Thursday, 21 August 2014

July Degusta Box || Review

In May you may have seen a post where I reviewed a different kind of monthly subscription box, and that was of course the Degusta Box, which is the perfect monthly treat for any of you foodies out there. In case you missed that post, the Degusta Box is a monthly subscription service where you pay £12.99 (including P&P) and receive a box filled to the top with delicious treats and a few drinks. The contents are double the value for what you pay for the box and its such a great way to try out new foods, especially as most of the items in the box will all be new to the market. This is the second Degusta Box that I've received and I have to say its so exciting opening a massive box of food and not knowing whats going to be inside. I was so impressed with the contents of the July box and if you fancy having a nosey to see what I got then make sure to get yourselves comfy and keep on reading.

Portlebay Popcorn - Chilli & Lime, Kracklecorn and Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup (RRP £0.79 Per Pack)

I was so excited when I saw three decently sized popcorn packets as I am such a popcorn fan, its one of my favourite snacks. Not only is popcorn a great healthy alternative snack to junk food but it tastes so good. I have to say I thought this popcorn looked pretty fancy and I love the stripy vibrant packaging, but the test was really in the tasting and oh my gosh guys this popcorn is amazing! I never thought I could be so excited about popcorn, but each one of these flavours was great, especially the 'crispy bacon & maple syrup' flavour, it was so scrumptious. If I ever see these 'Portlebay' popcorn packets in the shops, I will be stocking up and taking them home with me, they are that good.

Green & Blacks Lemon Bar (RRP £2.29) Frank Blueberry Protein Bar (RRP £0.85)

Following on with delicious treats, I was again pretty excited when I saw a bar of Green & Blacks chocolate in the Degusta Box. I have such a sweet tooth and chocolate has to be my go to guilty treat. I know dark chocolate is not to everyone's taste buds, but I love it. I did wonder at first if dark chocolate and lemon would make a good combination, but after eating the entire bar I can report back that it really does. This chocolate bar tasted so good and the lemon really added a bit of sweetness to the bitter dark chocolate.

Also thrown into the box was this blueberry and chocolate protein bar from Frank, which I am yet to try as I'm saving it for one of those days where I'm planning on having an intense session at the gym. I love blueberry flavoured things and again its got a little bit of chocolate in, so I'm pretty excited to try and taste this especially as its not something I would usually buy.

Dr. Oetker Eton Mess (RRP £1.99) Violet Crystals (RRP £1.29)

First of all how pretty do these jars of cake decorations look, especially the violet ones. I think I've mentioned this on my blog before, but I am not the best baker and it's not something that I do very often. But even as a non baker these decorations do excite me a little and do give me the urge to bake just so I can try and make something look pretty with these decorations (maybe I could sprinkle them over any cupcakes to help disguise my bad baking?). If you love baking then your going to love seeing these in your box.

Maggi Sachets (RRP £5.44 for 5)

I thought that these Maggi flavouring for food and quick and easy meal sachets were a nice thing to find in the Degusta Box just because they are so handy to have in your cupboards, especially on those days where your not feeling very inspired on what to cook. I've always seen these advertised on the TV but never actually tried any, so I'm looking forward to trying them out, especially the cook in the bag ones as it looks as though this is cooking made easy, which is perfect for me.

Zero Drinks (RRP £4.29 for a 4 pack)

As soon as I saw these three zero bottles I thought that they looked fancy and quite grown up, especially for a soft drink. I found that these carbonated soft drinks were really tasty and refreshing at the same time, a good all round summer drink. These would be perfect on sat out on the table at a summer BBQ especially in the summer. The peach and grapefruit flavour was a a favourite of mine. 

Hornsby's Blueberry Cider (RRP £1.25 each)

Out of all the products in the Degusta Box, I have to say that these two bottles of cider are the only things that didn't really take my fancy, even if they are blueberry flavoured. I'm such a fussy drinker and I really don't like cider, unfortunately no one in my household is so these have been gifted to a friend, but from what I've heard they tasted really good and went down a treat.

The Berry Company Black Tea (RRP £1.49) 

Again being a fussy drinker and having a strong dislike for tea this was another item that I did turn my nose up at a little. But as it's a special tea and is supposed to be really good for you I am going to find the courage to actually give this ago, especially as it's made with fruits. I do quite like the taste of elderflower so hopefully this wont be too bad. Although I've not actually gotten around to trying this drink, I can imagine that this will be a huge hit with anyone who does like tea so it's a good thing to have in the box.

