Monday, 21 July 2014

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick Collection #1 The Pinks

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lipstick* £2.99 each

Last Saturday the most amazing parcel came though the door and sent me from a sleepy lay in mode straight into lipstick heaven! If these pictures aren't enough to make you lipstick lovers swoon over your screens then keep reading because once you see these swatched I promise you that you'll be amazed. 

I'm sure most of you are aware by now the hype that's surrounding 'Makeup Revolution' if not then where have you been? Makeup Revolution is a brand that offers us beauty junkies quality but affordable makeup, if you have a few hours to spare I dare you to take a look at their website as you'll be lost in it for hours, I promise. Recently Makeup Revolution launched their 'I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipsticks' onto their site and I've been trying and testing out the collection for you guys. I'm honestly so impressed with these Lip Geek lipsticks and I just know that your going to love them too.

Firstly how amazing is the packaging? Packaged in bright neon pink and purple casing, these lipsticks are so eye catching, pretty to look at and make all my black MAC lipsticks look a little boring (sorry MAC). Not only do these lipsticks look pretty, but the formula is fabulous too. Each one of these lipsticks has a really creamy finish to them, are super pigmented and are not drying on your lips in anyway whatsoever; Even when they start to fade, they are so pigmented that they fade to a lovely stain on your lips, I can't fault them. 

As many of you know now, when it comes to lipsticks pinks are definitely my go too shades and the 'Lip Geek' collection has some gorgeous girly pinks on offer, so I thought I'd showcase them all first - So get comfy as there are quite a few to get though. 

Barbie Is Jealous

Is it just me that thinks this or is the name of this lipstick fabulous? Being a girly girl my love for Barbie will probably never fade, so to have a lipstick in my collection that is a true Barbie pink is just amazing. If Barbie was to pick a shade of lipstick I bet she would want this gorgeous shade on her lips; 'Barbie Is Jealous' is the most gorgeous bright pink fuchsia shade that just looks so gorgeous on. If you love all things pink then you need this lipstick in your life, its just stunning on and will definitely bring out the Barbie girl in you. 

Candy Rock has to be the perfect shade for those of you who adore your bright pink neon shades; this lipstick is so bold and vibrant and just looks gorgeous on your lips. I know I'll definitely be using this as a go too shade this summer. Not only will 'Candy Rock' make your lips pop and make a statement, this shade is also going to look gorgeous along side your holiday tan. This shade also has blue undertones to it, which is fabulous if your wanting to make your teeth look a little whiter. 

Again I love the name Makeup Revolution have given this lipstick, 'Marshmallow Kiss' is such a gorgeous peachy light toned pink and is going to look stunning on you girls who have fairer skin. I love how this lipstick has a slight shimmer and frost to it which adds a little more definition to your lips. Even though this shade is a little too light for me, its ever so wearable and it's a great everyday lipstick that will work with so many makeup looks. 

Ken Will Want Me

The name of this lipstick really says it all, and for me this is the most gorgeous girly pink colour and is just such a classic shade of pink; it's not too bright but not too pale either, this shade is one for everyone. If you were going on a first date then this is the shade of lipstick that you would want to be wearing - It just gives you those perfect kissable lips. If your wanting really pretty girl lips then you need this shade. Out of the whole Lip Geek collection 'Ken Will Want Me' is possibly my favourite one, I love it.

This lipstick has to be the most wearable everyday pink in the collection as its a very nude pink and gives you that 'your lips but better' look. If you love your pink toned nudes then this shade is for you. I absolutely love the colour and once on it kind of reminds me of MACS 'Lovelorn' which is an all time favourite of mine. This is just so wearable, looks really girly on and is just one of those staple pinks that every lipstick lover should have in their collection. 

Baby Doll

For me 'Baby Doll' is such a princess pink which makes this lipstick so pretty and girly. As you can see from the pictures its really light and again I think it would suit those of you with lighter skin. For such a light shade 'Baby Doll' is so pigmented which is so often not the case with this shade of lipstick. I absolutely love this colour, I just don't think lighter pinks suit me as much as the more bolder and daring shades of pink do. This lipstick also has a slight frost finish to it, but it's very subtle and just gives your lips that extra bit of definition. 

