Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NOTD: Models Own Pink Fizz

Hello my lovelies. I thought I would share with you a polish that I'm in love with at the minute. Its super sparkly and I have a feeling you will love it too. Its Pink Fizz by Models Own. I cannot express how much I love Model's Own polishes and would highly recommend them to anyone. 

As a lot of you may have seen, glitter and sparkle is everywhere in shops this season ranging from dresses, jeans, shoes to bags. You name it glitter is everywhere, you could even dress from head to toe in it if you really wanted! I just love seeing everything so sparkly around me, especially around this time of year makes me feel ever so festive. However unless your brave this style is manly for party season and not something you would pop down to your local shops in. I did think to myself there must be a better way to get your glitter fix without going OTT and I found out there was. The answer? Painting my nails in all over pink glitter polish. I've had this one by Models Own in my collection for a little while now and it was something I wore a lot in the summer.... and I mean a lot!. I was sad seeing it being put away at the end of the Summer as the autumn/winter came around. But all this sparkle has given me the perfect excuse to pop this polish back into my favourites for this season. Whoopppee!! 

Not only is this polish extremely affordable at a bargain £5, I've found it has great wear to it, lasting ages before any chips occur. If pink is not your colour not to fear; Models Own has a whole range of colours in the glitter polish collection to suit everyone, click here to have a look which shade you can get. The website are also offering a few deals on their polishes right now so you can save some money also. 

I love this look on my nails and it catches the light perfectly, its defiantly a polish that will stand out and get people noticing your sparkly nails. What shades do you love from the collection? I would love to know what ones you recommend.  What other brands you love that have a glitter collection? Let me know in the comments below, as I love hearing from you. 


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Free Models Own Lipgloss

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. I was doing a spot of shopping with my wonderful mum in my local town today. As you know Christmas shopping is thirsty work and we decided to take advantage of the Diet Coke offer at Boots. Purchase two Diet Coke bottles and receive a free Models Own Lipgloss. Who can say no to a good old freebie especially when you are craving a Diet Coke. My mum and I had one each and she kindly let me be the one who could keep the lipgloss. Thanks mumma :). 

I was so excited by this offer as I love the Models Own brand especially there Nail Polishes and I love Diet Coke. There were four lip glosses to choose from in the Collection including Lacquer Red, Glossy Pink, Golden Nude and the one which I opted for Pure Plum. I had high hope for this lipgloss and it didn't let me down. It is super pigmented in colour and the plum one had tiny flecks of gold in it which also transferred onto the lips. Gorgeous. This is not a shade I would usually go for and there is nothing like this colour in my make-up collection but I thought that this would be perfect coming up to the Christmas Season. I defiantly felt that it Gave me a festive look as I continued my shopping. Not to mention the flavour was very yummy indeed. Smelt a little bit like cherry I thought but I could be wrong as I'm not the best with pin pointing smells. 

And good news for Diet Coke fans, this offer will be on until the 27th December, plenty of time to collect the other shades. I am wanting to try the pink one and its a lovely Barbie Pink. What shades have you got you hands or will be trying.

Happy Saturday everyone 


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Heads Up: Giveaway

Hello beauty's. I thought I would give you a quick heads up today and put  forward to you a giveaway on Lina's  Blog at Linasbeautydiary. I love to read her blog and she has some great posts on there that you should defiantly check out. The giveaway is to celebrate her reaching 150 members, and well deserved to her. I hope she gets many more. 

The giveaway is the O.P.I Mini Muppet's collection (if your a nail polish junkie like me then you'll love this), a L'Oreal Studio Secrets Lash Primer and Sephora Supreme Body Lotion 

All you have to do is become a follower of hers and leave a comment with your email address. Simples!! Closing date is December 4th.

Good Luck to all those who enter!! 


Twilight Inspired Makeup

Hello my lovelies if you are like myself and a huge Twilight fan, then you would have been super excited about the release of the new Breaking Dawn film out now (I am still yet to see it) and it truly is a time to go vampire crazy unless your team Jacob of course. So whilst reading about the new film everywhere and also picking up my own copy of the Twilight Novels again, I thought it would be good to do a Twilight inspired makeup look. I was thinking along the lines on what makeup to wear to attract my very own Edward (or Emmet as he's my fave vampire and just delicious). 

I went with a classic smokey eye using dark shadows and kept the rest of my makeup very minimal only using the slightest of blusher and lipgloss. Below is a step by step storyboard of how I created the look for those of you who are interested or want to give this ago. If you have Twilight fever then I tag you to have ago at your own creation whether it be your Team Edward or Jacob. Just be sure to leave a comment below with your blog so i can check it out. All my favourite shall be listed and shown in a future post! 

Like the look..... Here's how I did it. 

Use a small section of tape and place from the outer corner of your eye outwards towards the tip of the eyebrow. This will create a nice clean cut line for your eye shadow. Preferably use masking tape as it wont hurt when you peel it off at the end. I did use normal sellotape but took the sticky out of it my patting it with my fingers a few times. 

Go over your eye with your chosen highlight colour/base colour and take the shadow underneath the brow line. 

Using your chosen lid colour, (I used a dark blue from a Ruby & Millie Palette) sweep over the eye and take the shadow up to the taped line. Try to avoid taking the colour all the way into the inner corner, leaving the highlight colour there. Blend evenly. 