So that's everything in the July Degustabox as you can see the box so many different products in there that will cater to everyone's taste buds and I think its such a fun way of trying and testing out different foods. This months box really impressed me and I can't wait to find out what the other boxes in future months will be like. If your thinking about subscribing to Degusta Box then be sure to have a look at their website here where you can find out more details. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this food box and if its something you would love to receive every month. Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Monday, 18 August 2014

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick Collection #4 The Reds

If you've been keeping up to date with my recent posts then you wont have missed me rave about these gorgeous Lip Geek lipsticks from Makeup Revolution. I honestly love everything about these lipsticks from the pretty pink bullet casings to their highly pigmented and creamy formulas. Over the last few weeks I've showcased the pink shades, the corals and of course the nudes, but no lipstick collection would ever be complete without those daring reds. So today I'm showcasing all the reds in the I Heart Makeup Lip Geek collection and as you can see from the top picture they are stunning. 

I Worked For It

Starting with the darkest shade in the entire collection 'I Worked For It' is a gorgeous deep and vampy red and is going to be a perfect lipstick choice when the winter months come around. Don't be too put off by how dark it looks in the bullet as once on its a lot softer, which makes it very wearable. I would describe this red as a dark brick red kind of shade and its going to look great on so many skin tones, especially those of you who have paler skin. 

Totally Not Boring

This lipstick has the perfect name as it is 'Totally Not Boring', in fact this shade has to be one of my favourites in the collection just because it's so unique and looks amazing on. Totally Not Boring is a gorgeous aubergine colour and just has the right amount of purple tones to it. This colour lipstick is going to look fabulous in Autumn time and makes me excited instantly for that time of year - I love wearing berry toned shades. This lipstick also has a slight frost finish to it which just adds a little more dimension to your lips, giving you the appearance of fuller lips which is always a nice bonus.

Cherry Bomb

As the name of this lipstick suggests 'Cherry Bomb' is a beautiful cherry shade and it's everything that you would want from a red lipstick. This shade is bright, vibrant, bold and so wearable. I find that the formula of this lipstick is so creamy and gives your lips a gorgeous glossy look at the same time. It's the kind of red that I find works well with my skin tone and works well with my hair colour too, so if you do have darker hair 'Cherry Bomb' is going to look amazing on you.

Total Diva

Total Diva has to be that classic pillar box red kind of shade and it really looks so amazing once on your lips. It has a slight orange undertone to it which makes it a little different to other post box reds. I find that this shade of red works so well on you  blonde haired babes and will compliment your hair colour so perfectly, especially in the winter time. I also love just how pigmented this lipstick is and with a steady hand no lip liner in needed either. 

Dare To Be Different

Out of all the reds in the Lip Geek collection 'Dare To Be Different' has to be the most wearable and every day red and it really is so pretty once on. This lipstick is more of a pink toned red, so if your someone who doesn't want to go all out with a bright red this is a perfect alternative. This shade makes your lips look really healthy and works well with so many makeup looks, I've been reaching for it a lot and already its become quite the staple in my makeup bag.

So that's all the reds in the collection and I think you will agree there are some beauties in there. If red is not really your shade then be sure to check out my other posts where you can find reviews and swatches of the entire Lip Geek collection. As I've mentioned before and in my other posts, these lipsticks are such great quality and are so purse friendly costing only £2.99 per lipstick. As the ultimate lipstick lover, I've tried and tested my fair share of lipsticks and some of the Lip Geek lipsticks have quickly become some favourites of mine, they are just so fun to wear and I can't recommend them enough. If your looking to add some of these lipsticks to your collection then you can find them all on the Makeup Revolution website here.

I would love to know if you've tried any of these lipsticks and what your favoutie shade is? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water || Review

First of all I have to apologise for the half empty bottle that you see in the pictures of this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water because I bought it thinking that it would pretty much be like any other cleansing water that I've used; I wasn't really sure if it was something that I would be blogging about. However after using this non stop I decided that this cleansing water was just too good not to blog about and its probably one of the best cleansing waters that I've used.