So that's all the pinks in the 'Lip Geek' collection, as you can see from the pictures they are super gorgeous, creamy and look beautiful on. These lipsticks are such great value for money, and the pigmentation of each lipstick is just amazing. If your looking to add any to your lipstick collection make sure you check out the Makeup Revolution site here.

I would love to know which of these shades are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below; and if pinks are not really your colour then keep a look out as I'll be dedicating a post to all the coral shades very soon.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Quick Messy Bun Tutorial

Happy Wednesday everyone! That's right we are half way till the weekend which makes me extremely happy! Whooop! Just a quick little update post for you today and that is I've filmed and gotten up my quick messy bun hair tutorial. I get asked quite a lot how I do my messy buns and how I get a lot of volume into the bun, so I thought I would film a quick tutorial and share my secrets. This is such an easy hair style to achieve and will only take you a few minutes I promise. I just love wearing this hairstyle for the summer, not only does it look pretty, but it gets your hair off your face too.

I would love to know if you ladies recreate this hairstyle and give it ago, make sure you tag me in your pictures or tweets if you do!  And if you like this video then please subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in my next video!

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

My Favourite Summer Shade || Barry M Jelly High Shine 'Huckleberry'

It’s been a long while (and when I say long while I probably only mean a few weeks) since I've been completely taken back and obsessed with just one nail polish. But right now there seems to be only one shade that I want to wear on my nails and that's Barry M's Jelly High Shine Polish in the shade 'Huckleberry'. From the start I've been a huge fan of these super glossy and bright vibrant shades from the Barry M Jelly Shine Collection, the formula is pretty spot on and I love that it gives your nails that extra bit of shine, more than what you get from other polishes. Needless to say that I now own my fair share of this collection which Barry M seem to be forever adding too, which is not good for someone who owns way too many nail polishes and is trying to cut back - Raise your hands if your with me on this one! 

This summer for me has been all about the mint green and pastel blue shades. Not only do these shades do a fabulous job at enhancing your tan, but they also work with most outfits and look delicate on your nails - For some reason I don't think my work would approve of me showing up to work with highlighter pink nails, so this shade has been left for my toes! Seeing as pastels are the way forward, for me anyway, I just couldn't resist picking up 'Huckleberry' which is the most gorgeous pastel blue shade; it's so light that it leans more towards a white shade than a blue. I just love wearing this shade on my nails, and with just two coats of polish my nails are opaque, glossy and good to go.

I had seen 'Huckleberry' featured on so many blogs, and just knew I had to have it in my collection, it is by far one of the prettiest pastel blue shades that I've ever seen and worn, it’s almost like a duck egg sort of blue. If you’re like me and love these sorts of shades I can't recommend 'Huckleberry' enough, you won’t regret it I promise.

I would love to know if you love this shade just as much as me and what your go too nail polish shade has been this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

June Favourites

Good evening everyone, it's the middle of the week which means it's almost time for the weekend and I'm so excited because I actually have the whole weekend off. If you work in retail like me then you'll know that this is rare and doesn't come around very often! If you've been following my YouTube channel (you can subscribe here) then you will have seen that last week I got up up my monthly favourites video - And as promised I'm following up with a blog post just in case you don't have time to watch ten minutes of me rambling on (haha) or want to see any of the products I've been loving in a little bit more detail.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
This month saw me re kindle my love with the Bourjois chocolate bronzing powder. Now this beautifully scented chocolate powder has always been a favourite of mine, but being a beauty blogger means I love trying out new things. Out of all the bronzing powders I use, the Bourjois chocolate bronzer is always the one that I come back to, especially over the summer because it's just that good. If you want to look like a bronzed goddess in minutes I recommend you giving this ago.