 Then add your chosen crease colour, I've also chosen another one from the Ruby and Millie Palette which was a charcoal grey. Blend this colour into the crease and use the tape to help guide you to do a flicking out motion (as though your were doing a larger winged liner look). If needed be add some more highlight below the lower eyebrow to blend this out. 

Peel off the tape carefully and your left with a clean line for your smokey eye. Prefect. Add a touch of the grey shadow on the lower lash line to bring winged eye together. To complete the look add your favourite eyeliner and mascara. I used Maybelline's Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel Liner in Intense Black followed by two coats of Rimmel's Extra Wow Lash Mascara. 

The completed look. Edward Cullen eat your heart out. 

Below are all the products that were used to create this simple and effective look. A look that will draw your very own Edward Cullen in. 

Hope you enjoyed this and I cant wait to see your own creations. Don't forget to post them below I will be sure to check them out 


Friday, 25 November 2011

Lush: Mint Julips

Hiya beauty babes, hope you are all doing well. As most of you know (well those especially living in the UK) it has gotten awfully cold lately. One of the worst thing about the cold defiantly has to be the chapped lips and the dryness that comes with it, which can ruin those pucker lips. So I thought I would share with you a product I have absolutely been loving to help solve this issue. My secet... The sugar scrubs from Lush which has saved my lips from becoming dry and flaky. The scrub gently exfoliates your lips leaving them silky and smooth, so you can apply your favourite lippy without it looking flaky. And best of all they smell and taste delicious!

I love this product and have been using them since they first came out. Lush have three different flavours for you to try including Bubblegum and Sweet Lips (chocolate flavour). The one which is my favourite and which I personally love is the Mint Julips which is of peppermint and chocolate flavour put together. It reminds me of an After Eight.... delish! They retail at £4.95, a bit pricey for sugar some of you may think. But I think they are worth the price as the feel on your lips is just amazing and they do last you a long while. If your interested in buying have a look  here.

Below I have taken some pictures for you to have look see, I like to apply mine in the morning so I'm ready to put on my lippie for the rest of the day. Works wonders.

Here are my lips with the scrub all over it. All you do is simply scrub away for smooth silky lips

The result.... Beautiful and kissable 

Then apply your chosen lipstick. Mine is Nude Delight from Rimmel. 

I would love to know what you think of these little sugar treats and if you have tried any other brands. What's your favourite flavour Lush fans?. As much as I love this product and I do (trust me I would buy it over and over again) I am pretty certain I can make one for the fraction of the price. This is something I will experiment with and when I have found the perfect recipe I will sure to share with you how to make your own D.I.Y lip scrub

Take care my lovelies 


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Designed By: Miss Selfridge

Hello fellow fashionistas, today's blog post is about the Designed By Collection from Miss Selfridge. I had been looking though a few magazines on my lunch hour over the last two weeks and a gorgeous maxi dress kept appearing everywhere from this collection. Its just stunning if you ask me and a key piece to have in your wardrobe. A lot of you may have seen it already, but for those of you who haven't here it is. 

Leather Bodice Printed Dress HERE

Unfriendly it has sold out everywhere, this is clearly a dress everyone is wanting right now. But Miss Selfridge states that they getting it back in stock just in time for Christmas. I do wish that this was a bit more in my price range or I had the money spare to get one (if only I had done all my Christmas shopping earlier in the year) as it is a whopping £120. But needles to say it would be money well spent as that is a go to dress all year round and an excellent staple to have in your wardrobe. I love the look of the two different textures against one another; The sheer ethereal skirt compliments the leather bodice and would look stunning on most people. Oh how I want this dress in my life. 

If leather is not your thing though, do not fear. The collection has an alternative with a maxi skirt with the same design that's displayed on the dress which is also considerably cheaper priced at £70. This is also lovely and you can adapt the look to suit your personal style

Ethereal Printed Maxi Skirt HERE

If none of these designs are your style, the Collection also has a few other fabulous pieces which you can check out online. I would love to know what your thoughts are on these two little beauty's are, or if any of you have managed to get your hands on them. 

Take care my lovelies 


Nail of the Day: Posh Puddle

Hello you beauty babes. Here is a little NOTD and mini review as promised for you in last weeks post. Today I've decided to paint my nails with Beauty UK Glam Nails in the colour Posh Puddle. I love the name of this polish and as you can see from the pictures its a lovely muddy colour which is perfecto for this season. I've had to apply two coats as the polish was a bit watery on the first coat. But with the second I found that the colour pretty matched up to the one you see in the bottle which is always a plus. 


If you did happen to read last weeks post (if not click HERE) then you know that I also purchased the Beauty UK Matte Top Coat. I have been itching my fingers and toes to try this out on some new polishes and as much as I loved the way this polished looked on its own, the temptation to change it took over me. And the result... I love this polish even more with the top coat on. It changes the way the polish looks completely. The matte finish makes your nails feels so silky and smooth, plus i think that this colour that pretty much matches a bar of Galaxy chocolate..yum. 

I think its always a nice change to have the shine taken out of your polish sometimes and this is a look which I feel you either love or hate. I personally love especially for this time of year, maybe not so much for the summer season. If you have tried you matte top coat that has turned your normal polish into a matte sensation, then I would love to know what colour you choose and recommend. 

Have a super evening and lots of love as always. 

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