These Micellar solutions have to be my most favourite way to remove makeup, and over the last year or so I've tried and tested quite a few. I can honestly say that this one from Garnier is one of the best that I've tried, if not the best its just amazing. Although all of these waters will remove stubborn makeup with minimum fuss, I just find this one from Garnier does it so much better, especially when it comes to mascara and stubborn eyeliner. I only have to hold a cotton pad over my eye for a few seconds to find that my makeup has just melted off which just amazing. I also find that this solution is one that mostly resembles water, it doesn't really have any fragrance to it and it almost feels like I'm washing my face when using it. I just love the way my skin looks after using this.

As for the packaging, I find that its really user friendly and the bottle is just huge. The solution dispenses out of a small hole in the cap rather that the whole cap coming off so its really easy to control just how much solution comes out onto the cotton pad. Also the pretty pink cap is a lovely little touch from Garnier as it just makes this product look a little more girly which I love.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water are and if its your favourite like mine? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick Collection #3 The Nudes

So last week I showcased off all the gorgeous corals in the new I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipsticks from Makeup Revolution and the week before that was the pretty pinks. As much as these bright beautiful colours are, there are always those occasions where a girl needs a trusty nude and I'm pleased to report back that Makeup Revolution have some stunning ones in their Lip Geek collection. Finding the perfect nude can be tricky business, especially when buying online, so I've taken a closer look at each one alongside with swatches so you can find the perfect one for you.

Kiss To Make Up

Kiss To Make up is the darkest nude in the collection and its seriously stunning, I've not tried a nude quite like this one before. From the pictures you can see that its a little on the darker side. Even though it does have brown tones to it, I would definitely still class this as a nude shade. This is going to be perfect if your ever worried about nude lipsticks giving you those 'manikin lips' look. Because this shade is so dark it really makes your lips pop a little, making it perfect for the evening or for a night out.

Live For Today

How pretty is this plum toned nude? Live For Today is so gorgeous on and its one of those nudes that I think will suit so many skin tones. The plum undertones to this lipstick make it really warm which softens this nude once your wearing it. Not only does this lipstick look amazing on, but I find that the formula of this one is so glossy and just makes your lips look really healthy. This is definitely going to be a go to shade when Autumn comes around - I love it.

Pucker Up And Kiss It

Pucker Up and Kiss It is a lovely warm bronzed toned nude and is going to look stunning on those of you with dark or olive skin tones. I've been wearing this along side my summer tan and it works really beautifully as an everyday natural lip colour. I love how this lipstick has a slight frost finish to it which makes it ever so pretty on and just a bit more special than your everyday nude.

Never Be A Millionaire

This shade of nude is a little bit lighter than 'Pucker Up And Kiss It', but still has those lovely golden bronze tone to it, which would make it a little more wearable for those of you who do have fairer skin. Because of its bronze tones 'Never Be A Millionaire' looks really warm on and just adds a lovely subtle colour to your lips.

Lips That Wont Lie

Lips That Wont Lie has to be my favourite nude in the collection and the shade that I find the most wearable, it's definitely one of those 'your lips but better' kind of shade. I find that its got some pink tones to it which really work with my skin tone and it's one of those nudes that are going to work perfectly if your thinking about going for a dramatic eye look. Whether your going to dress this nude up or down, its just so pretty on, will suit everyone and is what I would call the perfect nude shade.

Smile Is The Best Makeup

If you've got fairer skin then you are just going to adore 'Smile Is The Best Makeup'. This shade of nude is very light, possibly a little too light for me, but it does look gorgeous on - It's one of those perfect everyday lipsticks. I love the finish of this lipstick just because it has a slight frost to it which means that it's not going to wash your lips out and I find that this can sometimes happen with such a pale lipstick. I can see this nude being very popular, so its definitely one to pick up quickly. 

So that's all the nudes in the I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Collection, as you can see they are all so pretty and there is a shade to suit everyone and every occasion, 'Lips That Wont Lie' is definitely my favourite, but I would love to know which one yours is? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and make sure you head over to the Makeup Revolution website find all of these shades and the other pretty ones in the collection. Next week I shall be showcasing the REDS and trust me they will leave you dazzled, so make sure you keep your eyes pealed for that!