Smashbox Photo Ready Foundation Primer

This primer really is the star of the show this month and I have been blown away by just how amazing this product is. I cannot emphasise enough how amazing this primer is, it really makes my skin look flawless and my makeup stay put all day, every time I use it, it leaves me a little speechless, especially when I've had a busy day at work and come home to find that everything is still in place. Honestly your foundation doesn't budge one bit! How amazing is that? I've got a full review coming up of this product very soon, so keep your eyes pealed for that one.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I must be the last beauty blogger on the planet to have tried this mascara, and even then it's only the smaller sample size that I've tried, but I have to say this mascara has actually blow me away and I can't quite believe how amazing it is. This mascara gives me the most beautiful lashes. Not only are my lashes looking long and full of volume, but 'They're Real' also gives them a beautiful curve making them look as though I've had eyelash extensions in. I was always a little put off by the price of this mascara, but after trying it I can honestly say its worth every penny! Just WOW.

Bodhi Neroli Luce Revatalsiing Face Oil

In the past if you had suggested that I put an oil onto my face I would have ran a mile (no joke!). Having oily to combination skin means I can't think of anything worse that adding a face oil into my nighttime beauty regime. However I hold my hands up high and admit I was so wrong for thinking this. This face oil from Bodhi is such a luxurious item to use, makes my skin glow and leaves it looking radiant. Yes I still get that terrible t-zone bit that causes me a bit of drama every now and again, but this face oil has only enhanced my skin and I absolutely love using it.

Lush Sympathy For The Skin

I think I've mentioned this miracle body lotion quite a few times on my blog in the last few months, and rightly so, my love for it only gets stronger. Sympathy for this skin is really heavy duty, but absorbs into my skin ever so quickly, leaving it feel so hydrated and nourished. I love using this on my legs, especially as they seam to be making more of an appearance now summer is in full swing. This body butter always gives my pins that nice sexy summer glow. I honestly can't recommend this body lotion enough!

Hawaiian Tropic Lime Coolada After Sun Body Butter

The bright green packaging along of this Hawaiian Tropic After Sun is enough to make it into my favourites, it just screams holiday to me! Every time I use this product it just takes me back to all the recent holidays I've had and for those few minutes whilst I'm applying this and letting this sink into my skin I'm lost to the world stuck in my holiday daydream. It's definitely the smell that takes me back, it just smells incredible! Although this product is used ideally for a long hard days sunbathing, it makes a fabulous body butter and is such a skin time treat. I love it!

So that's everything for my favourites this month. like I mentioned earlier all these products have been featured in my most recent video and it would mean the world to me if you could give it a watch and subscribe to my channel. I would love to know what you've been loving this month and if any of your favourites match mine.

Lots of Love

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Organic Surge Superfresh Awakening Bodywash

Organic Surge Superfresh Awakening Bodywash* £5.99

There is no better way to kick start your day than having a warm refreshing shower and the products we use whilst in the shower can really pop us in the right frame of mood and awaken your senses. Recently I have been loving this kind to skin body wash from Organic Surge. This shower gel has a really thick consistency that lathers up really well and leaves my skin feeling soft and re-energised. I love how this smells so refreshing, scented with spicy May Chang and uplifting Bergamot it really does make you feel alert and wide awake, especially on those mornings where your struggling to wake up and seam to be fighting your constant snooze alarm. Although I prefer to use this shower gel in the morning, its great to use in the evening and after a hard day at work, its nice to start to wind down by using this bodywash; It makes you feel really clean and I love how you can still smell this on your skin after your shower - A huge bonus in my opinion.

This is the first Organic Surge product that I've tried and I love how all the ingredients are from a natural origin. The bottle is a really generous size and as the shower gel is so thick this is going to last me for a long time. If your looking for the perfect pick me up in the morning then I can't recommend this enough.

Have you tired this shower gel? What helps you beat those early morning blues? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Monthly Favourites Video || June

Hey gorgeous girls (and guys if your reading) I just a quick update for you all today and that is my third YouTube video has just gone up!! I would love LOVE for you to check it out... Please. Today I'm going over my monthly favourites and giving you the details about all the products I've been loving throughout June. I will be popping up a blog post very soon for those of you who want to see these products in a little more detail, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for watching guys and I shall see you all in my next video!

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