anyone else reading I know this sounds so bad, but cheerleading is no easy thing, unless you’re the tightest flyer ever, and I'm sure they make mistakes too). I know I've always said sorry for inuring you guys, but straight away you laugh it off, are ready to keep stunting and in a weird way it’s all these little mishaps that make us closer.

Our love for cheer wasn't enough and as a group we've always wanted to go on mini adventures, Blackpool, Boardmasters and Royal Ascot to name a few. I always know that whenever we get together I am going to have the best time. When I am with you three I never laugh so much in my life and there is never a bad or dull moment. Whatever situation comes our way, we get though it together and have the best of time, you girls have honestly changed my life for the better and have given me so many memories that I'll treasure and never forget. As well as all the fun moments there are those times where I know I could pick up the phone call you and you will always be there for me and I know we will always be there for each other.

Stacey, you are such a beautiful person inside out and with a heart of gold. Not only are you an amazing cheer coach, but you’re so fun to be around, your personality and laugh are contagious and we can always count on you for those random spontaneous fun moments. You really are an amazing person who always puts others before yourself. I absolutely love your beauty recommendations, if anyone is going to know the best eyeliner, lipstick or fake tan going around I can always guarantee that you've tried and tested it and will point me in the right direction. I love that you know lipstick is the way to my heart but you've taught me how important it is to be a natural beauty too and have inspired me to brave the world barefaced without any makeup (sometimes), which is something I would have never have done if it weren't for you. You are such a babe, have bundles of sparkle and I love you.

Emily, I can always count on you to bring the fun, and you are the best two armed raver that I know, no one parties in the dance tent quite like you. You’re the only person other than me who I know who likes to rave solo which makes me feel so much better for raving my arm around like a loony at home, especially when you text me saying you've been raving on the way to work. I love that we are not only cheer friends but blogging buddies too and your achievements are amazing and I am so proud of you. Out of everyone I think you put up with my 'ditsy' moments the most and laugh them off with me ‘I feel like Morgan Freeman’ comes to mind. You love for llamas and knitwear always make me smile and it always amazes me how quickly you get ready compared to us lot but yet always look beautiful. I love having you in my life and I love you.

Sarah, I don't think there is a day that passes where we don't talk and your blonde moments always seem equal my ditsy ones which means sometimes I think we are the same and are on the same wavelength. I love how organised you are and your schedules always have me in stitches, you know exactly which ones I mean! You wear your heart on your sleeve and do everything for those closest to you. Not only are you so kind, genuine and caring, but I love your honest and fierce moments too, I know that you will always fight in my corner no matter what. I love that you know my love for penguins is so real and the fact that you adopted me a baby penguin for my birthday says it all. You are such a special friend and I love you.

Girls I love having you in my life and I know that we will always be friends and always have cheer in our hearts. I can't wait for more adventures in the future, each of you sparkle in your own way and I love our little group. Cheer sleepovers are always the best and I know that no matter what I can count on you three to always make me smile, girls I love you. 

For those of you reading and made it to the end of this post, I really hope that your inspired by the La Redoute ad campaign and hopefully you feel like spreading a little love yourselves, even if it’s just a quick message or phone call to tell someone close that you love them. Around 82% of us in Britain would love to hear the words 'I Love You' every single day but only 30% of us actually say it, so make a change and bring a smile to someone’s face by spreading a little love.

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Faith In Nature Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo and Conditioner || Review

Faith In Nature Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo and Conditioner* £5.50 (each

One of the exciting things about being a blogger is getting the chance to try and test out new and different products. One of my favourite beauty items to try out has to be shampoos and conditioners; I don’t know why but I just like seeing the results of what using a different shampoo and conditioner can make. I think you can tell instantly if you’re going to like a new duo for your locks instantly and then seeing if it has works wonders on your hair is always satisfying (that’s if all’s gone well at the washing stage).

Recently I've gotten my beauty mitts on a shampoo and conditioner from Faith In Nature, a brand that has created its products with natural ingredients which helps care for your hair and of course the environment. I have to say I was pretty excited to try out this duo just because I've never used any natural products to wash my hair with before and I was pretty interested to see if it had made any difference. I've been washing my locks with the Faith In Nature Shampoo and Conditioner in the Grapefruit and Orange scent for the past two weeks and I’m pleased to report back that my hair and I have fallen a little bit in love with these products.

Firstly the scent is absolutely amazing and I've never smelt a shampoo or conditioner that has smelled to zesty. This duo has the most gorgeous and uplifting citrus scent, and both grapefruit and orange smells really come though. What I love most about the scent is that it’s not too overpowering, yet it really does transfer onto your hair and every time your hair has a big swish throughout the day you get a whiff of grapefruit and orange, it’s so lovely.

I've noticed that my hair seams a loft smoother and softer after washing it too. I have thin hair which means I get those awful frizzy flyaways, but these products really seem to keep most of those loose stands under some control which is fantastic. My hair also feels really clean once I've used these products and although it’s not a clarifying product, I do feel as though it washes out some product build up in my hair just because my hair is so soft once I've finished using it.

For me the only downside to this shampoo and conditioner has to be its lack of frothy soapy suds when I’m actually washing my hair and I can only put this down to it being made from natural ingredients. Because I have long hair, I like there to be a lot of lather up when I wash my hair and I feel as though I have to use quite a bit of product to make it feel as though I've got enough product in my hair in order for it to be clean. However my hair always looks clean and smells fantastic once I’m out the shower and I can only put this down to me not being used to this kind of shampoo and conditioner. Other than that I can’t fault it.