Lots of Love

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Missguided Haul

I hope your all having a lovely weekend guys, just a quick update post for you today as I know your probably enjoying the sunshine - I've uploaded another new video. This week I filmed my first haul video for you all. Mussguided have the most amazing sale items on offer at the moment and I went a bit shopping crazy as you do. 

I know everyone loves a good haul, so I'm hoping you guys will like this one. Let me know in the comments below if you liked any of the things that I picked up and whilst your over on my channel I would love if you could like and subscribe, it would make my day. Enjoy your day of rest lovelies and I'll see you in my next video.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick Collection #2 The Corals

As some of you maybe aware by now I've gone a tad lipstick crazy recently (like I wasn't already) since receiving the full collection of the I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipsticks from Makeup Revolution. Most of you have probably seen the gorgeous pink shades that I showcased and swatched in last weeks post here, but I know that pretty pinks are not to everyone's liking. Seeing as it's National Lipstick day I thought it would be appropriate to showcase of the gorgeous coral shades in the collection. Coral lipsticks have to be the ultimate summer shade to wear and I promise you that you'll be impressed by these beauties.

Just Have Fun

I love the name of this shade, as soon as I read it I immediately thought of the 'girls just wanna have fun song, and just like the name suggests this lipsticks really fun to wear.  For me 'Just Have Fun' is the perfect summer coral shade as its bright, a little bit daring and has that perfect balance of pink and orange tones to it. This lipstick probably leans more towards the red side, so it's perfect for you red fans wanting to wear something a little bit more subtle for the summer. This looks so gorgeous on and really compliments your summer tan - I absolutely love it!

Colour Overdose

If you love bright orange lipsticks then 'Colour Overdose' is definitely the shade for you. This super pigmented orange could be MAC's 'Morange' baby sister and would pass as a great dupe - Although this is probably a shade lighter or two. I always think that wearing a bright orange lipstick on a summer evening is a great way to make a statement and works as a great alternative to a bright bold pink. This shade will work with every skin tone and just looks gorgeous on.

Caught Myself Smiling

When I think of coral lipsticks, peachy toned corals are the ones that come to my mind and the ones I usually find the most wearable, 'Caught Myself Smiling' is that perfect peachy coral and really is the most perfect summer lipstick. I've been loving wearing this lipstick as part of an everyday makeup look as it just goes with everything; It also looks so pretty and girly once on. This lipstick really is a makeup bag essential and is one of my favourite shades in the 'Lip Geek' collection.

Happy Girl

Happy Girl was the first lipstick that I tried in the 'Lip Geek' collection and as soon as I popped it on I was like 'this is such a Danielle shade'. As you know by now I love pink lipsticks, there my favourite, so I instantly fell in love with this bright pink toned coral. I was quite surprised when I popped it on as its a lot brighter on than what it looks in its casing. However because its such a pretty girl pink its going to work for both  daytime and evening. I think I've just about said this with every lipstick in the collection now, but this looks so gorgeous and girly on.

Dream About Success

Again I find that 'Dream About Success' is another one of those peachy toned corals, however this lipstick is a lot lighter than 'Caught Myself Smiling'. In fact if it wasn't quite as bright on I would say that this would be more of a nude toned coral, however once on your lips it does appear quite bright. Unfortunately this kind of coral shade is a little too light for me, but its going to look great on you ladies that have fairer skin - This shade is definitely going to become your go to summer lipstick. I love the finish of 'Dream About Success' for such a light shade its so pigmented and creamy at the same time.

Is This All I Need

Is this all I need? And the answer would have to be yes and this lipstick is just one of those nude shades that looks amazing on and works with every kind of look that your going for. I decided to class this nude as one of the coral shades in the collection just because it does have those warm peach tones running though it. Personally I love this shade of nude as I find that it works really well with my skin tone; If you have a tan this is going to look amazing on you and compliment it really well. This is just such a great everyday lipstick for anytime of year, I love it.

So that's all the corals in the Makeup Revolution I heart Makeup Lip Geek collection, as you can see these shades are pretty amazing and at only £2.99 each it would be rude not to add a few to your lipstick collection. These lipsticks are such great quality and I still can't get over at just how pigmented they all are, not to mention the packaging is so girly and cute! 

I would love to know what shades your loving from this collection and if your planning on treating yourself to any? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love