Faith In Nature have so many different shampoos and conditioners with different scents and for different hair types, if they all smell and work as good as the ‘grapefruit and orange’ range then I can definitely see myself trying out some more once I've used these two up, they even have a chocolate scented range – How amazing does that sound? If you would like to take a look at the range you can take a look at their website using the link here.

I would love to know if you've tried any products from Faith In Nature or if you've tried any hair products which are more on the natural side, have you noticed any difference? Let me know in the comments below

Lots of Love


Monthly Favourites || August

Usually I will always try to get up a monthly favourites post, but last month was a bit fat fail for me and I found that there was only one or two products that made it to the top of my favourites list. Sometimes I like a product then just tend to stick with it so they become ongoing faves and there is nothing new to post about. However throughout August I rekindled my love with some old favourites and found some new ones too, so if you fancy finding out what's made it to the top of the list, then get comfy and keep on reading.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick* - Ken Will Want Me

If you've been up to date on my blog the last few months then you may know that we went a little lip stick crazy here on Miss Sunshine & Sparkle. Lipstick has to be my ultimate favourite beauty item and I had so much fun trying and testing out all the lipsticks from the Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek range. Whilst testing them all out I completely fell head over heels in love with the most gorgeous everyday pink colour. As you can see from the pictures 'Ken Will Want Me' (I adore the name too) is such a pretty girly pink colour that works perfectly with so many everyday makeup looks. I love the creamy formula, it keeps my lips so feeling soft and hydrated. Also this lipstick is so pigmented which is great, this lippie has definitely become one of my all time favourites, I can see me repurchasing this again and again

MAC Lovelorn

I am such a sucker for a Mac lipstick and you know your hooked when you've gone though two of the same lipstick already. I think its fair to say that Mac's Lovelorn is my favourite lipstick from the brand and I'm now working my way though my third one. This 'Lustre' lipstick is just so pretty and beautiful on and its such a pale neutral pink that it works so well for everyday wearing. I am always applying this lipstick and it's definitely one of my go too ones. Shockingly I've never actually done a full review of my beloved Lovelorn so I plan on getting one posted for you very soon, so keep your eyes pealed for that.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

I used to be a gel liner kind of girl, but this year has seen me change back to liquid liner and recently I've made it my mission to add a few new ones to my collection. For some reason I find that liquid liner is the only kind of formula that wont cause my liner to smear of melt throughout the day, and in the summer that is an essential. The only bug bear I have with liquid liner is that I find the colour can fade as the day goes on and what was a jet black line in the morning, turns into something that is a bit grey and grubby towards the end of the day. However the Revlon Colorstay liner does such an amazing job at not only keeping my liner put, but the colour actually lasts which is amazing. I think I may have finally found my holy grail liquid liner, thank you Revlon! The tip of the brush makes this liner ever so easy to apply and its really precise too which is fabulous, I love it.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - True Beige 

Another all time favourite of mine that has made a comeback this month is the Revlon Colorstay foundation which has to be one of my all time favourites. I can't fault this foundation in anyway and it's definitely the most long lasting foundation that I've ever tried. Usually during the summer months I like to go for a dewy look, however the last month or so I have been so busy and have needed something a bit more heavy duty and with full coverage too. I love how this foundation makes my skin look flawless and it does an amazing job at keeping oily skin at bay, no shine here! Again I don't think I've ever done a full review of this foundation, so I will be sure to pop one up very soon. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion

I'm sure you all know by now that fake tanning is part of my weekly beauty regime and this month has been all about getting that golden glow with minimum fuss. For the longest time I have loved the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze, it is by far the best gradual tanner out there, but it's been ages since I last picked up a bottle. I've been using this non stop for my tanning over the last month and I had honestly forgotten just how amazing this stuff is. This moisturiser develops into a lovely natural golden tan overnight and smells just like cocoa butter, if you want to read my full review you can find it here.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Luscious Long Lightweight Conditioner.

Talking of products making a big comeback for me this month, this Aussie leave in conditioner has been another holy grail item of mine that I had kind of forgotten about. I bought this for my Boardmasters trip as I knew I would need something trusty to help manage my hair whilst I was away and of course to help get rid of any tangles. I've been using this non stop since then and I had forgotten just how much I love it. I love the way this leave in conditioner feels in my hair, its really lightweight, makes my hair silky smooth and makes it smell amazing. The Luscious Long formula is great for us girls with long locks as really helps to kink out any nasty knots or tangles that you may have.

So that's everything for this months favourites, I would love to know what you've been loving recently and if any or your favourites match mine then be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Shower Gel || Review

Organic Surge is a brand that I've become quite fond of recently and I've been loving their range of shower gels, especially this one in the 'Fresh Ocean' scent. I love it when you get a shower gel that smells amazing, lathers up really well and gives you a great clean at the same time. Organic Surge are a natural beauty brand and their shower gels contain no parabens or synthetic fragrances or colourants which is great; It's lovely using a product that contains no nasties. 

What I really love about this particular shower gel has to be the fragrance, I'm not the best at describing scents and most of you will probably be wondering what on earth a 'Fresh Ocean' smells like, but what I can say it smells very refreshing and works as a great pick me up on those mornings where your feeling extra sleepy. To help give you a better idea of the scent, this shower gel contains lemon, rosemary and lime, so its quite zesty and has a lovely natural smell to it.

If your looking for a natural product to use in the morning, one that feels lovely on your skin and makes you and your bathroom smell lush then I would definitely recommend talking a look at Organic Surge, their products are great.

Lots of Love

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